Cultivation Online
149 The Great One“s Challenge
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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149 The Great One“s Challenge

"Look! Disciple Yuan has passed the 99th stage! He's going to challenge the final floor now!" Bai Ling pointed at the tower and shouted in excitement despite the other people there already realizing this because they have been watching the tower this entire time.

"What kind of challenge do you think exists on the final floor?" Elder Shan asked out loud.

"Who knows, I have only reached the 83rd floor myself…" Xin Ming shrugged.

"The Sect Master also only reached the 92nd floor."

"Besides the Founder who stepped onto the 100th stage, I don't think anyone else knows what exists on the 100th floor, and the Founder didn't leave behind any notes about his experience in the tower except a single world— terrifying," said Long Yijun with a serious look on his face.

"Terrifying, huh? If even the Founder who is known for being fearless finds the 100th floor 'terrifying', just what could possibly exist on the 100th floor? I cannot wait until Disciple Yuan comes back outside." Elder Shan sighed.

Meanwhile, inside the tower, Yuan rested for 15 minutes in the resting area before walking up the stairs and entering the 100th floor.

And to his surprise, when Yuan stepped onto the 100th floor, he was greeted by a clear blue sky and a seemingly endless arena that stretched to the horizon, almost like he'd been teleported from inside the tower to another world that was made of a single stage.

Yuan looked down, and sure enough, the staircase he'd just walked on had suddenly disappeared.

\u003cYou have entered the 100th floor\u003e

\u003cA powerful presence emerges from the void\u003e


A massive black portal suddenly appeared a few miles away from Yuan, and a long figure emerged from the portal a few moments later.

This long and golden figure looked exactly like the Great One from the Tablet of Comprehension, but it paled in comparison in size and was no longer as enormous as the previous version that could block even entire stars with its mere body. However, that is not to say the Dragon wasn't huge, as it was taller than even the highest buildings in Yuan's world with the thickness of multiple trains combined together.

"Congratulations on reaching the 100th floor, human. You are the second person to have reached this far, and it has been over 100,000 years since the last visitor stepped onto this floor." The Great One glared at Yuan with its large golden eyes and spoke to him as though it was their first meeting.

"You don't remember me?" Yuan couldn't help but ask the Dragon.

"Remember you? Why would I remember someone I have never met before?" The Dragon was puzzled by Yuan's words. After all, even if it has been 100,000 years, it wouldn't forget someone when it has only met one other person beside him!

"So you're not the same 'Great One' as the one from the Tablet of Comprehension?" Yuan continued to ask due to his curiosity.

"Hmmm? The Tablet of Comprehension? Let me take a look at your body!"

The Great One suddenly flashed its eyes, and a golden light entered Yuan's body.

"You… You already have my Seal of Approval?" The Great One mumbled in a speechless voice, as it'd planned on giving Yuan the Seal of Approval if he'd passed the trial by beating the 100th floor! But now that Yuan already has the Seal of Approval, it has made this entire trial pointless!

"Yes, the other Great One gave it to me after I'd won a bet," Yuan said to the Great One.


The Great One turned silent for a few moments before speaking, "Since you've already received the approval from the other 'me', I don't see a point in continuing this trial."

"Eh?! But why? I came all the way up here, too!" Yuan exclaimed in a dumbfounded voice. Did he really just climb 100 floors for nothing?

The Great One then continued, "I have taken a good look at your body just now, and as much as I hate to admit it, despite being a 1st level Spirit Master, I do not believe I have the capability to defeat you, who has two Soul Weapons and phoenix blood mixed in your blood, not to mention the two powerful presence I can feel hidden somewhere within your body."

"Although I am the same 'Great One' as the one you met in the Tablet of Comprehension, I am merely an illusion who has had its real powers limited to the level where it would make defeating this tower near impossible but also not truly impossible at the same time."

"Even if you say that, what are you going to do now if you're not going to fight me?" Yuan asked.


The Great One began pondering again. After all, it cannot just let Yuan pass without giving him a trial.

A few moments later, the Great One spoke again, "How about this… In order to pass this floor, I will have you fight against 100,000 magical beasts at the peak of the Spirit Warrior realm."

"100,000 magical beasts?!" Yuan's mouth dropped to the ground, as that amount was 1,000 more than what he'd had to fight on the 99th floor!

"While I can handle 100 magical beasts with ease, I definitely won't have the energy to defeat 100,000 magical beasts at once! This is definitely an impossible task!"

"Don't worry, I will make sure you have an ample amount of time to complete this challenge, as this is more of a test of endurance than your strength and talents, and you have already proved yourself in the other aspects."

"I shall bend the rules of this tower and give you unlimited time for this challenge because of the unexpected situation. Furthermore, I shall give you the ability to temporarily pause the challenge at will so that you can rest whenever you are exhausted or need a break. However, you are only allowed a total of 24 hours of rest time. Once you use up all 24 hours, you'll have to fight until you either defeat all 100,000 magical beasts or until you cannot go on and fail the challenge."

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