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Author :Carshian
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"Carshian", Riana said. "Sister mentioned yesterday that you did it all for love. What did she mean?"

"Kiadhra", Carshian replied. Looking into the distance.

Rumini and Rheya were in the cave, preparing for the night. Riana was the only one sitting outside, by the fire. So, Carshian decided to give her some company.

"Who is Kiadhra?" she pried further.

"My girlfriend. She was my support after I was banished."

"But why were you men banished from the civilization? I never truly understood that. At that time, I was only eleven, carefree. Now that I am fifteen, I wonder what the reason could have been."

"Why we were banished?" Carshian started. "Let's just say, because of the men like Rheya's father. The lord of the houses were male, and thought they were above everyone else. Too many men had started settling in the civilization as well. To quench the disputes and evenly distribute the powers, the few men living in the civilization were banished to the wild. At least, that is the reason they gave us."

"And you don't think that is the actual scenario?"

"One man governing the house of 5000-7000 women, yeah that needed to be changed. But banishing everyone to the wild is no solution. I guess that is the reason why the population of women is ten times more than men. At the age of six-seven, they are sent to the wild. Only a few survive to become adults. Most of the women prefer abortion over giving birth to a male child and sending him off to die. A civilization can't walk on just one foot. It will never find the stability."

He looked into the distance. "I look forward to the day when everyone realizes that men and women are two halves of a complete whole and deserve equal respect."

"You know", Riana said, "Shemyna used to tell me stories about a strange fictitious land called Earth, where population of women is similar to that of men. They live together, and follow a concept called marriage. But you can marry only one person."

"What must that be like?" Carshian wondered.

"Guess we'll never know", she told him. "And sex is a taboo there."

"What?!" he exclaimed. "Sex is a sacred deed. From animals to birds, everyone has sex. It is in our nature."

Riana laughed. "You can have sex with the person you marry. But you can't even talk about it openly. Like us, they don't keep the spheres of love and lust separate."

"I guess we'll never understand them."

"I know. But we can still fantasize."

Carshian agreed. "So, who is Shemyna?" he asked.

"She used to live in the mansion. Distant relative, probably. She told me tales of many different lands."

"You don't even know who lived with you in the mansion?" Carshian asked, incredulous.

She laughed. "Didn't really care."

He shook his head, laughing. The girl in one of the chambers, whom he had failed to recognize, he guessed.

"How can you fall in love?" Riana asked suddenly, curious.

"There is no vivid path to fall in love. You don't realize when it is clutching you in its beautiful clutches. Explaining it to a person who hasn't found love yet is like, explaining darkness to the sun. You can't understand it until you fall in love and experience it first-hand."

Riana studied his face, with big curious eyes. "You make me want to fall in love."

She stared in the fire, and fire suddenly felt warmer and cheery. For some unknown reason, she had an intense urge to snuggle up to him and ruffle up his hair. Her cheeks felt red, her belly felt giddy. Instead, she concentrated on the fire to keep herself in control.

"How do you know that you have fallen in love?" she asked him.

"I am not a love expert, you know? But I guess, somehow, you know. Your heart gives you the signal when it finds its match. You just have to listen."

She pulled her knees up, wrapping her arms around them. "What if the person doesn't love you back?"

Carshian smiled. "That's the beauty of love, don't you see? To love someone, you don't need them to love you back. Hell, you don't even need a person. Sometimes, you even love memories, or imagination. Love is a pure and beautiful feeling. Worldly constraints doesn't bind it."

She allowed herself one glance at him. He looked divine, against the fire. The light reflecting off his skin gave him a golden hue, and created a warm, alive aura around him. His hair fluttered in the breeze. She again had that strong urge to reach out and hold his face in her palms. His eyes shone as he looked in the distance, deep in thought, lost in some memory.

She knew who he was thinking about: Kiadhra. "What is she like?" she asked him.

He looked at her and held her gaze, making her squirm and feel giddy at the same time.

"She is the most beautiful person in the world for me", he told her. Riana almost believed that he was talking about her. "Her hair is red, like the fire in her warm brown eyes. Her skin has the perfect amount of fairness in it that I like. Few pimples adorn her otherwise flawless face. The beauty spot on her chin gives her perfect balance of cuteness and hotness. She is confident and adventurous. And best of all, she understands my silence better than the words."

"You do have captivating and expressive eyes", she told him. He smiled back, making her heart skip a beat.

Why was she having a hard time making a move on him? Both Rumini and Rheya had already scored him. Girls in Tierra had sex from the age of 7. Her own vulva was dripping wet, ready, nay needing him.

But he already had Rumini and Rheya to satisfy him. What if he didn't approve of her?

She cursed herself for being a chicken. Angry and frustrated with herself, she stood up. "I am warm enough, Carshian. I am going to bed. You wanna come?"

He raised an eyebrow. "In your bed?"

'YES', she wanted to say. 'I am already wringing wet for you.'

But the blabber that came out of her mouth was impossible for even her to understand.

Carshian chuckled. "I think I will stay here a few more minutes."

"Okay", she said, hurrying inside.


Behind the curtains that divided the giant cave into sections, the girls slept soundlessly, but as much as Carshian tried, sleep had abandoned him. He lay twisting and turning in his bed, his eyes shut tight in hope to catch a few hours of sleep before the daybreak.

Luck wasn't in his favor though.

A strange hissing sound from a distance alerted him. He squinted his eyes to catch a glimpse of what the darkness hid. Not finding anything, he credited the sound to some nocturnal birds and turned to bed. Until he heard it again, much closer this time.

He wildly searched in all directions as a hugely familiar scent hit him. "Kiadhra?" he asked the darkness.

A giggling sound reached him in confirmation, moving backwards towards the cave entrance. He followed the sound outside, until the moonlight illuminated her face. She looked just like he remembered her: beautiful, confident and cheery. Her laugh was like a music to his ears, her aura seemed divine.

"Kiadhra", he sobbed in joy, unable to contain his ecstasy. "I missed you, girl."

He went through every millimeter of her face. He remembered her every pimple, he traced with his eyes every curve that her skin took to form her beautiful face. Hell, he even remembered the scar under her lips, which should have healed long back.

She jumped in his lap, taking his face in her hand. "Show me how much you missed me."

With that, she covered his lips with hers before he could pose another question. He happily obliged, hungrily sucking at her luscious lips. He let his tongue explore the insides of her mouth, his hands wandering to cover all the soft features of her hot thicc hourglass figure that he had so dearly missed.

He had million questions in his head. How was she? Where had she been for so long? How had she found him? But those questions were for later. At present, he surrendered his being for her to command.

She took off her top and bra, and threw it away. She did the same with his shirt. She ran her palm over his bare chest with rippling muscles, a hint of admiration in her eyes. "Working out lately, have you?"

"Wanna find out what you command?" He winked, his former self returning, as he kicked his trousers off, springing his already hard and erect monster free, reaching for her jeans.

She raised an eyebrow, stifling her gasp with a giggle. "My, my, dear. I am impressed. Claim your reward."

"Sure I will, my lady", he said, scooping her up in his arms, positioning her against the cave wall, pressing his torso against hers to support her weight, lifting her legs to position it on his shoulders.

"Let's get to business", he said. Without warning, he pushed his member inside her, earning an appreciative squeal from her. He knew what she liked, how she liked it. Pressed against the wall, he took her, pumping roughly in the vulva he had longed for so long. She moved her hips in sync with his thrusts, moaning as his rough banging accompanied by gentle kissing on her neck pushed her towards the edge.

Her voice quivered, "Yes-s, y-yes. Right there. R-right the-there. I a-am really cloo-se. Aaaaaaah!!"

He kneaded her breasts with one hand, supporting her with the other. He increased the intensity of his thrusts as he sensed his own orgasm approaching.

Carshian always satisfied his women. Along with a giant in his pants, he also had a big heart. He knew them, he knew what they liked. He remembered how satisfied Rumini had been when he had taken control. Always acting responsible, she liked it when he made her feel cared. Rheya was her polar opposite. She had always felt underrated. So he had put her in charge. In turn she had surrendered herself freely. Confident Kiadhra always pushed boundaries, thus, liked it rough and hard. And he cared for their needs.

The sound of flesh hitting flesh tore through the night, scent of sex thick in the air, as Carshian pounded mercilessly in Kiadhra. He smiled, increasing his pace, as her squeals turned to whimpers, and whimpers turned to whines. She bit in his shoulder to stop herself from crying loudly, as her orgasm raked through her, tearing her in million satisfied pieces.

He remembered his old Kiadhra. She used to last longer. She loved his rough avatar. Maybe she had just missed him too much. He remembered Rumini's orgasms. She had completely given herself to him. Rheya tried to remain civilized even when cumming.

That was when he noticed it, the shifting.

He remembered Rumini again, concentrating on her features. And he saw it happen. Kiadhra's eyes shifted its shape. So did her nose, then her whole face. Soon, instead of Kiadhra, he was holding Rumini in his arms. He remembered Rheya then, and Rumini turned to Rheya.

He panicked. What was happening to her Kiadhra? She shifted to anyone he remembered.

He settled her to the ground, moving here and there in panic. Then, he did the only logical thing he could think off. He sat down next to her and concentrated to get his head devoid of thoughts.

Years of training paid off, as he focused on one point between his eyes, rejecting every other thought. When he opened his eyes, he gasped, looking at the real form of the girl he had mistaken as his Kiadhra.

The girl heard his gasp. She had recovered from her shattering orgasm by now. The green complexioned girl opened her eyelids horizontally to look at Carshian staring at her. She hurriedly checked herself, and realized that somehow, she had reverted back to her snake woman form.

"You are good", she told him. "I had completely lost control because of that rough banging." She locked her eyes with him, and for some unknown reason, he couldn't move. "Are you really that good, or was it just beginner's luck?" she asked him, pouting. "You not so talky?"

Carshian wanted to say something. He wanted to scream. He was fuming inside. Where was Kiadhra? What had she done to her? But he couldn't move a muscle.

"Well", the snake woman said, "I have other ways to check it." She turned towards the cave entrance. "Will you just watch, or will you join in on some fun?"

"Wh-what have y-you done to hi-him?" Riana stammered, walking measured steps.

The snake woman stared in her eyes, and Riana fell to the ground, immobile.

"Nothing", she said with an innocent face. "The question is, what I am going to do to you." she looked at Carshian and smiled. "Let's have some fun with her shall we?"

Carshian's blood was boiling in his veins. What was she going to do to Riana?

"Inanimate you is no fun", she complained, looking at Riana. Suddenly, Riana started struggling in her grasp. She couldn't scream though.

The woman dragged Riana in front of Carshian, then sat down across from him, spreading her legs.

"Pleasure me nicely, will you, sweetheart?" she told the struggling girl. Holding her head in her hand, she forced it down towards the portal between her legs. She rubbed her lips against her clitoris, saying, "Yes-s. Right there. Ah, dear. You look so delicious."

Carshian tried with all his might to break free of her enchantment. Was she going to **** a 15-year old? He didn't realize what was happening there. Only when Riana's head didn't make any other appearance that he started to suspect the reality.

Meanwhile, the snake woman moaned in pleasure. "Ohhhh yesss! Hmmmm…" Riana flailed her arms and legs in all direction, but a python's grasp is impossible to evade.

The serpent lady giggled, "Ooh. Wiggling like this, you make me so horny." She allowed Riana to scream, and Carshian could hear the barely audible muffled screams of the girl from within her pussy.

"Noooooooooooooo…" he wanted to scream. That's what a python does, doesn't it? It swallows its prey whole. Nagini was swallowing Riana inside her cunt.

The lips of her vulva reached the base of Riana's neck, expanding around her shoulders. She chuckled at the sweet sensation that it brought. "Oh… so pretty. Come deeper." She held Riana's arms and pushed her deeper. "Ah, a delicious meal. Let me rid you off this dress"

She stripped the young girl naked. Watching her struggle between her thighs, she half laughed, half moaned. Riana slipped further inside her, as her vulva wrapped around her teen breasts. "Mmmmmh…" she moaned. "If only I knew you tasted so delicious, I would have eaten you long ago."

Carshian could still hear Riana's muffled screams. Her struggling limbs were right in front of his eyes.

"Hmmm… you beg sooo much… you are the best meal ever." Engulfing her big boobs, the vulva quickly reached her thin waist and broad hips. Rubbing Riana's clitoris, the snake woman said, "See? I am even pleasuring your girl."

Placing her hands on the buttocks for a push, she took one deep breath, willing her vulva to expand around the hips, sucking Riana till half her thigh was within her. "Aaaaaaaah…." She whimpered in pleasure. "Only the legs left now. Come on, dear, you can do it."

She lay on her back to ease the girl into her. "Mmmmmmmmh… Come on. Come down the hole."

She took another deep breath, then sucked the girl. "Mmm-AAAAAH", she yelped in ecstasy. The lips of her vulva, kissing the thighs, swallowing the knees, settled at the base of the calves.

She pressed her thighs together, against the feet dangling outside, her tight inner walls tightened against the girl. She moaned in the completeness that she felt.

Carshian helplessly saw Riana's feet disappear between the snake woman's thighs. She arched her back, squealing and quivering in delight, as her orgasm raked through her being. She fell back on the ground, her chest heaving, her belly swollen. Adopting the face of Kiadhra, she smiled seductively at Carshian.

She parted her legs and Carshian saw the lips of her vulva shut. Riana was gone.

Something snapped inside him. Not only had she posed as Kiadhra and played with his feelings, she had swallowed Riana alive inside her fuck-hole. He bellowed in anger, and somehow, his roar echoed in the night. The enchantment was broken. He lunged towards the monster woman.

But before he could make a contact, his vision blackened.

He fell to the ground, unconscious.


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