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301 The Aura of a Spirit King
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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301 The Aura of a Spirit King

"Is that so… What a pity. I wanted to see someone from the Spirit Heaven." Yuan sighed.

Long Yijun chuckled at his words and said, "Besides having a much higher cultivation base and being more knowledgeable because of their larger world, there's really not much difference between us. It's not as if people from the upper heavens are different entities."

"I see… that makes sense." Yuan nodded.

"Anyways, let's get moving. The other sects are already gathering at the location."

The Dragon Essence Temple left the building and followed the other sects to the gathering area that was just a few miles away from their lodging location.

Sometime later, they arrived at the gathering area, where over a hundred sects gathered and stood separated from each other but in an orderly fashion, almost like a massive military formation getting ready for war.

The Dragon Essence Temple stood at the very front of this massive formation. Despite the fact that many sects had arrived before them, there was an empty spot in the front with other sects occupying the spots behind it, almost like it was left empty specifically for the Dragon Essence Temple.

Each sect had around five to ten people with them, but there were also sects that brought over a hundred people, mostly for spectating.

While everybody there waited for this envoy from the Spirit Heaven to show up, Yuan turned to look at the Mystic Realm that was in the distance, hoping to see the faceless figure again.

'Xiao Hua, Feng Feng, was it just me, or did you two also see that faceless figure?' Yuan decided to ask the two experts dwelling inside his body.

'Xiao Hua didn't see anyone like that.'

'Me neither, Young Master. Are you sure you weren't seeing things?'

'I'm sure. It was even calling for me… I don't know why, but I felt somewhat nostalgic when I saw this faceless figure, almost like I'd seen it before, but that's impossible. Maybe I'm just overthinking things,' Yuan sighed inwardly.

Suddenly, Xiao Hua said in a serious voice, 'Brother Yuan, be careful. There are a lot of people looking in our direction right now. Although I cannot say for certain that they're looking at you, it's very likely.'

Hearing Xiao Hua's words, Yuan realized why he was feeling uncomfortable for some time now. So it was caused by these stares.

'The Dragon Essence Temple is quite popular, after all. I wouldn't be surprised if they were staring at us.' Yuan said.

'While that is true, the looks they're giving are different from that of awe or admiration, and they look more like they're trying to see through your mask, Young Master.' Feng Feng added.

Yuan's body shuddered after hearing these words, and he wondered to himself, 'It couldn't be the other players, right?'

Indeed, these people staring at Yuan were all players that were chosen to participate in the Mystic Realm. While their cultivation bases are nothing exaggerated like Yuan, who was a Spirit Master, they all show promising talents, not to mention their Heaven-rank physiques.

And just as the players had expected, Player Yuan showed up.

'So that's the famous Player Yuan, huh? Even though I cannot see his cultivation base, he gives off the same feeling as our Sect Master— the same domineering aura.' One of the players there thought inwardly.

'Player Yuan… Just you wait! If we ever meet in the Mystic Realm, I am going to rip that mask off your face and reveal your identity to the world!' Another one thought.

'Player Yuan… I wonder what he looks like underneath that black mask…'

Sometime later, the atmosphere in the place began to change, and although it was a subtle change at first, all of the Sect Masters there noticed it.

Upon feeling this change, they all said to their disciples, "The envoy is coming! Stand straight and don't utter a single sound unless you're told to speak!"

The entire place immediately turned dead silent, and everyone there waited nervously for this 'envoy' to show up.


The wind suddenly picked up, and a massive portal appeared above the sects, shocking the Sect Masters.

"W-Wait! What's happening?!"

"T-This is! Somebody from the upper heavens is trying to come down to the Lower Heavens?! Did they send an envoy to personally oversee the Mystic Realm this time?!"

Usually, the experts from Spirit Heaven would just use some sort of treasure to speak with them from above, and rarely would they come down to the Lower Heavens in person. In fact, the last time a real envoy showed up in the Lower Heavens for the Mystic Realm was over 10,000 years ago!

Perhaps this is what the rumors actually meant? That a real envoy would be showing up?

The spiritual energy in the area started acting up and began rushing towards the portal in the sky.

A domineering aura appeared moments later, and it was something nobody there— not even the Sect Masters, have experienced before.

However, two people recognized this kind of aura.

Feng Yuxiang, who had experienced it herself not long ago when she first met Yuan.

And Xiao Hua, who could emit the same aura herself— the aura of a Spirit King!

"Young Master, it's a Spirit King! A Spirit King is descending!" Feng Yuxiang said to him in an excited voice.

"What? The same level as Xiao Hua?" Yuan was surprised to hear this since this is his first time seeing another cultivator at the same level as Xiao Hua ever since he started playing the game.

After a few more moments of suspense and tension, Yuan and the others could see a figure coming out of the portal— an old man wearing black and red robes.
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