Cultivation Online
238 Meixiu“s Evaluation
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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238 Meixiu“s Evaluation

Meixiu returned to the apartment half an hour later with the console in her grasp.

"Great! Why don't you start playing now?" Yu Rou said to her.

"You want me to play right now, Young Lady?" Meixiu raised her eyebrows.

Yu Rou nodded. "There's nothing else to do until dinner anyways."

"If that's what you want…"

"Let's go to the other room." Yu Rou and Meixiu went to the room next to Yuan's room a few moments later.

Once Meixiu laid on the bed and placed the helmet on her head, Yu Rou said to her, "You can log off after creating your character and looking at the map to see which continent you're on. You'll be transported to one of the four available continents randomly, so let's pray that you end up in the Eastern Continent. See you in a bit."

After pressing the power button, Meixiu could feel her consciousness leaving her body and moving elsewhere, feeling almost like she was ascending to heaven or something similar.

A few moments later, she found herself inside a white room that had been visited by every other player in the world.


The space before her suddenly cracked, and to Meixiu's surprise, a young lady around her age appeared from the crack.

"Hmmm… So you're someone from the 'Missing Piece', huh? I was wondering if you guys were anything special, but looking at you now, you don't seem any different than the mortals in our world." The young lady said in a somewhat disappointed voice after staring at Meixiu for a second.

"Umm…" Meixiu had many questions in her head, but she wasn't able to ask any of them due to the young lady speaking before she could.

"Place your hand on this crystal ball so we can get this over with. I've already lost my interest."

Meixiu decided to not ask any questions and placed her hands on the crystal ball.

A few moments later, her status appeared.

Name: Meixiu

Cultivation: None

Legacy: None

Bloodline: None

Physique: Spirit Severing Physique

Physical Strength: 82

Mental Strength: 220

Soul Strength: 555

Physical Defense: 34

Mental Defense: 150


The young lady's eyebrows raised in a slightly surprised manner when she saw Meixiu's seemingly high stats.

"Spirit Severing Physique, huh? Not bad— Not bad at all. Since you have a Divine-rank physique, you're qualified to become a servant for me at the very least. Here. Take this. If you ever reach the upper heavens, come find me at the Qu Family and show this to the people there."

The young lady surnamed Qu tossed a jade medallion to her before turning around and walking into the crack.

A few moments after the young lady disappeared from the white room, Meixiu was teleported to Mountain #189, one of the thousands of floating mountains around that place, and despite the gaming being out for many weeks now, there were still tens of thousands of new players every day.

After standing around for a few minutes, an NPC appeared before them in the sky, and he began explaining to them about the cultivation world.

Once the explanation ended, he gave the players the Basic Qi Gathering Technique alongside a talisman that told the players their physique's rank.

\u003cRank: Divine\u003e

Meixiu stared at the word on her talisman that would make countless players and NPCs alike jealous with a somewhat tranquil look on her face, almost like she didn't really care.

"If you have a Heaven-rank or above physique here, raise your hand." The Cultivator in the sky said.


However, nobody raised their hands.

The Cultivator sucked his teeth in disappointment after seeing this, and he quickly said afterward, "My time is precious and limited. You can all get out of my face now."

And with a wave of his sleeves, all of the players there were sent flying towards the portals in the back.

Once she was standing again, Meixiu brought up the map.

"Western Continent…" Meixiu sighed before logging off the game like Yu Rou had told her to.

After logging off the game, Meixiu removed the helmet from her head and got off the bed.

"Young Lady, I am done." Meixiu knocked on Yuan's door.

"Already? That was quick." Yu Rou opened the door for her, and she continued, "Well? Did you spawn within the Eastern Continent?"

Meixiu shook her head and said, "Unfortunately, I did not, Young Lady. I am currently within the Western Continent."

"How unlucky…" Yu Rou also sighed.

"It'll be fine. I'll talk to Feng Feng after this and see if there's any way we can bring her to the Eastern Continent." Yuan said.


Sometime later, Yu Rou said, "I'll go prepare for your dinner now— Oh, wait… We don't have any ingredients to cook with since we didn't go shopping yet."

"Let me go order some groceries now…"

Yu Rou opened her phone and began buying groceries on a shopping app, allowing them to receive food and groceries without leaving the house.

An hour later, someone knocked on their door and handed off the groceries to Meixiu.

"I'll cook dinner, Young Lady," Meixiu said.

However, Yu Rou immediately refused and said, "Although this won't be my last time cooking for Brother Tian, I won't be able to cook for him as often, so I want to do it properly like usual. You can just relax, Meixiu. After all, you'll be working hard starting tomorrow."

"If you say so, Young Lady…" Meixiu nodded, and she proceeded to sit on the couch doing nothing but stare at the space in front of her with a dazed look.


Yu Rou was speechless by this, and she sighed, "If you want, you can help me wash the vegetables, I guess…"

"I shall do that then." Meixiu immediately stood up and went to the sink to wash the vegetables.

"Just how much of a workaholic are you, Meixiu? You're still too young to be acting like this…" Yu Rou shook her head, as she didn't know whether to laugh or cry at Meixiu's desire for work.

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    《Cultivation Online》