Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough
362 Pure Heart Spiritual Water
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Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough
Author :PurpleSpring
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362 Pure Heart Spiritual Water


The blood sea didn't just grow stronger after the appearance of the ancient blood runes, but also began increasing in size as it soon began to engulf Xuan Hao's first attack, the sword vortex.


Directly swallowing it up before forcefully erasing it from existence. Leaving only his two domains around to push back against the massive blood sea.

"Looks like he is about to reach his limit…" Looking at the quickly expanding blood sea growing stronger and stronger, Xuan Hao didn't get nervous and instead smiled to himself.

The remnant soul was after all just that, a remnant soul… The power that it displayed could only last for a certain amount of time before ending up exhausting what little qi had been saved up over the years.

The blood sea should have been the remnant soul's domain, but in its current state, there was no way for it to effortlessly display its full strength with only part of its soul. Even just using part of its blood domain's strength was more than enough to begin supressing Xuan Hao's ice and sword domain.

The sheer terror and strength of the remnant soul when it had been alive could easily be imagined from this alone…

"Argh! H-how come there is such a freak in this god forsaken place!?" Seeing that it wouldn't be able to easily break through Xuan Hao's defences in a short period of time, the remnant soul knew very well that it wouldn't be able to keep up fighting for an extended period of time and began to realize the fact that it might end up perishing.


As time slowly passed, the sea of blood began to weaken before suddenly cracking apart like a giant mirror in the sky under the pressure of both his domains.

"Damn yo-"

About to curse at Xuan Hao one last time as the blood sea broke apart, the remnant soul was directly obliterated under an endless wave of sword qi that materialized through Xuan Hao's sword domain.

The remnant soul had been destroyed!

"That was exhausting…"

With the destruction of the remnant soul, Xuan Hao could breathe out safely as he had avoided dealing with it any time in the future. Even if the fight only lasted for a short moment, it was still extremely dangerous for him. The remnant soul had after all once been a powerhouse way above his current realm when it had been alive.

However, all thing considered, it was still way better fighting the remnant soul at its weakest compared to fighting with it after it had gotten a body and recovered part of its strength from when it had been alive…

Just imagining how strong the remnant soul would have been at its peak caused Xuan Hao to revaluate his current strength. Even if he had reached the Domain Lord Realm, there was still a long way to go until he could be considered strong enough to live without a care in the world on the Ewaria Continent.

No to mention there were three other and possible stronger continents outside the borders of the Ewaria Continent!

"Hah… Still have a long way to go…" Shaking his head as he threw these thoughts to the back of his mind, Xuan Hao decided not to think about things that were far off in the future. For now, his current strength should be more than enough to keep himself and the Flying Sword Sect safe!

Not to mention Domain Lords, there weren't more than a few Peak Nascent Soul Realm Experts in the kingdoms surrounding the Flying Sword Sect...

Merging together with the Spring Flower Sect and joining the Sect Alliance under the Sky Empire would also allow the Flying Sword Sect to gain a more legitimate and permanent position inside the Sky Empire.

All thing considered, he didn't have to worry too much about increasing his strength like he had the past half year and could spent more of his time increasing the number of techniques available to him and his understanding of formations along with alchemy and any other profession that he would need to learn in order to better teach his disciples.


"Hm? How is he still alive…?" Glancing over towards the altar where the elderly man that had just been about to be possessed by the remnant soul, Xuan Hao could not help but exclaim in a surprise upon witnessing him roll around like someone just about to wake up from a good night's sleep.

This was completely out of Xuan Hao's expectations as he had clearly been located at the middle of his and the remnant soul's fight. Even if the massive blood sea didn't crush him to death, Xuan Hao's sword or ice domain surely should have!

However, the elderly man was currently laying down on top of the altar inside a small pool of water without any signs of injuries visible on his body. Even the injuries that he had sustained during the possession earlier seemed to have disappeared. Allowing him to look healthier than the first time Xuan Hao saw him.

"What is this water?" Noticing the fact that there should be something special about the small pond of water on top of the altar, Xuan Hao moved the sleeping elderly man out of the way and began inspecting the water.

"Pure Heart Spiritual Water!?"

Pure Heart Spiritual Water was a special kind of natural treasure and was a mystic grade natural treasure that could be used in the water part of the Qi Gathering Formation! With it, Xuan Hao now got his hands on three out of the five mystic grade treasures needed for the construction of the Qi Gathering Formation! Only needing two of the mystic grade treasures.

Inspecting the water inside the small pond located at the top of the altar, a look of understanding slowly appeared on Xuan Hao's face as he understood how the elderly man had survived and even managed to recover.

From some of the knowledge that he gained from the system at the same time he had gotten his alchemy knowledge, Pure Heart Spiritual Water had been presented as one of the best ingredients to use when brewing different potions due to its beneficial properties. Among which, its healing property was among one of the strongest when it came to the different spiritual water he had learned about.

The only difference being that the Pure Heart Spiritual Water in the alchemy knowledge he had was below the Mystic Grade and only reached the Soul Grade.

As for what kind of changes there was in the Pure Heart Spiritual Water after it reached the Mystic Grade, Xuan Hao could only look towards the elderly man that had been submerged in it during his fight with the remnant soul.

Just from a quick scan with his divine sense, Xuan Hao could easily tell that the Pure Heart Spiritual Water still had its former healing property. The main difference that he could sense was the fact that the soul of the elderly man was far stronger than normal people at the Peak of the Core Formation Realm.

Normally, Xuan Hao would not have cared too much about this, but the elderly man's soul had just been about to be devoured before he began fighting with the remnant soul!

Logically speaking, the elderly man's soul should only just barely be hanging in there about to head for the nether world… Yet it was now stronger than normal Peak Core Formation Realm cultivators…

This alone was more than enough for Xuan Hao to realize that the Pure Heart Spiritual water not only helped in recovery of the physical body but would also help the recovery of the soul after reaching the mystic grade!

If he had the Pure Heart Spiritual Water, he would also be able to practice changing the shape of larger formation without too much fear that he would end up having to spend a few years on mending his soul and in the worst case end up sustaining permanent damage to his soul!

The Pure Heart Spiritual Water was truly a blessing in disguise. Not only helping him with his trouble regarding practicing shaping formations, but also serving a use as one of the treasures used in the creation of the Qi Gathering Formation.

The sheer amount of Pure Heart Spiritual Water would be more than enough for him to use over a long period of time. Even if he ended up sustaining an injury or two to his soul every year!

If any other cultivator heard about his plans for using a Mystic Grade Natural Treasure so waste fully, they would surely have launched a deadly attack to seize it from him!

Spiritual Water was rare enough in the first place. Even Spiritual Water at the Earth Grade could sometimes be sold at a price similar to other treasures at the Soul Grade!

The main reason for this being its use in alchemy. Allowing different pills and potions to have a stronger and better effect.

The scarcity of spiritual water was also one of the main reasons why many alchemists were forced to use normal water instead of spiritual water for their concoctions.


Taking out a brand-new interspatial ring before directly emptying the small pond on top of the altar into it, Xuan Hao didn't leave even a single drop behind.

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    《Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough》