Cultivation Online
623 Visiting the Royal Dragon Family
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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623 Visiting the Royal Dragon Family

Somewhere in the Lower Heavens, three figures could be seen soaring through the sky at high speed without the assistance of flying treasures.

"Can either of you feel the Young Master's presence? It suddenly appeared three days ago, but then it disappeared shortly after." A beautiful woman with a lavish figure asked the other two figures, who were a little girl and a graceful young lady.

Of course, these three were Yuan's companions that had gone on a journey without him for the last few months.

"I cannot feel Brother Yuan's presence." Xiao Hua said.

"Me neither." Lan Yingying shook her head.

"And here I thought the Young Master has finally returned to us…" Feng Yuxiang released a deep sigh.

"Anyways, this is where the Young Master's presence disappeared from. It turned out to be the Heavenly Melody Academy." Feng Yuxiang said as they hovered above the Heavenly Melody Academy.

"What should we do now?" Lan Yingying asked.

In response to Lan Yingying's question, Xiao Hua began flying towards the Heavenly Melody Academy, before descending into the inner court.

Xiao Hua's sudden appearance shocked the disciples there, as only Spirit Grandmasters have the capability to fly without the assistance of flying treasures or flying swords.

And when Feng Yuxiang and Lan Yingying also descended onto the ground from the sky, the disciples' shock turned into fear.

Why did three experts suddenly appear in the middle of their sect?

However, before any disciple could approach them, Song Ling'er noticed their presence and appeared before them.

"I am Song Ling'er, Sect Master of the Heavenly Melody Academy. How can my sect help you?"

"Sect Master Song, we are looking for someone." Feng Yuxiang stepped forward.

"Y-You're… Madam Feng…"

After taking a closer look at their appearances, Song Ling'er recognized them, and she recalled seeing them with the Dragon Essence Temple at the Mystic Realm.

"This person you're looking for… is it Yuan?" Song Ling'er had this gut feeling and asked them.

"Yes, we are. Have you seen him? We stopped whatever we were doing to come here after sensing his presence, but it disappeared shortly after, and we haven't sensed it again since then." Feng Yuxiang nodded.

"Well… You see… What had happened was…" Song Ling'er proceeded to explain to them how Yuan had disappeared after touching the Zither Goddess' immortal cave and has been missing since then.

"What?! He disappeared!? Do you have any idea where he could've went?" Feng Yuxiang asked.

"No, but you can take a look at the place if you wish." Song Ling'er said.

"Take us there!" Xiao Hua immediately said.


Song Ling'er then led the three ladies to the Zither Goddess' immortal cave.

Of course, Ai Wan was still waiting there.

"He disappeared after touching this boulder that seals the entrance." Song Ling'er pointed to the large boulder blocking the entrance.

Feng Yuxiang narrowed her eyes at the boulder for a moment before speaking, "There's a powerful teleport formation within this immortal cave."

"R-Really? Can you do something about this situation?" Song Ling'er asked, feeling a little hopeful.

"I can't say for certain, but we need to go inside to take a closer look at the formation. Can you open it?" Feng Yuxiang said.

"Unfortunately, that's not possible. This immortal cave hasn't been opened since the Zither Goddess left. The only way to open the immortal cave is by forcing it open, but that would destroy the other immortal caves if we're not careful—"

Before Song Ling'er could even finish her sentence, Xiao Hua released her cultivation base and used Qi Manifestation to grab the boulder.

The next second, Xiao Hua yanked the entire boulder away from the entrance, forcefully opening the immortal cave without damaging the other immortal caves.

This left Song Ling'er and Ai Wan completely speechless, as they have never seen an immortal cave being opened in such a forceful manner.

'What cultivation base does she have to achieve such a feat?!' Song Ling'er cried inwardly.

Although she could tell that Feng Yuxiang and Lan Yingying were both at the peak of Spirit Grandmaster, she was unable to see Xiao Hua's cultivation base.

Then she recalled what happened at the Mystic Realm.

'If I remember correctly, that Senior from the upper heavens called her a Spirit King!'

"Let's go inside." Xiao Hua said as she began walking into the immortal cave without waiting for the others.

Clearly, she was the most anxious one there.

Feng Yuxiang and Lan Yingying followed her inside without hesitation.

Meanwhile, at the Fifth Heaven, after leaving the Fairy Paradise, Shen Shi led Yuan back to her Royal Dragon Family using a teleport treasure, so it only took them a few minutes at most.

After being teleported to right outside her family's living quarters, Shen Shi approached the gates with Yuan behind him.

"Welcome to the Shen Family, Senior Dragon Emperor!" The guards got onto their knees and greeted Yuan the moment they got close enough.

"Welcome back, Young Lady!" They greeted Shen Shi afterward.

Once the guards opened the gates, Shen Shi led Yuan into their living quarters.

However, before they even reached the building in the distance, Yuan could see many figures standing outside the building.

These figures were obviously the Royal Dragon Family that lived in this place.

The Dragon King and his entire family had gathered outside to greet Yuan. It was a privilege that only Dragon Emperors and above could experience.

Once Yuan got close enough, everyone besides the Dragon King and his wife got onto their knees to greet him.

"Greetings, Senior Dragon Emperor!" They all shouted in a loud voice, clearly exhilarated to have a Dragon Emperor visit their home.

As for Yuan, he felt a little guilty for disguising himself as a Dragon Emperor. If these people learn that he's not even a dragon, much less the Dragon Emperor, he could only imagine what they might do to him.

'If they learn the truth, I might as well return to the Fairy Paradise since it would be safer there!' Yuan cried inwardly as he greeted the Shen Family.

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