Cultivation Online
116 Pill of Concealmen
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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116 Pill of Concealmen

"So? Does everyone here agree to have Disciple Yuan as their disciple?" Long Yijun asked them a moment later, and he continued, "I'll be completely honest— his talent is simply too much for us to keep to ourselves, so instead of being selfish, it's best if we all contribute to teaching him about the cultivation world for the best results. After all, it might affect his growth negatively if he has only one Master."

"I have no qualms about that decision," Bai Ling said with a calm expression on his face.

"Me neither," Elder Xin said.

Everyone there then turned to look at Elder Shan, who held a hard-to-read expression on her beautiful face.

After a moment of silence, she sighed out loud, "Fine, I'll share him. Although I'd rather keep him for myself, what the Sect Master said makes sense. I doubt I'll be able to train someone as talented as him properly, and I'll only slow down his progress."

Sometime later, Long Yijun and the other sect elders there handed Yuan their communication jade slip so that Yuan could communicate with them whenever he wanted.

"By the way, is there anything that I need to do now that I have accepted all of you as my Master?" Yuan asked them. "What about the lectures?"

"We do give private lectures to our disciples every month and public lectures once a year, but you are not required to attend either of them. If you have any questions regarding cultivation or need resources for cultivation, you can just let us know using the communication jade slip. Furthermore, because you are still only an Outer Disciple, we'll avoid physically meeting with each other as much as possible since we don't normally communicate with disciples in person, and I don't want the other disciples thinking that we are favoring you too much, as that might affect the entire sect as a whole." Long Yijun said to him.

"I understand." Yuan nodded.

"Here's a few more things before we let you go." Elder Xuan then handed Yuan two separate medallions.

"The silver medallion will allow you to go to the Treasury Hall and obtain as many resources as you need for your cultivation— just don't overdo it, as we don't have an unlimited supply of resources. I will speak with the elder in charge there and let him know of your existence to avoid any problems."

"As for the gold medallion, that'll grant you full access to the Profound Pavilion. I'll also let the elder in charge of that place know about you."

"Don't lose them; it'll be problematic if someone that's not supposed to have them gets a hold of them."

"I won't lose them," Yuan said with a serious expression on his face.

Sometime later, Elder Shan said to Yuan, "Come with me, little brother. I still have to give you the pill that'll disguise your real cultivation base. However, I don't have it on me, so we'll have to get it in my room."

"Okay…" Yuan nodded innocently without thinking too much about it.

However, Elder Xin blocked Yuan's path and said to Elder Shan, "You can go back by yourself and return here once you have the pill. I don't trust you one bit with him, especially if you'll be alone with him. Who knows what you'll do to this innocent boy when you're alone with him."

"Haaa… You are thinking too lowly of me, Elder Xin. Do you really believe that I would lay my hands on my own disciple?" Elder Shan sighed with a disappointed look on her face, and she continued, "Despite my character, I am still a maiden, you know?"

"Hmph!" Elder Xin coldly snorted, not even bothering to answer her.

"Fine… I'll be right back…" Elder Shan shook her head before leaving the building.

While Elder Shan left to grab the pill, Long Yijun handed Yuan a medallion of his own and said, "This is the Absolute Authority medallion, and only the Sect Master can hand it out. As long as you have this, nobody in the sect will dare to touch you. However, don't go flaunting it every chance you get and only use it during emergencies, and of course, don't lose it."

"Thank you," Yuan nodded as he tossed another medallion into his Spatial Ring.

Once Elder Shan returned a few minutes later, she handed Yuan a black pill the size of a fingernail.

"Eat this and nobody but Spirit Masters and above will be able to tell your real cultivation base," Elder Shan handed him the pill.

[Pill of Concealment] [Tier 2] [Purity: 92%]

[Effects: Temporarily conceals your cultivation base by 7 levels for 30 days]

[Description: Only works if you are below Spirit Master]

After tossing the pill into his mouth and swallowing it with the help of some water, Yuan could feel his aura being suppressed, yet his strength remained the same.

"There— now you're only a 7th level Spirit Apprentice, just enough to qualify as an Inner Disciple," Elder Shan said afterward.

Sometime later, Long Yijun opened another portal to the disciple examination and said to Yuan, "Once you return to the examination, just enter the gate behind the Tablet of Comprehension and you'll be teleported to the gathering area where everyone that has passed the examination will be gathered. Here's your token; it's proof that you have passed the disciple examination."

"Although we won't see each other for a while, we'll always be watching over you, so go ahead and enjoy life as a disciple until the Mystic Realm," Elder Xuan said to him.

"Good luck, Brother Yuan." Bai Ling said to him.

"Try not to cause too much trouble." Elder Xin said with a smile.

Lastly, Elder Shan said to him before kissing the palm of her hands and blowing it towards his direction, "If you are ever feeling lonely, come find me at Blossom Peak."

"I will see you all later, Seniors. Thank you for everything so far." Yuan bowed to them before entering the portal and disappearing from the room.

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    《Cultivation Online》