Cultivation Online
444 Cultivators“ Association
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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444 Cultivators“ Association

"Everyone?" Yu Rou raised her eyebrows.

Despite the luxurious background, the atmosphere of this place was a little suffocating, and Yu Rou felt like she was in a hospital or something similar.

"As you already know, we have acquired a Heaven-rank cultivation technique recently. This is where those who decide to join our Yu Family will get to practice the cultivation technique. Of course, we don't want them running away with our technique, so we'll have them cultivate in this place." Yu Yong said.

He then turned to look at Yu Rou and asked her, "What is your cultivation base right now?"

"Second Level Spirit Apprentice," she responded in a calm voice.

"Mmm. Not bad considering that you'd started only a week ago." Yu Yong nodded his head before continuing to speak, "We have sent out the applications yesterday, and in less than 24 hours, we have received over a thousand requests to join our family with most of them being at the second level and a couple at the third level. In fact, we even have someone at the fourth level."

"What? Someone has already reached the fourth level already?" Yu Rou was surprised to hear this.

Yu Yong nodded and said, "This person has been cultivating in secrecy even before the world knew that we could cultivate in the real world, so he's ahead of the majority of cultivators currently."

"Oh, that makes sense." Yu Rou didn't say anything else.

"Anyways, we called you here today to let you experience the Heaven-rank cultivation technique that we acquired recently. You only have the basic cultivation technique, right?"

"Yes…" Yu Rou nodded.

"Go pick whichever bed you want and enter Cultivation Online. Meet me at Lu City so that I can hand you the cultivation technique." Yu Yong said to her.

"Okay." Yu Rou nodded.

Thus, Yu Rou entered the game and traveled to Lu City before meeting with Yu Yong.

Inside the game, Yu Yong and Yu Rou went to a Cultivators' Haven so that Yu Rou could learn the cultivation technique safely.

"Do you need a key for this place?" Yu Yong asked her.

"No, I already have one," she said.

After they arrived at the highest floor in the place, Yu Yong handed the cultivation technique to her and said with a solemn face, "Don't lose this. It cost us a fortune to acquire it. If you lose it, we'll sell you to make up for the losses."

Yu Rou didn't show any reaction and nodded silently.

"Let me know when you've learned the cultivation technique so that we can start training the people in our family." Yu Yong said to her before entering one of the rooms to cultivate.

Once Yu Rou entered the room and the door closed, she began trying to comprehend the Heaven-rank cultivation technique.

A week later, Yu Rou emerged from her room with a happy expression on her face.

"Finally! It took me an entire week to learn this cultivation technique!"

Besides the martial technique she'd gotten with Yuan's help, Yu Rou hasn't tried to learn another technique, hence why she was excited to finally learn something new even though it'd taken her an entire week.

Sometime later, she met up with Yu Yong again to return the cultivation technique to him.

"Now that you have a Heaven-rank cultivation technique, I expect significant improvements to your progress both in Cultivation Online and your real cultivation. Don't disappoint me." Yu Yong said to her after storing the cultivation technique inside a storage pouch.

"I understand." Yu Rou nodded.

Yu Rou logged off the game shortly after.

'I can finally go home and sleep in my own bed…' Yu Rou sighed inwardly, as she had to stay in this place until she learned the cultivation technique.

However, before she could leave the place, her mother, Tang Lee, stood before her.

"Yu Rou, make sure you register yourself as a cultivator at the Cultivators' Association that was completed just today within the next 90 days. If you don't and get caught, you'll be fined by the government and possibly go to jail." Tang Lee warned her.

"Cultivators' Association? It's already finished? I wasn't expecting it for at least a few more weeks if not months," she said.

The Cultivators' Association is a government-funded organization that was created to regulate cultivation to a certain extent, and it has governments from around the world supporting it, quickly becoming the strongest cultivation faction in the real world.

Furthermore, not only does the Cultivators' Association regulate cultivators, but they were also recruiting cultivators to assist them in maintaining public order just like the police forces.

"I understand. I will try to register today." Yu Rou said.

Thus, after leaving the place, Yu Rou made her way to the Cultivators' Association that replaced a large park in the middle of the city.

Of course, the place was crowded with people.

"Maybe I should come back another day…" Yu Rou mumbled to herself before telling the driver to go back to her house, where she started cultivating with her new cultivation technique and seeing significant improvements to her progression.

"No wonder why people are paying fortunes for better cultivation techniques… My speed almost doubled with this new cultivation technique!"

Feeling excited about her new cultivation speed, Yu Rou proceeded to spend the entire day cultivating.

Meanwhile, back at Yuan's apartment, Meixiu entered Yuan's room and said to him, "Yuan, the Cultivators' Association has been completed. We must register as a cultivator within the next 90 days or we'll be considered as illegal cultivators…"

"We have 3 months? That's plenty of time." Yuan said.

And he continued, "How's your cultivation going?"

"I just reached the fifth level," she said in a calm voice.

"Nice. I should be entering the eighth level after another week," he said.

'Eight Level Spirit Warrior…' Meixiu sighed inwardly, wondering what might happen when he has to register his cultivation at the Cultivators' Association in the near future.
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    《Cultivation Online》