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Author :Carshian
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Rheya threw the carcass on the ground, "You don't give orders to me, asshole."

Carshian tried to explain himself, "Hey, I have spent years in the woods. I am just advising you that that will ruin the taste."

"Just. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Will you?"

Carshian stared at her, but remained silent.

Rheya was angry, really angry. Even she didn't know what she was angry at. So, she directed her anger towards the most obvious candidate: Carshian.

"Calm down, Rheya", Rumini said. "That is no way to talk. He is only trying to help."

"He should keep his filthy mouth shut. I didn't ask for his help."

"You should be down on your knees for him, big girl", Riana joked. "He won us by besting everyone in the mansion. We belong to him now."

"He didn't win us", Rheya countered. "He kidnapped us. I will die before I bow to him."

"No one won no one", Carshian said, "We all are escaping our own crazy lives. We need each other's help."

"No, no. Besting, is it? That sounds fine. I challenge you to a duel. Best me, and I will be yours forever. I best you, and you leave. We don't need your help to survive."

"Yeah", Riana encouraged. "That should be interesting."

"No", Rumini argued. "No one is fighting here."

"Calm down, Rheya", Carshian agreed with Rumini. "I don't intend to fight you."

"That's the only way to settle it. Be a man, asshole. Filthy, vile, barbarian man."

She reached him and threw a punch towards him. He ducked away.

"Rheya, this is getting out of hand", Carshian said.

"What do you have against men, big girl?" Riana asked. "I like them."

"And I LOATHE THEM". Rheya screamed, reaching for Carshian again. "Barbarians. No wonder they live in harsh jungles and hills. They aren't fit for civilization." She fumed as he ducked away again, and her punch landed on an empty carton box. "They should be shown their place: under a woman's feet."

She picked up the horse's carcass and threw it at him. It hit him square on his chest, knocking him to the ground. He moved just in time to escape her punch. "What did the men do to you?" he asked.

"What did they do, you ask? What did they not do?" she landed punch after punch on his chest, having him pinned against a tree trunk. He somehow stayed standing, looking for pain in her red bloodshot eyes.

"Father", she started, "would r*pe everyone. Being the head of the Titans, he thought no one was above him. He would r*pe mother brutally, beat her up, he would r*pe her sisters. He wouldn't even leave my sisters, his own daughters. I remained a virgin because I wasn't even five. Then Rumini's father picked a fight with him. That's what I heard before everything burned down. He picked me up from my mother's dead body, after killing father, and brought me to his mansion as a token of victory. I was helpless then. I am not helpless now. I won't be someone's trophy, for use as they please."

"Rheya", Rumini countered. "I am sure he didn't mean it that way. He adopted you as his own daughter."

"Allow me to correct you, my lady. He adopted me as a plaything for his daughters. Are you the eldest, Rumini? No, I am 4 years elder to you. But you became the boss. And me? A trophy to show the world how generous your father is."

She didn't even realize. She had stopped punching Carshian.

"Rheya", Carshian held her shaking shoulders. "I cannot claim that I understand, but I know past is only supposed to be a lesson, that's it. Our future is in our hands. No one commands you. Everyone is equal here. Make your own— "

"DO NOT DARE TO TOUCH ME", she screamed. "Do you claim to be better than them? I know what you did to Rumini last night. You raped her forcefully, didn't you? What did you threaten? Me? Riana?"

"I didn't r*pe anyone, Rheya", Carshian defended himself.

"I could hear her screams all night."

"Those 'screams' are called 'the moans of pleasure'", Rumini said. "I have known him since eight years, Rheya. I wouldn't hand my sister over to a rapist!"

"Wait", Riana said. "Is that why you are angry? Because he took sister before you?"

She crossed her arms around her chest. "He was never worthy enough of my maidenhood. Nor does he have the might."

"Are you saying that you are a 21 years old virgin!" Riana exclaimed.

"I've had enough now", Rheya screamed. "Brace yourself, lowlife. I will not forgive any man."

With that, she put all her might in her punch, aiming for his face. He didn't budge. At the end moment, she changed the trajectory of her fist, glaring, and her punch landed on the trunk, just beside his left ear.

"Don't brand everyone evil, just because of a few men", Carshian said. "Everyone has a past. Everyone has suffered. I look forward to the day I change your belief." With that, he walked away.

Tears sprang in Rheya's eyes. Why did she stop? Was he really not that bad?

"What do you know about past and struggles?" she challenged, ashamed of herself for crying.

What she didn't hear was the wood cracking behind her, with the impact of her punch. The trunk gave way to her might and broke from the middle, falling sideways.

Things happened in slow motion then. Her eyes were blurry with tears, but somehow she managed to see enough. She saw Riana sitting where the trunk would fall, frozen in fear. She saw Carshian and Rumini sprinting towards her, screaming her name at the top of their lungs.

Carshian reached just in time to take the impact of the falling trunk on his own back and shoulders, while Rumini pulled her sister from under it.

Hugging Riana, Rumini was crying. She screamed at Rheya, "Do you think only you have had a terrible past. Do you think he hasn't struggled enough? He was the young lord of a powerless house, constantly picked on in childhood. After living in a civilization for fourteen years, he was banished, stripped of everything, forced to survive in the woods on his own. But I know what a person he is. I remember the times he has helped us, when he was in the civilization. And somehow, we haven't disappeared like those 3000 girls only thanks to him. He is ready to cross any limits for his love. Have you even loved anyone enough? You say you are older. Well, someone has to take responsibility. Have you pondered on what decisions you take when you are angry? And you are always angry. You could have just killed Riana right now."

Riana sobbed in Rumini's arms. Rheya looked at them and Carshian, finding her own cheeks wet with tears.


Rheya looked at Riana. The little girl was afraid, but she would be fine.

Rheya cursed herself for losing control over herself. She shuddered to think what might have happened had Carshian not intercepted the falling trunk. He had taken the fall of the trunk on his own back and shoulders, and still, when Rumini had rushed to check on him, he had told her to check on Riana first.

Rheya saw him walk slowly towards the creek behind the cave, definitely in some pain. She wondered how he had lasted against her out of control self. He had taken the weight of the trunk and was still standing on his own. He was much stronger than he looked.

Rumini was looking after Riana. She decided she needed to check on Carshian.

She quickly made her way behind the cave, watching Carshian make his way to the edge of the creek with drooped shoulders. She saw him struggle with the buttons of his shirt. His shoulders and back must be paining really bad. When somehow, he opened the first button, but started the struggle all over again for the next one, she walked up to him.

Carshian just stared at her as she unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the ground.

"I am sorry", she found herself whispering.

"Don't be. Everyone gets a bad day. Good thing is that Riana is alright."

"Yes, she is, thanks to you." She looked into his eyes. "That was really brave, what you did back there." She unbuckled his belt, looking down. "You are not that bad after all, are you?"

Carshian didn't answer that. He had, after all, abducted the princesses for his own selfish reasons.

Rheya unbuttoned his pant and pulled it down, doing the same with his underwear.

"What are you doing?" Carshian asked her.

She looked in his eyes to stop herself from staring at Carshian's monster. "Figured, you will have difficulty taking a bath with that shoulder. So I decided to help you out."

"Did you start liking men?"

"No. But I am giving not-hating them a try. Come on, before I change my mind." She beckoned him towards the creek. He stepped in the creek and lowered himself, settling against a rock, letting the water relax him.

"Close your eyes", she told him, undressing to not get the dress wet. Then wrapped the towel around herself. Kneeling down behind him, she pulled his head back till it rested on the rock, his eyes towards the sky. She pulled his arms back too, in a comfortable position, careful not to cause him much pain.

Then she poured some water over his chest and ran her soapy hands on them. She rubbed him clean of sweat and dirt, running her hand all over his muscular chest and ripped abs. His firmness felt soothing under her palm, making her blush.

She didn't realize the effect he was having on her. She just knew she didn't want to take her hands off.

She rubbed his arms clean, letting her fingers linger on his biceps for more than a moment. If he could lift a tree trunk on his own, he was closest to handling her strength than any man she had ever known.

She leaned forward to reach further down his abs, stopping as her breasts pressed against his face.

"Sorry", she mumbled, hurrying backwards as her eyes locked with his. For a moment, she lost her breath. Lost in his eyes, her face inched so close to his, she could feel his warm breathing on her forehead. His parted lips were like a magnet she couldn't resist.

She inched further towards his lips, closing her eyes, savoring the sensations she had never felt before. Due to her face's inverted orientation, his breathing tickled the sensitivity under her chin.

She covered his lips with hers, savoring the taste of her first kiss. She took his face between her palms, sucking at his luscious lips hungrily. A beautiful sensation overcame her as he bit seductively at the base of her lower lip, earning a moan from her.

She let her hand wander down his frame, stopping as it reached his cock. His warm rock-hard member, enveloped by soothing water, was too tempting to resist. She grabbed his erect penis and stroked it up and down as he explored the insides of her mouth with his tongue.

As their lips separated, she leaned her frame further ahead to ease the stroking, holding the side of the rock for support. This new positioning brought her breasts within the reach of Carshian's lips. The towel had given way and had fallen down, leaving her soft mounds bare to explore. He wrapped his lips around her left nipple and sucked at them hard, making her gasp. She had never imagined that the act of making love could be so worth it.

She had never imagined she could give her first time to her abductor, but she had been captive all her life. For the first time, she felt free. She didn't realize when, but Carshian had earned her trust and respect. He had earned the love she didn't know she had in her.

She stroked his cock with renewed vigor, as he pleasured her delicious tits. She could feel her insides urge for him, her lips down there wet with juices. The sight of his dick-head peeking out of the water, twitching and reacting to her touch was a turn on. She wondered how it would taste, if she wrapped her lips around it, but decided her other lips needed them more.

Rheya couldn't believe how her virgin body reacted to this new sensation. When she couldn't resist anymore, she stood up, stepping in the creek. The water wasn't deep, allowing Carshian to take in her bare virgin beauty. He ran his eyes up and down her small but strong build, wondering how such a thin frame could possess so much strength.

"How did you manage to evade men for so long with those hot features?" Carshian asked, admiring.

Rheya smiled, shyly, and sat down on his lap in cowgirl position, placing her legs on both sides of him, placing her arms on his chest for support. His erect monster poked at her entrance.

With her right hand, she rubbed the head against her clitoris, then guided it to her entrance.

She wanted him to explore her all over with his hands, but knew that his paining shoulder wouldn't allow him. For some unknown reason, the want in his eyes, and being in control, didn't let her complain.

Aligning him with her vulva, she lowered herself slightly. Sharp pain shot through her as his head penetrated her and made contact with her hymen. She stifled her whimper as her insides tried to adjust to his size. She was the strong titaness, such pain couldn't slow her down. Taking no more than a moment, she lowered herself further, letting him rip through her virginity, pushing him all the way inside her.

She couldn't help gasping at the strange completeness that he made her feel. The pain was there, but for the first time, she was in charge of herself, and the feeling was sweet. He felt huge and hard inside of her, and at the same time, he felt warm and velvety as her inner walls pressed and tightened against him.

She rose, pushing him out of herself, then lowered herself again, whimpering. In no time, she was riding and grinding him passionately, her body pressed against his muscular frame, her breathing came in gasps.

She increased her pace, as she felt her inner walls tighten, and felt her orgasm fast approaching.

When the orgasm finally hit her, rippling and magnifying through every cell in her body, she placed her head on his shoulder, letting out a loud moan. Motionless, feeling him fill her with his warm cum, she savored the sensation of content and completeness that it brought, until his monster poked again at her belly, turning her on for another round of wild, vigorous love making.


Using her sight, Shemyna watched Rheya and Carshian making love. She couldn't help touching herself. She rubbed her fingers over her wet pussy, watching the titaness ride her abductor fiercely.

She needed to look deeper into his soul. Maybe, he was the key, but she had to be sure before she made her move. For now, she continued to watch as the snake slithered across her bare skin, its touch cold but sensitive. Watching the couple have intercourse in the creek, Shemyna put a finger inside her already wet pussy, finger-fucking herself.

From around her thighs, the serpent slithered upward, through her bellybutton, from between her firm breasts, till it reached her face. But, where its head should have been, there now was the face of a beautiful young girl, her complexion green, her tongue forked. Her delicate supple woman's body had scales all over her, her torso had vertical white shade in the center, with horizontal stripes, like a serpent's belly. Instead of blinking vertically, her eyelids blinked horizontally, captivating Shemyna in her gaze.

The earth under her was comfortable, eager to obey her command. Playing with her pussy with one hand, Shemyna wrapped her other hand around the nagini, pulling her into a sensuous kiss.

"You have been studying this stranger a lot lately", the snake woman pointed out.

"I feel like he could be a bridge between all the worlds."

"He does look worthy. Just don't fall for him, will you?"

"Will that be so bad?" Shemyna asked.

Shemyna laughed as the snake woman pouted in mock jealousy, and pulled her into another deep kiss. "Can you do something for me, love? I need to check his stern."

"You only have to ask", nagini replied, humping the witch.

Shemyna watched Carshian again, going another round with Rheya. For some unknown reason, she envied the titaness.

She blinked out of the vision, focusing on the nagini humping against her wet pussy. She bit her lower lip, willing the earth to obey her command, and sure enough, a double-ended dildo, born of virgin earth, filled their vulvas, its tip vibrating for additional pleasure.

"It's not cool to exploit your magic for selfish reasons", nagini complained.

Shemyna laughed, "I will take my chances."

With that, she willed the dildo to penetrate them even deeper, moaning in pleasure.


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