Cultivation Online
110 Seal of Approval
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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110 Seal of Approval

"If you compare Ancient-rank techniques to Divine-rank, the difference is like heaven and earth or Immortals and mortals— it's so vast that they're almost incomparable." The Dragon said to Yuan.

"However, it will also be much harder to train and master than Divine-rank techniques—"

The Dragon suddenly stopped talking halfway through its sentence and looked at Yuan with a weird gaze, and then it continued a moment later, "Well, knowing your talent, it'll probably be no different than a Divine-rank technique, and you'll master it incredibly fast."

"Anyway, you have managed to surpass my expectations, broadened my views with your comprehension talents, and even won a bet against this Great One. Therefore, as promised, I shall now bestow you a special reward."

The Dragon proceeded to close its eyes for a minute.

Once the Dragon reopened its eyes, a golden beam of light shot out from its eyes and pierced straight into Yuan's forehead.


After watching the Dragon destroy planets with its gaze thousands of times, Yuan naturally responded to the golden beam by jolting his body in a startled manner, even feeling his heart skip a beat. However, when he realized that his body didn't explode like the stars, he released a sigh of relief.

A few moments later, once the golden beam disappeared, another notification appeared before Yuan.

\u003cYou have received the Great One's Seal of Approval\u003e

"Seal of Approval…?" Yuan mumbled, feeling as though nothing about his body had changed after receiving the Seal of Approval.

"What can I do with this seal?" Yuan asked the Dragon afterward.

"With my Seal of Approval, you will have a chance to obtain my Legacy." The Dragon spoke in a calm voice.

"Legacy…?" Yuan raised his eyebrows. Is it something like Xiao Hua's Legacy?

The Dragon continued to speak a moment later, "Go to the Dragon Temple and find my statue. If you use Dragon's Gaze on the statue, it will activate a hidden formation, which will require the Seal of Approval to fully activate. As for what comes afterward… you will have to go there and figure it out yourself."

"If you manage to obtain my Legacy, find the real me that exists somewhere in the upper heavens and I will give you a few treasures that will make even powerful Immortals drool with envy. However, since I am merely an illusion in this place, the real me won't recognize you, as we have never truly met before. But as long as you have the Seal of Approval and the Legacy, everything should be fine."

"Do you have any questions, human… No, what is your name? You have earned my respect, so I shall address you as your name." The Dragon suddenly said to him.

"Yuan. My name is Yuan," he responded.

"Then do you have any questions for me, Yuan?"

After pondering for a moment, Yuan asked, "I have heard the name Dragon Temple before but I don't know what it really is. Can you tell me a little bit about the place? What kind of place is the Dragon Temple?"

The Dragon nodded its massive head before speaking, "The Dragon Temple is a trial that was created by me… the real me countless years ago to challenge the geniuses in the Lower Heavens in hopes of finding someone who can inherit my Legacy. There are also some treasures that can be obtained from the Dragon Temple. The Tablet of Comprehension, for example, is a treasure that Long Chen had found in the Dragon Temple from a challenge."

"Of course, the treasures within the Dragon Temple are worthless compared to the real treasure— my Legacy. If they manage to pass all of the challenges, obtain the Legacy, and find me in the upper heavens, I shall bestow to them unimaginable wealth and priceless treasures that even Immortals and Gods covet."

"However, nobody has managed to find the Legacy to this day, much less obtain it. Perhaps you, Yuan, will become the first person to inherit my Legacy."

Yuan nodded and said, "I will try."

After a moment of silence, the Dragon spoke again, "Your body can endure a few more weeks in this space. Would you like to continue studying the technique?"

"Yes, let's do this until I have to log off for dinner," Yuan said.

"Dinner…?" The Dragon looked at Yuan with a puzzled gaze.

Sometime later, Yuan returned to watching the Dragon obliterating stars with the Dragon's Gaze, further increasing his understanding of the technique.

Meanwhile, inside the spectators' room, the sect elders were in a small conversation.

"The Tablet of Comprehension is glowing a golden light, meaning that he has reached at least 90 percent comprehension of the technique. However, since we have never witnessed anyone achieving 100 percent, we won't be able to tell if he has truly comprehended 100 percent of the technique or not."

"The only thing we can do is wait and see the results. Perhaps the color might change again, or something entirely different might happen. We can guess what might happen for as long as we want but without the results, we will never really know," Long Yijun said to them.

The sect elders nodded, and they returned to staring at the stone tablet for even the slightest change.

Time quickly passed for everyone including Yuan, who got so absorbed in watching the Dragon destroying stars that he'd forgotten about the flow of time.

Sometime later in the real world, Yu Rou returned home from school and went straight to Yuan's room with haste, as Player Yuan's new achievement was being talked about even at her own school!

However, when she entered his room and Yuan didn't greet her, she stopped to ponder.

'Hmm? Brother would normally leave the game and wait for me before I even return. Is he still doing the disciple examination? He did learn an Ancient-rank skill today, so he might still be busy right now… I shouldn't disturb him even if he might miss dinner tonight…'

Afraid that she might accidentally ruin something for Yuan, Yu Rou decided to leave him alone until he decides to log off himself, and she left the room a few moments later to do other things.

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    《Cultivation Online》