Cultivation Online
356 Dragon Ancestor
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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356 Dragon Ancestor

The moment this dragon appeared in the sky, the Dragon Emperor and his family could feel their blood reacting to the dragon.


The Dragon Emperor and the others immediately kowtowed on the ground and bowed to the dragon in the sky.

If one were to see the Ancient Dragon City from above right now, one would see that every person in this city was kowtowing at this moment.

Unexpectedly, the ancestor of the Royal Family had been summoned after awakening the ninth dragon statue.

"This dragon looks familiar… The Great One?" Yuan sort of recognized this dragon in the sky, as it resembled the Great One he has met multiple times by now.

After circling around the sky above the Ancient Dragon City exactly nine times, the golden dragon stopped flying and turned to stare at the city with its powerful gaze that sent chills down everyone's spine.

The Dragon Ancestor then narrowed its eyes at the area behind the Dragon Palace, or more specifically, the individual who was standing in the Dragon Awakening Ritual— Yuan.

"So you have finally returned…" The Dragon Ancestor spoke.

And it continued, "Oh, before you respond or ask me anything, I am merely a recording, so I won't be able to answer your questions."

After a moment of silence, the Dragon Ancestor continued, "The fact that you've summoned me means you've finally made it to my humble world. You may or may not remember anything, but this is proof that you're on the right track. However, coming here is just the beginning. You still have a long journey before you will accomplish your goals."

"And just like we have arranged, I have left behind for you a small gift. I hope to see you soon at the peak."

After a small pause, the Dragon Ancestor continued, "Now as for my family… I don't know who is in charge right now or what you're doing, but I want you to treat my little friend here right. Consider this request my will or something like that. You won't regret it, I promise."

"Until next time, my friend."

The Dragon Ancestor disappeared from the sky shortly after saying his words, dumbfounding everybody in the Ancient Dragon City, as nobody there had any idea what their ancestor was talking about.

However, to call someone its 'friend', this person must be fairly important to the Dragon Ancestor.

Once the Dragon Ancestor disappeared, the ninth and final pillar of light appeared in the sky.

It was at this moment a massive magic circle appeared in the sky above the Ancient Dragon City.

"What the heck is that?!" Xi Murong cried out loud when he saw this formation.

"Such a thing existed above the city? Even I didn't know this!" The Dragon Emperor was also shocked to see the formation.

A few moments later, this formation in the sky released a powerful light that basked everyone in the Ancient Dragon City.

"Father! I can feel my body growing more powerful! I think this light is affecting our bloodline!" Xi Meili suddenly exclaimed.


When Xi Meili mentioned their bloodline, the Dragon Emperor and Dragon Empress immediately checked their bodies, and sure enough, their bloodlines had improved!

The formation in the sky disappeared exactly a minute later, and a small object could be seen descending from the sky afterward.

This object descended towards the Dragon Palace and hovered in front of Yuan sometime later.

"This is… a drop of blood?" Yuan grabbed the bottle that contained a single drop of blood inside.

<You have completed the Hidden Quest: Dragon Awakening Ritual>

<You have obtained 'Dragon Ancestor's Blood Essence'>

<You have obtained Fame +500>

Peace quickly returned to the Ancient Dragon City, but the people there were still filled with shock and disbelief about the events today, and they will remain that way for the next couple of days.

"Y-Young man, what was your name again?" The Dragon Emperor looked at Yuan with a complicated look on his face.


"Do you think I can take a look at that treasure, Yuan? Don't worry, I won't take it from you. The ancestor has already spoken. That treasure belongs to whoever manages to release all nine pillars of light." The Dragon Emperor reassured him that they won't take away the treasure.

After all, if they went against their ancestors' wishes, it might affect their bloodline, and no treasure in this world is worth more than their own bloodline.

Yuan nodded and handed him the bottle.

The Royal Family gathered around the Dragon Emperor and looked at the drop of blood inside the bottle.

"My bloodline is reacting to this drop of blood." Xi Meili said.

"Mine as well." Xi Murong agreed.

"I think this drop of blood belongs to the ancestor…" The Dragon Emperor said.

"If that's true, this drop of blood is too precious to be given to a human! We cannot give it to him! It'll be worth more in our hands!" Xi Murong said.



Xi Murong suddenly cried out loud in a painful voice when the Dragon Empress slapped him.

She then said with a frown on her face, "Were you asleep just now when the Dragon Ancestor spoke? The Dragon Ancestor wants this treasure to be given to Yuan, so it will be given to him! No questions asked! Unless you want to challenge the Dragon Ancestor!"

"I-I don't dare!" Xi Murong quickly said.

Challenge the Dragon Ancestor who dominated the Nine Heavens and created this utopia for them? He'd be cursed to death by everyone around him regardless of his status as Dragon Prince!

Sometime later, the Dragon Emperor handed the bottle back to Yuan and said to him, "Please take care of this treasure, Yuan. This drop of blood is worth more than you can possibly fathom— it's not something a human being should hold if I have to be completely honest with you."

"I understand. Thank you." Yuan nodded and accepted the bottle of blood.

"Umm… Do you have something I can use to hold it? I don't have my spatial ring with me."

The Dragon Emperor nodded and said, "Of course. We have plenty of those. Come with me."
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