Cultivation Online
344 Barely Surviving the Explosion
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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344 Barely Surviving the Explosion

"W-What?! His body is regenerating?!" The young lady was shocked when the mutilated body suddenly began healing, and she watched as this half-completed body regrow the rest of its body as well as all four limbs in just a matter of moments, almost like she was before an immortal monster or something.

The young lady took a few steps back just in case.

A few moments later, the mutilated body recovered perfectly; it was unlike anything the young lady had seen before.

"Ugh…" Yuan slowly opened his eyes to see the sunlight assaulting his eyes.

"Did I die? Did I respawn outside the Mystic Realm?" Yuan slowly sat up, still recalling the pain he'd felt before losing consciousness.

Once his mind and vision began to stabilize, Yuan looked around his surroundings, and to his surprise, he wasn't outside the Mystic Realm!

"What! Don't tell me I didn't die from that explosion?! This is a miracle!" Yuan quickly stood up with excitement on his face.

Fortunately, he'd managed to protect his head and heart. Although his regenerative abilities are not as exaggerated as the demons', it was pretty close, allowing him to regenerate as long as his head and heart are unharmed.

It was at this moment that Yuan realized he was not alone and there was another presence not far away from him.

"Who's there?" Yuan turned to look at the tree a few meters away from him.

"That voice… Player Yuan?"

The young lady who had hidden behind a tree slowly walked out with her hands up, showing Yuan that she was not a threat to him.

"Y-You're…" Yuan was surprised to see Wang Xiuying there.

After revealing herself, Wang Xiuying stared at Yuan with a somewhat amazed expression on her face.

"What is it?" Yuan decided to ask her, feeling like something was amiss right now.

"Uhh…" Wang Xiuying appeared to hesitate for a moment before pointing at his face.

It was at this moment Yuan realized that his mask was gone and his face was in full display.

'Oh no! The explosion must have removed the mask! Now she knows what I look like!' Yuan cried inwardly.

"D-Don't worry, I won't tell anyone what you look like— I promise!" Wang Xiuying quickly said to him, feeling extremely nervous at this moment, as she was worried that he would kill her because she saw his face.

'Hmm? She doesn't recognize me?' Yuan realized that Wang Xiuying didn't realize who he was even though she saw his face.

Fortunately for Yuan, Wang Xiuying only remembers what he looked like when he was a kid. Even though she has seen him plenty of times as an a.d.u.l.t, Yuan looks somewhat different in the real world because of his skinny appearance, and Wang Xiuying hasn't seen him since his recovery. Furthermore, his appearance in cultivation online has been enhanced as a cultivator.

"A-Also… your clothes…" Wang Xiuying pointed at his legs with a blushing face.

Yuan looked down, and to his surprise, he was completely n.a.k.e.d from his c.h.e.s.t down.

While his body regenerated, his clothes were a different story. No wonder why it felt a little breezy down there.

"Umm… Sorry, but I don't have any clothes on me…" Yuan said in a calm voice.

"I-I'll give you some of mine, okay?" Wang Xiuying said as she removed the first layer of her clothes.

Luckily for them, disciple uniforms in the cultivation world are mostly unis.e.x, so both genders can wear them and look the same.

"Thank you…" Yuan accepted her clothes and quickly wore them.

Although they were a little small, it was good enough to be worn.

"Anyways, what were you doing that made you in such a state? And how on earth are you still alive? I thought you were some kind of immortal monster at first!" Wang Xiuying said to him afterward.

"Oh… I was fighting some really powerful demon, and it decided to blow itself up." Yuan sighed.

"Is that what caused the explosion? You're really something else, Player Yuan. No wonder why you're the number one player in the world right now." Wang Xiuying said.

"What do you plan on doing now?"

"I'm going to go back and see if there's anything left of the demon just in case it also survived," Yuan said.

"Can I come with you? I won't get in your way— I promise. I just want to see how Player Yuan 'plays' the game." She asked him.

"I don't mind." Yuan nodded.

Since he already knew her and was even on good terms with her in the real world, Yuan didn't mind letting her follow him.

"Ah. Do you know which way was the explosion?" Yuan asked her.

"That way."

Yuan nodded his head and proceeded to follow the direction she pointed.

Sometime later, they arrived at the site where the explosion occurred, and as expected, the destruction caused by the Demon Lord wasn't anything to laugh at.

There was a massive crater where the Demon Lord exploded, almost like a meteorite had landed in this place.

"My lord… you survived something like this?" Wang Xiuying turned to look at him with a dazed expression.

"I know… I'm also surprised…" Yuan mumbled.

The crater was a few miles in diameter, and it could be a large lake if it was filled with water.

"I'll be right back," Yuan said to her before flying into the crater to see if he could sense the Demon Lord.

"H-He's flying?! He can fly?! Does this mean he's already a Spirit Grandmaster?! Impossible! We've only been in the Mystic Realm for a week! Even if his cultivation base didn't reset to the beginning like the rest of us, he still shouldn't have been able to reach Spirit Grandmaster in such a short time!" Wang Xiuying was truly shocked to the core after witnessing Yuan's flying ability.

Meanwhile, Yuan flew around the crater with his Divine Sense activated.

"Hmm… I don't see the Demon Lord nor its demon core. Maybe the demon core was destroyed by the explosion? I wouldn't be surprised if it was..."

After spending a couple of minutes in the crater without any results, Yuan returned to Wang Xiuying's side.
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