Cultivation Online
56 Leaving Pang City
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Cultivation Online
Author :CrippledSword
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56 Leaving Pang City

"I am Elder Yang, and I will be giving you a brief introduction to our world before I let you explore this vast world by yourself," said the handsome middle-aged man floating in the sky.

"First and foremost, you should know about the existence of Cultivators, as we have the potential to become the most powerful beings in this world, even becoming a God. I am what you call a Cultivator, and as Cultivators, we absorb the energy of Heaven and Earth that are known as Qi or Spiritual Energy to cultivate our bodies. Once you've cultivated enough, you can do things like fly around the skies like a bird with wings or even split the seas with your fist."

"The next thing you should keep in mind is that in the cultivation world strength is all that matters. In a world where the strong eat the weak, if you do not have the power to defend yourself, you are essentially a chicken waiting to be hunted by the strong, and you can blame nobody but yourselves when that happens."

"Now that you know the basics of this world, allow me to bestow you the method of cultivation. Of course, this cultivation technique is only the most basic one out there. If you wish to obtain a stronger cultivation method, you must find it yourself in this vast world."

With a single wave of his sleeves, every player there received the skill 'Basic Qi Gathering Technique'.

"And before I send you all away, do any of you have either a Heaven-rank or Earth-rank Physique?" Elder Yang looked at the Players with an anticipating gaze.

Yu Rou looked at her own status.

\u003cPure Yin Physique\u003e

\u003cRank: Earth\u003e

"I have an Earth-ranked Physique called the Pure Yin Physique," she said as she raised her hand.

"Oh, the Pure Yin Physique, huh?" Elder Yang looked at Yu Rou while nodding his head with approval.

"Although it may only be Earth-ranked, the Pure Yin Physique is at the top of most Physiques at that rank, even beating some Heaven-rank Physique in terms of usefulness. As for what it does— it simply allows you to absorb Spiritual Energy or Qi that contains Yin Elements much easier than normal people. Furthermore, your body will dispose of all impurities for you, saving you the effort of needing to dispose of them by yourself. If you ever manage to reach the Higher Heaven, visit the Divine Yin Temple. They will gladly accept someone like you as their disciple, and don't forget to mention that Elder Yang from the Supreme Yang Temple referred you to them."

Yu Rou nodded at the Cultivator's words.

"Nobody else has either a Heaven-ranked or Earth-ranked Physique? What a disappointing bunch." Elder Yang shook his head in a disappointed manner before waving his sleeves again, sending the Players towards the teleporters right behind them.


Yu Rou opened her eyes again, finding herself in the middle of a busy city this time around.

"Where is this?"

Yu Rou proceeded to walk around the city for a few minutes, even asking the pedestrians about their location.

"This is the Spring City in the Eastern Continent," said one of the pedestrians.

"I see. Thank you."

Now that Yu Rou was aware of her location, she continued to explore the city and experience the beauty of this world for a few more minutes before logging off and going to sleep.

However, she did not fall asleep right away like usual, as the world of Cultivation Online had left a deep impression, filling her heart with excitement.

'I cannot wait to explore this world with Brother…' she thought to herself before falling asleep after much effort. 




"Brother, are you awake?" Yu Rou entered his room early in the morning.

"Yes, I am. Did you enter the game last night?" he asked her.

"I did! And I was blown away by how amazing and realistic the world seemed! It exceeded my expectations on many levels! No wonder why it's the most popular game in the entire world right now! I almost didn't want to log off once I started playing!" Yu Rou spoke in a voice filled with excitement, sounding like a child who just went to the amusement park for the first time.

"Hahaha… So you finally understand…" Yuan said with a smile on his face.

"Anyway, after getting my character evaluated, I was given a brief explanation about the world by some Cultivator before being sent to this beginner's city called 'Spring City' in the Eastern Continent. I don't know how far away it is from Pang City, but I hope it's not too far."

"Don't worry, Yu Rou. No matter how far away you are, I will come to you. Spring City, right? I will definitely see you there."

"Un! I can't wait to play with you, Brother!" Yu Rou nodded with enthusiasm.

Sometime later, Yu Rou went to prepare for school whilst Yuan returned to the game.

"Welcome back, Brother Yuan." Xiao Hua said to him after seeing his face appear out of thin air like a ghost.

"Did anything happen while I was away?" he asked her.

"Luo Ling and Luo Li came to visit you last night, but I told them you had to go somewhere," she said to him.

"I see. Let's go talk to them now before we leave this place."

Xiao Hua nodded and followed him to meet with the Luo Family.

"Luo Li!" Yuan called out to her after seeing her figure in the hallway.

"Brother Yuan, you're back." Luo Li greeted him with a courteous bow.

"Sorry I missed you last night. I had to log off for the night."

"Don't worry about it. It wasn't anything important, anyway." Luo Li said to him with a slightly rosy face when she recalled the reason she visited him last night.

"Anyway, I was just about to call you for breakfast," she then said to him.

Yuan nodded and said, "Let's go. I need to fill my stomach before I return to my journey."

"You're leaving already?" Luo Li looked at him with a dispirited face. Although she knew that this moment would eventually come, she didn't want to part with him so soon, as there were still many things that she wanted to do with him.

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    《Cultivation Online》