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Author :Facx
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1 Vanish

"You've won - it's over you've stopped the invasion and closed the portal. But it's come at a price -argent, VEGA. This entire operation. I've seen how you work and what you've done. You think that killing them all will solve the problem. Leave nothing behind. And you may be right. But we can't just shut it all down. Without argent energy, it will be worse. I don't expect you to agree" Dr Samual Hayden paused before reaching out and grabbing the crucible and continuing.

"But with this, we can continue our research. I am no the hero of this story I don't expect you to. We can't have you meddling with our plans. Enjoy the trip Doom slayer." Dr Samual Hayden declared turning around as he slowly walked forward not bothering to look at the enraged Doomslayer.

The Doomslayer feeling dazed opened his eyes to see greenery. Not the greenery of the metal plates that fitted his armour of metal and energy but the greenery he had long forgotten. Trees, flowers, grass. The Flora he once saw during the 21st century. Smiling he took off the helmet and awed at the beauty which stunned him.

=Scaning for Argent Energy=





=None Found=

=Tearthing Energy=

=Energy Tear=

=Energy banks filled=

=Ammo restored=

=Health restored=

=Armour capacity at FULL=

This meant only one thing. He was not on his earth anymore. Even if he was sent back in time demons would have had already started their invasion. Smiling he decided to see what this earth had to offer.

<Years Later>

"Even little Timmy is doing his part. Collecting scrap metal. nice job Timmy." The voice from the screen exclaimed.

"Who cares," Before a voice interrupted causing the surrounding crowd to glare at the voice.

"Play the movie already," The voice exclaimed irritated as he continued to shout over the movie.

"Hey, you want to shut up!" A young man with a slim frame declared his voice puncturing out as he stared deeply into the direction of the voice.

Hearing the declare the voice stood up causing the slim framed man to pause.

*Bam* *Bam*

"You just don't know when to quit do you?" The Voice chuckled before punching the slim framed man.

Dropping onto the ground the young man stared into the large figure with contempt and hatred.
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That was until he saw the large bulk of a man at the end of the alleyway holding a bible. Said man was a priest and there he stood unfazed staring deeply at the young man's soul before walking towards them.

Walking slowly his every step echoed throughout the alleyway. The large bully turning around was greeted to the priest staring down at him.

Standing a 6ft 5 priest as he suddenly gripped on the bully's shoulder before he throbbed onto the floor.

Groaning in pain the bully stayed there wailing as his shoulder dislocated. Lifting the bully up the priest then proceeded to jam the arm back into place.

"Fuck!" The bully screamed as his mouth started to foam before falling onto the ground lifelessly.

The priest seeing him finally succumb to the pain walk away leaving the bible there.

"How's it going father John you doing good?" A charming soldier voiced out.

The priest not bothering to talk continued to walk on fully ignoring the new arrival.

"Who was that bucky?" The young man quivered shocked at the display in front of him. The priest was more of a demon than an actual one.

"Oh, That's father Blazkowicz he's in the army as moral support HQ sent him in a morale booster for the soldiers on the front line he's over checking the selection of recruits heard theirs something special going on. But I saw your enlistment papers, Steve. Realy? New Jersey. You gotta make it more believable pal beside you know its illegal to lie on your papers," Bucky chuckled before nudging him forward.

"So you got your orders," Steve replied grimly scratching his head.

"Of course Seargent Bucky of the 107th reporting for duty," He chuckled for continuing.

"Come on it's my last day before I get sent off lets lake one last look around before I go," Bucky smiled before jogging off.

<Germany: Unkown>

"Hail Hydra!" A soldier shouted as he saluted towards the silhouette of a figure sitting down his face covered from the light as he hid in the darkness that shrouded the room.

"Report," The voice spat as grimly tapped his fingers waiting for a response.

"That damned priest is onto us again he is with the doctor we cannot firmly secure the serum if he is there you already know of his past deed we need a more solid approach sir he is too dangerous. That priest is no man but demon hiding amongst men have you seen the pictures, sir?" The soldiers quivered as he felt the barrel of a gun shoved near his head.

"Do not shout in front of me. I have already created a plan to finally dispose of that thing know your place before you speak in front of me else the next time you'll end up like these picture," The voice threatened before burning the picture and walking away.

"You may have stopped our operations before Blazkowicz but America will bow down to Hydra once and for all." The figure chuckled before disappearing in the shadows of the compound Leaving a shook soldier and burnt building.

<The Fair>

"A new world. A better world," The speakers boomed echoing throughout the stadium.

"Come on steve hurry," Bucky pushed as he hurried steve over to the stadium.

"I'll be fine you go on ahead," Steve reassured before heading into the Recruitment office.

Steve finally making his way to the museum stared at the poster and sighed before clenching his hands.

"This ain't a game or back street alley steve this is a war. There are better jobs out there you gotta stop chasing things you cant do steve," Bucky argued his voice growing ever so irritated.

"Look I know you don't think i can do this but i know i can you just gotta give me a chance," Steve pleaded.

"I don't understand why are you soo keen to fight you got nothing to prove?" Bucky question displeased in Steves persistent behaviour.

"Bucky come on their men laying down their lives. I got no right to do any less than them. That's what you don't understand. This isn't about me." Argued back his voice piercing through.

"Right. 'Cause you got nothing to prove." Bucky spat back before turning.

"Don't do anything stupid until i come back," Bucky commanded before walking away.

"How can I? You're taking all the stupid with you," Steve taunted back.

"You're an ass," Bucky smirked turning back and hugging him.

"Jerk," Steve replied back receiving the hug in open arms.

Seeing the departing Bucky Steve turned around to see the priest staring at him before he walking towards the back.

Seeing him walk towards the testing area he followed suit.

<Examination room>

Sitting on the chair Steve waited idly as he waited for the doctor to return for a test before a solider came through his uniform bolstering out. Following through came out a Scientist of a sort as he walked through with a lab coat.

"So, you want to travel overseas and kill some Nazis?" The man asked lazily as he looked through his files.

"My name is Dr Abraham Erskine I represent the Strategic scientific reserve," He spoke not letting steve to respond.

"I'll be quick do you want to kill Nazis?" He spoke again this time pausing to let steve respond.

"I don't want to kill anyone. I don't like bullies. I don't care where they are from," Steve spoke as he stared at Dr Abraham Erskine which him a smile from him.

"I can see why he likes you. I'll give a chance, just a chance are you willing to take it?" He responded.

"Of course," Steve replied smiling back.


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