2 Strength
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Author :Facx
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2 Strength

Pushing myself up and down I felt like dying the pain had nearly numbed my mind but the feeling to continue never stopped slowing.

The voice in the back of my head screamed to me to stop. to give up. But I wouldn't. I couldn't. I had to do this. For my country.

There people out there dying and if I could just save one then it'll all be worth it.

The next training was the obstacle course. This was going to be hell. But strapping my boots and helmet I marched on blaring my rifle.

It takes a thousand steps to reach the top of the mountain I was going to take mine. Remembering that priest that was my goal. Even though my goal was so far I was going to take my chances no matter the cost.

Strapping the rifle to my back I ran towards the spider-webbed wall before climbing. Feeling my hands lose grip. I dropped straight back onto the floor smacking my head on the floor. But tripping down the steps on the mountain was only a delay I can overcome.

Pushing myself back up I stared at the wall determined. Dr. Erskine gave me this chance and its a chance ill never regret.

Gripping onto the ropes I pushed myself to the limit pulling myself with each strand of my body until I finally made it over and fell onto the ground on the other side.

This earned me the laughs of some peers but I continued on. One step at a time.

Finally reaching the next obstacle I had to crawl under the barbed wire and although I felt my back and elbows breaking I still pushed on. I needed to be out there. I needed to do my part.


Seeing one of the logs lifting it up to fall because of Gilmore I sighed. this was going to be a long day.

<Next Day>

Doing star jumps I felt exhausted until I heard the sound of tinking.

*Tink* *Tink* *Tink*

Seeing the grenade near us I chucked myself onto clenching my body as I waited. Laying there closing my eyes I thought about Bucky until.

"Its a dummy. False alarm," A Seargent reassured causing the rest to go back to what they were doing. Sighing in relief I got up.


"Why did you choose me doc," I asked Dr. Erskine.

"Let me tell you a story," He replied.
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"There was an ambitious man by the name of Shmidt his inspirations similar to Hilter himself but where Hilter saw legends he saw science. And with that mindset, he saw my project. Using it for himself. He became stronger but at a price. When he found himself effected he came looking for me and cornered my family inside a church. A Christian church that only one man stood. Father Blazkowicz. When he declared me a traitor I was Hunted down there with guns and tanks they had the church surrounded. Father Blazkowicz though did not seem to care until a soldier came in with weapon this earned him a frown. Pointing towards the sign. The sign said no weapons and wearing hats inside. What happened after was a slaughter. The Germans had no idea what hit em. You may wonder why I'm telling you this but I owe that man my life and he chose you. But from what I can tell he chose you because you will go beyond when others quit. I came here looking for a solider. I got more then I bargained for." Dr. Erskine smiled before lifting a bottle of alcohol and pouring it into two bottles.

"For tomorrow," He smiled.

"For tomorrow," I replied back before liftin it up and putting it next to me I had procedure tommorow dont want any side effects would I?

"By the way am I the first?" Steve asked questioning if he was the first in said project.

"Second. though I didn't know what changed with the first he wouldn't let me check," Dr. Erskine snickered.

<Top Secret Lab>

Getting out of the box I felt... Powerfull. Strong. Fast. Seeing Peggy she touched my chest. Looking down I saw that I had gained a six-pack.

*Boom* *Bang* *Bang*

Turning to look at Dr. Erskine he played on the ground shot. Running to him I played their next to him.

*Sweep* *Crack*

Turning to face the noise of the sound I saw the priest now looking on the person who shot him before cutting his tongue out leaving him unable to Speak.


The priest not wanting to him escape broke his legs the noise echoing throughout the facility as their image of the quiet yet humble priest was instead replaced with the image of a solitary demon.

"Save me!" "Save me!" "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

Hearing the loud screams of the Spy the feeling of agony reaped into the atmosphere.

"I'll tell you everything please stop the screams. The screams..." The spy screamed until a void of eerie silence eroded the room.

"Everyone stop standing there shocked to let's move it we got things to do," The captain yelled towards everyone while Steve sat there holding onto Dr. Erskine's hand.

"Look steve you've got you wanted now. my times nearly up. Don't make the same mistake as Shmidt stay true to who you are," Dr. Erskine demanded before closing his eyes.

"Come on steve he's gone, " Howard sighed.

<Docters Room>

"How in the Gibirsh of the void did a german spy get into the same car as me?" The commander spat as looked at the aftermath report.

"That's the final one," the nurse spoke before putting the last vial of blood in the briefcase.

"You sure you have enough," Steve joked.

"The super-soldier serum is hidden in your DNA what could've taken months have turned to years without Dr. Erskine steve," Peggy sighed.

"What did we get off the prisoner," The commander asked as turned through the file.

"Hydra's found a superweapon and their technology ever-expanding sir," The Soldier responded still saluting him.

"We also found out he didn't stop wetting the bed until he was four-," The solider replied before being interrupted.

"I think that's enough soldier," The commander quickly interrupted.

"Sir can I go onto front lines now," Steve pleaded.

"Look kiddo Dr. Erskine promised me an army all I got was you and one man is not enough to change the tied if the war," The commander sighed.

"Besides who would vouch for you I no longer the ability to do so the higher-ups are this close to shutting my division up." the commander sighed.


Looking to the side they saw the priest opening the door and sliding it to the commander a folder and steve a note. Looking at the folder labeled Captain America project.

Reading the note Steve was shocked.

{ If you're reading this steve then it's too late I've been assassinated. Father Blazkowicz has already warned me of the incoming assault and I've already accepted my fate. This country needs new hope steve. You're the best luck we can get. In that file holds our key to success. America needs Captain America. - Signed Dr. Abraham Erskine.}


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