Cultivation Online
366 Staring Contes
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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366 Staring Contes

After defeating the fighter with the lance, Yuan proceeded to fight the other participants that wanted to fight him, and because of his profound movement technique that only got more ridiculously hard to predict after his skill had reached a new level, none of his opponents was able to even touch his shadow, leading to Yuan's victory inevitably.

"Is there anyone else that would like to fight me?" Yuan asked with his body soaked in sweat as he defeated his 30th opponent in a row, setting a new record at the Ancestral Dragon Temple.

"F.u.c.k! Is he really human? Where does he get his stamina from?"

The dragons there refused to believe Yuan was a human. In their minds, humans are weak and fragile existence that cannot hold a candle against dragons, yet it was the complete opposite with Yuan.

"Where did this human come from, anyway?"

The dragons were filled with questions but had no answers, and they didn't want to stick their noses into the Royal Family's business too much.

A few moments went by without anyone appearing on the stage.

"I guess this is it," Yuan said, feeling very satisfied, as he'd gained a lot of experience through so many battles just now.

However, right as he prepared to leave the stage, someone said, "I'll fight you next!"

A figure suddenly jumped onto the stage from afar and stood before Yuan with a bright smile on her face.

"Xi Meili?" Yuan raised his eyebrows when he saw the dragon princess standing on the stage. She wants to fight him as well?

"Look! Princess Xi wants to fight him next!"

"Ohhh! This is going to be exciting!"

The spectators were immediately filled with anticipation after seeing this matchup. By now, pretty much everybody in the Ancestral Dragon Temple was watching their fight, leaving the other stages completely empty.

"I just couldn't hold my excitement back after seeing you fight and defeat so many people, so I decided to fight you as well, Yuan. I hope you don't mind." Xi Meili said to him.

"I don't mind." Yuan nodded.

"Thank you, Yuan. However, I will admit that I won't be able to defeat you in a normal fight, so let's do something different in this match." Xi Meili then said.

"Something different? What do you have in mind?" Yuan tilted his head slightly.

"Dragon's Gaze. We're going to see which of us can use Dragon's Gaze better. Like a staring contest. How does that sound?" She suggested.

"You can use the Dragon's Gaze as well?" Yuan looked at her with wide eyes, as this was a pleasant surprise.

"Of course. The Dragon's Gaze is a technique taught to everybody in the Royal Family." Xi Meili nodded, and she continued. "It is one of the most ancient techniques out there for our Dragon Race, and it was created during the primordial era."

"I know this may be unfair to you, who has only lived for 18 years while I have almost 10 thousand years of experience with the technique, but I really want to see how powerful your Dragon Gaze is."

"I don't mind it. I also want to see your Dragon's Gaze." Yuan nodded with a smile on his face.

"Great! Then at the count to three, we'll both use Dragon's Gaze simultaneously. Whoever is overwhelmed first will be the loser. Judge, you will do the counting." Xi Meili said.

"I understand, Princess Xi."

"Ready when you are, Yuan."

"I am ready."

The judge began his count to three once both of them were ready.

"One… two… three!"

On three, both Yuan and Xi Meili activated Dragon's Gaze, and their eyes immediately glowed gold.


A massive pressure suddenly enveloped the place, causing the spectators to take steps back and away from the stage.

"Not bad, Yuan." Xi Meili said with a smile on her face as she stared at Yuan directly into his eyes.

"However, this isn't my full power."

Xi Meili increased the intensity of her Dragon's Gaze, and the pressure grew stronger.

Yuan could immediately feel goosebumps appearing all over his body, yet there was a smile of excitement on his face.

"I am also just getting started!"

Yuan said as his golden eyes glowed more brightly.

The spectators took a couple more steps back.

"Hahaha! Not bad! Not bad at all, Yuan!"

Xi Meili suddenly started moving, slowly approaching Yuan with small steps.

The world around Yuan suddenly grew darker and darker, and Yuan felt like cowering as Xi Meili approached him, but he'd managed to fight back his fear.

Xi Meili was shocked inwardly when Yuan did the exact opposite of what she expected.

'What a powerful mental strength he has! He actually dares to approach me even though he's clearly afraid!'

Xi Meili's blood that had been calm for many thousand years suddenly began boiling with excitement! She wanted to see the limit of this human!

The two of them continued to walk closer to each other, quickly closing their distance.

A few moments later, they both stood directly in front of each other with their faces only a couple of inches away from each other.

The spectators swallowed nervously when they saw this. Even though they were not clashing treasures or displaying flashy techniques, their match was more exciting and nerve-wracking than any of the matches that had occurred today!

"Yuan, if you can defeat me, I'll consider marrying you— No, I'll marry you." Xi Meili suddenly said with a relaxed smile on her face, shocking the spectators.

However, Yuan was too focused on resisting her Dragon's Gaze to hear her words.

After standing so close to each other for about a minute, blood could be seen flowing from Yuan's nose, clearly reaching his limit.

Xi Meili didn't say anything when she saw this and continued to increase the strength of her Dragon's Gaze.

A few moments later, blood flowed from Yuan's eyes, looking like he was crying blood.

Yuan could feel pain all over his body— like it was being crushed by an unrivaled force. Despite this, he refused to give up and continued to fight Xi Meili's Dragon's Gaze with his Dragon's Gaze.
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    《Cultivation Online》