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608 Prove It!
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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608 Prove It!

"Even better than you, Sect Master? Who is this person?" One of the sect elders asked.

"You'll find out in three days," she casually responded.

Meanwhile, back at the Music Pagoda, Yuan decided to see if the music sheets on the second floor were any different.

"There are more notes… I guess the higher the floor the more difficult the songs."

Now that he had this knowledge, he wanted to see what was the most difficult song in this place, so he began making his way towards the 11th floor.

Once he reached the 11th floor, he walked straight to the zither section and began looking through the music sheets one by one.

"Oh? I recognize this song…" Yuan was surprised by the first music sheet that he'd randomly picked, and it was the same song that he'd played during the zither competition after learning it from Song Ling'er's disciples.

Even though he already knew the song, he still wanted to look at the music sheet properly to get a better understanding of it.

While Yuan looked at this music sheet, a disciple approached him from behind.

"Hey, you're blocking the shelf." This disciple said to him.

"Oh, I am sorry." Yuan turned around to see a beautiful young lady standing behind him, and she looked very familiar for some reason.

'Isn't she from the zither competition?'

It took a moment for Yuan to recognize this girl, who was the one that played the incredible song 'God Descends from Heaven' during the zither competition.

However, this girl didn't recognize Yuan, who wasn't wearing a mask at this moment but did during the zither competition.

As Yuan made way for her, she noticed the music note in his grasp.

'God Descends from Heaven? Who is this guy?'

Besides the top disciples in the sect that want to challenge themselves, most people don't even dare to pick up the song because of its difficulty.

"Do you intend on learning that song?" Ai Wan asked him out of curiosity.

"Eh? No, I already know the song," he subconsciously responded.

"You can play God Descends from Heaven?" Ai Wan looked at him with a suspicious face.

Even many sect elders do not dare say that they 'know' the song, yet this random person dares to make such claims?

"Yes, I can."

"Just because you can play a few hundred notes out of a few thousand doesn't mean you can play the song."

"No, I can play the entire song."

"I don't believe you." Ai Wan quickly said.

And she continued, "Prove it! If you can really play the whole song, I will call you master!"

"It's fine, I don't really need to prove myself." Yuan calmly said.

"I knew it! There's no way a nobody like you can play the most difficult song in the Lower Heavens!" Ai Wan felt insulted by Yuan when he claimed to know the song, as she had spent many years learning the song, and claiming you can play a song when you actually can't is a taboo within the sect.

The other disciples on that floor noticed their commotion and joined the fun.

"What's going on, Senior Sister Ai? Why are you arguing with this guy?"

"Did he offend Senior Sister? I will immediately take care of him for you!"

Yuan suddenly found himself surrounded by these disciples, causing him to shake his head.

"I just need to prove that I can play the song, right? Alright, I will play the song for you."

Yuan retrieved the Soul Ensnaring Zither on the spot and took a seat while still surrounded by the disciples.

'W-Wait a second... That zither… It can't be?!' Ai Wan immediately recognized the Soul Ensnaring Zither, as she'd tried to play it before but to no avail.

But before she could think too much, Yuan started playing the zither, instantly putting them in a daze.

"Who dares to play their instrument inside the Music Pagoda?!" The sect elders managing the building frowned when they heard music coming from the top, as it was against the rules to play one's instrument inside the building.

However, they stopped moving when they realized the song that was being played.

"T-This song is God Descends from Heaven!"

"Who is playing right now?!"

The disciples there also realized this fact, and everybody began making their way to the 11th floor, quickly overwhelming the place.

"Get out of my way!"

"You get out of my way!"

The disciples began shoving each other around just to move a single step forward.

"Make way!"

The sect elders eventually arrived and forced the disciples to make a clear path for them.

However, by the time they arrived on the 11th floor, Yuan had already finished the song, playing every single note of God Descends from Heaven flawlessly without making a single mistake this time.

\u003cYour stats has been increased by 50% for 1 hour from the effects of 'God Descending from Heaven'\u003e

Yuan stored the Soul Ensnaring Zither before standing up and looking at Ai Wan, who was standing there with a dazed look on her face.

"Are you happy now?" Yuan asked her.

It was at this moment Ai Wan finally recognized his voice.

"Wait… You… You're that masked man during the zither competition! What are you doing here?!" She exclaimed in a shocked voice.

The sect elders arrived at this moment and said, "Who was playing just now?"

The disciples there immediately pointed at Yuan.

"Let me see your disciple identification badge." The sect elder approached Yuan.

"I am not a disciple here," Yuan said, showing them the medallion that Song Ling'er had given him.

"Not a disciple?" The sect elders were speechless.

How can such a talented individual not be a part of their sect? That in itself should be a crime!

"Although that was an amazing performance just now, it's against the rules to play your instrument in the Music Pagoda." The sect elder said after snapping out of his daze.

"Eh? I didn't know that, sorry." Yuan immediately apologized.

"This was all my fault, elders. If you're going to hold anyone responsible, it should be me." Ai Wan suddenly stepped forward and said.

"Prime Disciple Ai?" The sect elders looked at her with wide eyes, as Ai Wan is usually a quiet girl who never causes any trouble.

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