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554 Do You Desire Revenge?
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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554 Do You Desire Revenge?

"Brother Yuan, I have been wondering… Aren't you angry at the Yu Family for what they have done to you? Don't you desire revenge? They treated you like an animal, after all. If I speak with my family, they should be able to do something about the Yu Family." Chu Liuxiang suddenly asked him after they finished reminiscing their past.

"Honestly, I have never really thought about it seriously. When you say revenge, what do you expect me to do? I do not like unnecessary violence, and even though they have done some horrible things that deserve some sort of punishment, I don't think violence is the right answer."

"I know, Brother Yuan, that you're not the violent type. However, there are other methods to cause pain to the Yu Family without actually hurting them. For example, you can ruin their company, or you can destroy their family by tearing them apart."

"How is that any different? They all sound pretty violent." Yuan sighed.

"The most obvious difference is that you won't need to physically hurt them since you will be doing it mentally. You can simply start up your own company and grow to become an even more successful business than the Yu Family. That will definitely make them regret throwing you away."

"Or, you can reveal yourself as Player Yuan, instantly gaining worldwide fame. This will make the Yu Family regret ever treating you wrongly, and they will be kicking themselves for the rest of their life knowing that they'd tossed away the one and only Player Yuan."

Yuan turned silent to ponder. Can these methods really help him take revenge against the Yu Family for mistreating him and many other things? However, it does sound better than getting violent with the Yu Family.

"Brother Yuan, if you want, I can help you. Let's make the Yu Family regret treating you the way they did!" Chu Liuxiang said to him with a resolute look in her gaze.

Yuan sighed and said, "As much as I want to make the Yu Family suffer for what they have done, I cannot bear to hurt Yu Rou, who is also part of the Yu Family, and I am afraid that hurting her family will also hurt her."

"I don't think Yu Rou will be affected, since she has already left the family. While she has the Yu Family's surname, it doesn't mean that she will follow in their footstep. If you're really that worried, you can simply take Yu Rou into your faction."

"My faction…?" Yuan mumbled in a low voice.

"I don't have a faction."

"Then you should start one— at least I think you should start one. You have the capabilities and the resources to create one of the strongest factions in the world. If you create a faction, I will also join you, and with two Spirit Masters, I don't think we will have any competitions for a long time— long enough to reach the peak and solidify our foundations."

Yuan turned silent to ponder, as he has never really thought about starting his own faction since that was akin to starting up his own sect in the cultivation world.

Does he have what it takes to manage a faction? What if things don't work out? And what if it brings more trouble than good?

"Wouldn't it be easier if we all just joined an existing faction that already has its own foundation? Take the Spiritual Elites for example. I think they're a trustworthy bunch."

Chu Liuxiang shook her head on the pillow and said, "I don't know much about the Spiritual Elites or the Six Spiritual Families operates, and I believe you when you say that they are trustworthy, but I still think that it would be for the best if you created your own faction."

"This way, you don't have to worry about any restrictions in the future, and you can do everything at your own pace. If you join another faction, you will never fully be able to spread your wings— at least that's what I believe."

"Alright, give me some time to think about all of this since it's not something I can rush."

"Take all the time you need, Brother Yuan, since I will always be by your side now." Chu Liuxiang giggled in a low volume.

Eventually, Chu Liuxiang started getting sleepy, but before she closed her eyes, she made sure to snuggle herself closer to Yuan.

Yuan could feel her soft body clinging to him, and he could smell the soothing fragrance coming from her silky brown hair, but he didn't think too much of it and also went to sleep, as he was used to sleeping with her in such a manner back in the orphanage.

The two of them quickly fell asleep, and once Meixiu could no longer hear them talk, she also decided to finally go to sleep.

The following morning, Yuan woke up with a somewhat heavy feeling on his body, and it felt like something was restricting his body.

His heart immediately began beating nervously since his initial thought was that his body had suddenly returned to being crippled.

However, he quickly realized that was not the case, and the reason for this heavy feeling was Chu Liuxiang, who had somehow managed to climb on top of his body, and she still appeared to be asleep.

A relieved smile appeared on Yuan's face when he recalls how Chu Liuxiang has bad sleeping habits and would always toss around in bed.

'How am I supposed to get out of this without waking her up?' Yuan sighed inwardly.

Chu Liuxiang was not only lying on top of his body, but she was also hugging his body like a koala hugging a tree.

Then Yuan noticed something soft pressing against his chest, and he realized that it was caused by Chu Liuxiang's breasts.

However, they felt softer than when he accidentally touched Meifeng's breasts who was wearing her undergarments at that time.

Indeed, Chu Liuxiang wasn't wearing any undergarments as of this moment since she didn't have her luggage, and she would rather not wear anything than reusing her old ones, but it was not as though she wasn't offered some by Meixiu.

But for some reason, Chu Liuxiang refused Meixiu's offer and decided to sleep without any undergarments.

Yuan eventually got Chu Liuxiang off his body, and to his surprise, it didn't wake her up.

'Oh, right. She's also quite the heavy sleeper.' Yuan then recalled this detail.

He left the bedroom shortly after, and he noticed that Sebastian was already awake and sitting on the floor in the lotus position, seemingly cultivating.

Yuan decided to not bother him and approach the bathroom, but before he could walk two steps, Sebastian opened his eyes and turned to look at Yuan.

"Young Master Yuan, if you don't mind, can you spare me some of your time? After you come out of the bathroom, of course."

"Sure," he casually nodded, thinking that this probably had something to do with Chu Liuxiang.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Yuan came back outside, and Sebastian was already standing at the door.

"Let's talk outside, shall we?"

Yuan nodded and followed him outside after changing out of his pajamas and wearing his mask.

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