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716 Flood Dragon“s Scale
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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716 Flood Dragon“s Scale

"I will go ahead and put all of these treasures on the priority sales list if you don't have anything else for me. If you wish to receive updates regarding the sales or have any other questions, you may visit our auction house at any time of the day and we'll assist you." Gu Xiulan said.

"I look forward to the results." Feng Yuxiang stood up and left the place shortly after, leaving behind her treasures for the auction house to sell.

"That woman… Do you think she's part of the Gu Family?" Xiao Hua asked after they left.

"Who knows. Gu is a very common surname, but the fact that she's working as the manager for a place like House of Riches suggests that she comes from a prestigious background." Feng Yuxiang said.

"Anyways, we have a week to spare. Do you have anything you want to do?"

Xiao Hua shook her head.

"Then I will go shopping. I need to restock medicine so the Young Master can continue to temper his body. You don't have to follow me if you don't want to. I will be fine by myself."

"Brother Yuan told me to protect you, so that is what I will do."

Feng Yuxiang shrugged nonchalantly, "As you wish."

After Feng Yuxiang and Xiao Hua left the auction house, Gu Xiulan immediately began preparing for the Flood Dragon's scale's auction, spreading its name far and wide until it reached even the most secluded areas in the Spirit Heaven, which was achieved in just three short days.

The news of House of Riches auctioning a Flood Dragon's scale spread like wildfire and caught the interest of almost all powerful families and backgrounds in the Spirit Heaven.

Not only has a Flood Dragon's scale never been sold in the Spirit Heaven before, but it was even a flawless scale.

However, if the Flood Dragon's scale was just rare, then it wouldn't create such hype.

A Flood Dragon's scale has many uses, and one of them is to increase the innate talent of cultivators that have water attribute spiritual veins. This effect alone is more than enough to make cultivators with water spirit veins go crazy, but they can also be used to craft high and peak quality Divine-grade treasures.

Any treasure that can increase a cultivator's talent, no matter how minimal its effect, would make any cultivators go crazy for it. After all, even if it increases someone's talent by one percent, some people only need just that much to break through their bottleneck and reach a new realm that wouldn't have been possible.

The largest families in the Spirit Heaven, the Seven Spirit Academies, and even hidden backgrounds began preparing for the auction that will definitely be unprecedented.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Spirit Heaven, a group of high-ranking sect elders and the sect master gathered for a meeting.

The topic was, obviously, the Flood Dragon's scale.

"Should we participate in the auction and try to fight for the Flood Dragon's scale?" The Sect Master asked the elders.

"As much as I want our sect to obtain it… It's going to be a bloody battle."

"We can expect the other sects and even the Legacy Families to show up for this auction."

"An auction of this scale… It's going to be brutal for our finances. Hell, I'm not even sure that we'll be able to win the auction."

After listening to the elders' feedback, the Sect Master nodded, "Alright, we'll show up to the auction and set a maximum budget for the treasure. I also highly doubt we'll be able to secure the Flood Dragon's scale, but we have to try."

Similar scenes happened throughout the Spirit Heaven within many families and sects.

While Gu Xiulan waited for the news to spread, she received a summoning call from her family.

"I assume the reason you called me back here is because of the Flood Dragon's scale?" Gu Xiulan stood before the patriarch of the family.

"Yes, but that is not the only reason. We've just received a message from the Gu Family within the Lower Heavens. Those incompetent idiots had been robbed by someone that climbed the Stairway to Heaven shortly after, and they want us to kill the bandit and retrieve their treasures since these bandits are no longer in the Lower Heavens."

Gu Xiulan raised her eyebrows.

"First of all… Why is it any of our business that they had been robbed? Should we also wipe their ass when they finish using the bathroom?" She asked.

The patriarch rubbed his temples in a stressed manner and sighed, "You see… This is not a simple robbery. They had been robbed of their family heirloom and amongst other valuable stuff."

"What? Their heirloom had been robbed? Does that include the Gu Family's legacy techniques?" Gu Xiulan was stunned to hear this.


"What a bunch of useless idiots! Even if they're asking for our help, how can we possibly find the bandits in this vast world? It'll be like looking for a needle in a haystack! If the Stairway to Heaven didn't break, we could've found them easily because people rarely ascend nowadays. However, because the stairway is broken, we've had tens of thousands of newcomers in the last couple of days!"

The patriarch then said, "Since the bandits stole their treasure, there is a very good chance that they'll be trying to sell the treasures. You work in the Houses of Riches, so you should have connections to many auction houses around Spirit Heaven. I will give you a list of the items that were stolen— at least the most notable ones. If they try to sell it at an auction, we will know."

"Furthermore, we have their names and descriptions of their appearances. Min Li, Yuan, and Feng Yuxiang. As for their description…"

The patriarch began recalling all of the information given to him by the Gu Family in the Lower Heaven.

"Alright, I will spread this information to my associates." Gu Xiulan nodded.

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