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652 Revealing His True Background
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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652 Revealing His True Background

"It's been a while, Meixiu." Feng Yuxiang greeted her with a calm smile on her face.

"Hello, Feng Feng. How have you been?"

"The same as usual. What about you? Anything new since our last meeting?"

"A lot has happened since then…" Meixiu sighed.

"Want to talk to me about it while we go pick up the Young Master's other friend?" Feng Yuxiang asked as she picked up Meixiu with Qi Manifestation.

"Just a little." Meixiu nodded.

Meanwhile, news of what happened to the Blood Sect spread like wildfire throughout the entire Lower Heavens, and within a single day, nearly everybody has heard about it.

"Have you heard?! Someone named 'Yuan' has managed to destroy the Blood Sect!"

"I have heard about it, but is it even possible to completely destroy an evil sect? Even if you killed a few hundred disciples from the Blood Sect, they won't be destroyed unless you exterminate all of their disciples. They're like cockroaches."

"That's the thing. He didn't just kill a few hundred disciples— he killed thousands of them! Of course, this includes their Sect Master and all of the high-ranking disciples that Lord Blood brought with him. It'll be hard for them to rebuild after this even if they're the Blood Sect."

"And they still lost to a single man? Heavens, how powerful is this Yuan person? And how come I haven't heard of him until today?"

"I believe there was also a disciple with the same name in the Dragon Essence Temple."

"Oh! I heard about him! He's the one who carried their sect to first place in the Mystic Realm, right?"

The Dragon Essence Temple's reputation also rose because of Yuan's achievements.

Eventually, the news reached the ears of the Players, which caused quite a commotion in the real world.

"Rumor has it Player Yuan destroyed an entire sect by himself!"

"How do we know it's the real Player Yuan and not some phony?"

"Who else but the real Player Yuan can erase an entire sect by himself?!"

"Are you sure that's not some exaggerated story created by his fans? They do that quite often."

"No, it's real this time! NPCs around the world are talking about it, and I even went to the Flying Sword Sect to look at the battlefield! The place was still covered in blood and corpses when I got there! I have never seen anything that brutal and gruesome before! And he did it all by himself!"

"By himself? Just how powerful is Player Yuan now? After being silent for some time, he suddenly appears again and destroys an entire sect? I'm telling you, he's a damn cheater!"

At the Eternal Lotuses' headquarters, Xia Jingyi shared the news to Yu Rou, who wasn't impressed by it as she would normally be.

In fact, she became worried after learning that Yuan had destroyed an entire sect and killed thousands of people.

"Are you sure it's Brother Yuan? I don't believe it! There's no way that he could kill so many people even if it's just a game!" Yu Rou denied it.

"I know! It must be one of these fake news created by his fandom to boost his reputation! It has been happening more and more frequently!"

"It's true, Sister Rou. It's all over the forums right now." Xia Jingyi sighed.

Yu Rou turned silent for a good moment.

"It must be because of what happened at the Jaded Garden… Meixiu said Brother Yuan had lost a dear friend to the demon. That tragedy must have changed him." Yu Rou sighed.

"Brother Yuan is in pain, yet I am not there for him…"

After pondering for a bit, Yu Rou looked at Xia Jingyi and said in a resolute voice, "I am going to meet with Brother Yuan in Cultivation Online tomorrow."

She then called Meixiu.

However, nobody picked up since Meixiu was busy in Cultivation Online, so she sent a text message instead.

The following morning, Meixiu returned Yu Rou's call.

"Sorry, Yu Rou. I was inside Cultivation Online the whole night yesterday, so I couldn't answer your call. Did you need something?" Meixiu asked.

"Can you tell my brother that I want to meet him in Cultivation Online tonight if it's possible?"

"Of course. I will let him know. Oh, where are you located right now? I will ask Feng Feng to pick you up."

After giving Meixiu the location and time, Yu Rou closed the call and went to morning practice.

Meanwhile, Meixiu told Yuan about Yu Rou's meeting request during breakfast.

"Brother Yuan's little sister, huh? I have been wanting to meet her for a while now." Chu Liuxiang mumbled with a profound smile after hearing the news.

"Yuan, you have a little sister? Since when?" Wang Ming and the others were also intrigued, as this was their first time hearing about it.

"Since I was adopted into the Yu Family," he said with a smile, not even bothering to hide it.

"Huh? Yu Family?" They looked at each other, wondering why it sounded so familiar.

"My other name is Yu Tian, and I used to be in the Yu Family— the one that owns a music and entertainment company in this city." Yuan suddenly revealed his real identity to them.

Not only did he trust these people, but he also no longer had any reasons to hide his identity.

"Wait? That Yu Family? Heavens… I would have never imagined that you had such an… ordinary background… I thought you came from an Immortal family or something similar!" Wang Ming exclaimed.

The people there were shocked. Although the Yu Family is quite influential and big, they were nothing in the eyes of the Six Spiritual Family.

"Why did you use past tense when speaking about the Yu Family? Are you no longer with them?" Li Jinxi noticed this detail and asked him.

"That's right. I am not part of that family anymore. They kicked me out, after all."


Li Jinxi and the others were even more shocked to hear this piece of information. Why on earth would the Yu Family abandon such a heaven-defying genius that makes even their Six Spiritual Family jealous?

"Are they insane?" Wang Ming blurted out his thoughts that were shared by everyone there.

Yuan smiled and said, "Let me tell you a little bit about my background."

Thus, Yuan would go on and tell them about his history with the Yu Family and how they abandoned him when he became crippled, leaving them speechless.

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