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619 Don’t Resis
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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619 Don’t Resis

After talking to each other for a few minutes, Shen Shi stood up and said, "Please excuse me for a bit, Senior Yuan. I still need to notify my father of the circumstances so that he can prepare accordingly. He's probably shaking in anxiety right now from waiting."

"Go ahead. Take your time." Yuan nodded.

Shen Shi then left the scene and went outside to contact her father using a communication jade slip.

"Shen Shi?! What is the news?! Is this person really a Dragon Emperor?!" Her father immediately began questioning her in an anxious manner.

"Calm down, father. You'll need all of your breath for this…" Shen Shi said to him.

And she continued, "It's true, this person is the real deal— a real Dragon Emperor!"

The Dragon King stared at the communication jade slip with a look of disbelief on his face.

A real Dragon Emperor? If this is true, they must protect him at all cost! 

"Tell me everything!" The Dragon King said.


Shen Shi proceeded to explain everything she heard from Yuan to her father.

"He accidentally arrived in the Fairy Paradise and actually belongs to the upper heaven? No wonder why he's already a Dragon Emperor despite being only a Spirit Grandmaster!"

Shen Shi's voice then resounded, "Father, we must protect him at all cost! Now that we are aware of his presence, if anything happens to him, our family will be held responsible!"

"You don't have to tell me the obvious! We'll protect him even if we have to go to war with the Fairy Paradise!" The Dragon King declared.

"Anyways, I will leave the Dragon Emperor in your care while I speak with the Fairy Empress, Shen Shi. If he takes a liking to you, it will greatly benefit our family!"

"E-Eh? Does this mean you want me to…"

"No! Do not try to seduce him, as that could have the opposite effect! However, if he makes any advances on you, don't resist or refuse him! If you join a Dragon Emperor's family, our future bloodline will become purer and more powerful!"

"I understand, father." Shen Shi acknowledged before putting away the communication jade slip.

"Haaaa…" She released a deep sigh before returning to the building.

However, to her surprise, Yuan had completely disappeared from the place like a ghost.

But when she started questioning it, something altered her thoughts, making her forget about Yuan temporarily.

As for Yuan, he'd tried logging off the game after she left, and it was a success.

"Are you done playing already, Brother Yuan?" Chu Liuxiang, who had been lying beside him the entire time, asked him when he logged off.

"Yes. Too much has happened today, and I need some time to rest."

"What happened? I will listen if you tell me," she said.

Yuan nodded and proceeded to recall his experience.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Fairy Paradise.

"Fairy Empress, something big has occurred in our land." An extraordinarily beautiful woman spoke as she approached the Fairy Empress, who was sitting on a large throne, silently cultivating.

"What happened?" The Fairy Empress opened her eyes, revealing her exquisite emerald eyes.

"A man had entered our Fairy Paradise—"

"A man? And here I thought it was something serious. Just execute him like we always do," said the Fairy Empress, interrupting the other woman.

"Unfortunately, this man is a little special, so we cannot just kill him…"

"Special? I don't care if he's the king of multiple continents. If they disrespect my rules, they will pay the price—"

"Fairy Empress, this man is a Dragon Emperor from the Royal Dragon Family." The woman interrupted.

"What did you just say?" The Fairy Empress' eyes widened with disbelief.

"According to my disciples at the sect, a man had suddenly appeared in the Fairy Paradise, and this man turned out to be a Dragon Emperor," said the woman who was the sect master of the Fleeting Fairy Sect.

However, the Fairy Empress doubted this information, "A Dragon Emperor, you say? That is not possible. They should only exist in the Six Heaven and above. Why would a Dragon Emperor appear here?"

"It's true, Fairy Empress. My disciples even went to the Royal Dragon Family to get someone to verify his identity. The Dragon King is now demanding we release this man."

The Fairy Empress turned silent after hearing such news.

'If this man is really a Dragon Emperor, we cannot kill him, or we will risk offending the entire Royal Family Dragon. Although I can handle the royal families in this world, if the other royal families from the upper heaven start causing trouble as well, it would be disastrous for us…'

'Unlike a Dragon King, a Dragon Emperor is highly regarded in the Royal Dragon Family, so they will definitely protect him even if it will start a war.'

After many moments of silence, the Fairy Empress spoke, "What else do we know about this Dragon Emperor?"

The sect master then recalled everything her disciples told her to the Fairy Empress.

"Interesting… I want to speak with this mysterious Dragon Emperor who appeared out of thin air."

"When do you wish to see him? I will let my disciples arrange it."

"I am a little busy now so I will see him in three days. He may be a Dragon Emperor, but he still violated my rules, so he'll have to wait a little."

"I understand. Please excuse me while I relay this information to my disciples."

The following day, Yuan returned to Cultivation Online to find Shen Shi quietly sitting on the couch.

"I apologize for disappearing so suddenly yesterday without telling you." Yuan said to her.

However, to his surprise, Shen Shi didn't appear to care about it. In fact, she was oddly dismissive about it, not even bothering to ask any questions.

'If Cultivation Online is real and these people are not actual NPCs, why don't they question us, players, when we suddenly disappear? Is something preventing her from caring?' Yuan wondered to himself as he silently stared at Shen Shi.

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