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783 Testing Their Demon Sealing Aura
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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783 Testing Their Demon Sealing Aura

"I will go first." Qi Man said as he approached the stone tablet.

He placed his hands onto the tablet and poured his demon sealing aura into it.

One of the seven stone totems began emitting a dim light, then two totems, then three, stopping at four totems.

"Four totems… I think it should be good enough. I will transfer the technique to you. See if you can comprehend it." Yuan said to him afterward.

"How will you…?" Qi Man raised his eyebrows.

Yuan approached Qi Man and lifted his hand before poking Qi Man's forehead with his finger that had a subtle light emitting from the tip.

The next moment, Qi Man could feel something being forced into his head, and the demon sealing technique appeared inside his mind like some sort of magic trick.

"Heavens! You can even do something like this?" Qi Man was shocked and speechless.

"I only learned this technique very recently, but it allows me to transfer any technique I know to others. It's very convenient."

Qi Man wasted no time and took a seat not far away before he started trying to comprehend the demon sealing technique.

"Who's next?"

"I will go next!" Qi Huan stepped forward and placed her hands onto the stone tablet.

A few moments later, three stone totems emitted light.

Yuan transferred the demon sealing technique that will allow them to destroy a demon's core to Qi Huan afterward.

Up next was Qi Fang's father, followed by her mother.

Her father managed to light up four totems while her mother only managed to light up three totems, just like Qi Man and Qi Huan.

The other elders went next, but most of them only managed to light up two totems with a few lighting three.

Once all of the elders were finished, Qi Fang went to check her results, but she already knew the results before even putting her hands on the stone tablet since it was mandatory to check their demon sealing aura once a year, and she'd checked her demon sealing aura two months ago.

One totem… two totems… three totems…

In the end, Qi Fang managed to light up five totems, which is the highest out of the entire Qi Family.

"As expected of our family's number one genius…" The other elders were not surprised by the results.

After getting her demon sealing aura tested, Qi Fang approached Yuan and waited for him to transfer the techniques to her.

"Senior Qi, what weapon do you mainly use? The sword?"

"Yes." Qi Fang nodded, silently wondering to herself why he was asking this question.

"Then I will give you a demon sealing technique for the sword as well as the technique that will allow you to destroy their cores."

"Really?" Qi Fang's eyes began flickering with excitement.

"Why would I lie to you?" Yuan smiled as he transferred the Demon Sealing Strike and the other technique that he gave everyone else to Qi Fang.

"This is… What a profound technique…" Qi Fang mumbled in awe as she closed her eyes to look at the information flowing inside her head.

"What about you two? Do you want to test your demon sealing aura?" Yuan asked Meixiu and Chu Liuxiang.

"Sure." They nodded.

Chu Liuxiang went first, followed by Meixiu.

However, to their surprise, they were only able to light up a single totem.

"Does this mean we're not suitable to become demon sealers?" Chu Liuxiang asked him in a worried tone.

"No, your results are normal for people that have never trained their demon sealing aura before." Qi Man said to them.

"As long as you continue strengthening your demon sealing aura, you will be able to light up more totems. In fact, most of us started out with only one totem as well."

Chu Liuxiang and Meixiu felt more reassured after hearing Qi Man's explanation.

"How does one even train their demon sealing aura?" Chu Liuxiang then asked.

"We're not entirely sure either, but we found that the more we comprehend demon sealing techniques, the stronger our demon sealing aura becomes." Qi Man responded.

"Does this mean one should study as many demon sealing techniques as they can even if they cannot use some of them?"

"Yes." Qi Man nodded.

"Anyways, this technique is very profound. It will take us a few weeks if not months before we get any results."

"However, I think we can teach everyone that has at least level 2 demon sealing aura the technique, but it's all up to you, Yuan." Qi Man looked at him.

"Level 2 demon sealing aura? So only those who can emit light from two totems should learn the technique?" Yuan asked for confirmation.

"Yes." Qi Man nodded.

"Sure, I don't mind."

"Thank you. This debt we owe you is so huge that I don't even know where to begin, much less how to repay you. Please give us some time to think of a proper response." Qi Man lowered his head and said.

Yuan pondered for a moment before speaking, "I don't really need any payments, but I would appreciate it if you can let me look at the Qi Family's demon sealing techniques."

"Of course! We don't have much, and they are worthless compared to your demon sealing techniques, but since you asked, you may look at them as you please. Just let me know when you want to look at them."

"I will look at them before I return home." Yuan said.

Sometime later, Qi Fang stopped trying to learn the technique and said to Yuan, "Hey, why don't you take the test as well? I want to see how strong your demon sealing aura is."

When the others heard Qi Fang's suggestion, they also stopped cultivating and stared at Yuan. It was clear as day that Qi Fang isn't the only one curious.

"Sure." Yuan simply couldn't refuse after seeing their anticipating gazes.

He approached the stone tablet and placed his hands on it.

After taking a slow and deep breath, Yuan released his demon sealing aura.

The second the stone tablet sensed his demon sealing aura, it immediately responded by trembling violently.

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