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Author :Carshian
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The sun was on the western horizon when Rumini finally woke up, with a terrible pain in her head. Every bone in her body ached.

First thing that she noticed was that she was lying on cold stone slab. Then her surrounding came into focus, and she gasped realizing she wasn't in her mansion.

Gone was her soft pillow and mattress, and her bedside table with a bowl of fruits, replaced by cold and rough slab, with pills and water kept on the side, and a note reading "Eat me".

She examined the pill; a painkiller.

Washing it down her throat with water, she wonderred who put it there, and what she was doing there.

Now that her senses began to clear up a little, she realized she wasn't alone. Rheya and Riana lay at close distance, similar pills on the side of their slab.

She could hear sound of water flowing nearby. Maybe she was close to a stream. She could also hear some continuous banging sound.

Was someone else here?

She stepped out of the cave, moving towards the sound. Her head still hurt, but the pain was bearable now.

Outside, she saw the silhouette of a man against the setting sun, chopping some woods.

"Carshian!" she exclaimed, recognizing her childhood friend.

He paused his work to look up at her, displaying some mixed emotions in his eyes.

Her thoughts though were not in any dilemma. She ran and hugged him, wrapping her arms around tightly his neck.

"How have you been, handsome?"

"Alive, I guess."

"You have changed a lot, Carshian."

"You have no idea", he replied, turning to his woods.

"Hey", she held his arm and turned him towards herself. "Thank you," she said, covering his lips with hers.

He broke the kiss abruptly. "For what?"

"For bringing me and my sisters to safety."

"What do you think happened, Rumini?"

"I was worried sick of what would happen if we couldn't somehow escape. But then, you brought all three of us here. So, thank you."

"What were you escaping from?"

"The monthly offerings, idiot. I keep forgetting how less time you have spent in the woods. Every month, some of us are sent to the temples in the woods, to become temple prostitutes. Someone among the three of us was definitely supposed to be sent this time. But you saved us."

"Temple prostitute?" he asked.

"Yeah. Means of sex for you barbarian men, as if we half a million women aren't enough for you! I heard you vile men bang the prostitutes brutally. Around 15-20 men take her in a day. Is it true?"

Carshian stared in her eyes for few seconds, then replied, "There haven't been a temple prostitute in, like, more than half a decade."

"Are you kidding me, Carshian? Around 50 girls are sent every month."

Carshian was not kidding. His eyes were dead serious.

"So where did the 3000 girls go?"

They stared at each other in silence.

Their silence was broken only by Riana and Rheya stepping out of the cave.

Rumini rushed to their side, leaving Carshian to ponder in silence.

After reassuring the girls that everything was fine and that they were perfectly safe, she returned to Carshian.

"If you didn't know about the monthly offerings, why did you bring us here?"

"I kidnapped you, Rumini", he said, emphasizing on 'kidnap', "for bargain."

"Bargain with whom?"

"Someone called Miss Anonymous have been contacting me. She said she would give me the information I need, if I brought you three to her."

"So you abducted us, so you could sell us off to a random person even you don't know, all in exchange of some information?" said a voice from behind.

The two turned around to face a fuming Rheya.

"That was the only lead I had on Kiadhra. She was my girlfriend and went missing about two months ago."

"One life for three is still not a balanced deal, is it?"

"I kidnapped you from your own mansion. Do you think I would really give you up that easily?"

"Seems like you will, if it brought you closer to your favorite pussy."

"Rheya!" Rumini said. "I have known him since I was nine."

"Convince Riana with that logic. She is the kid, not me."

Rumini ignored her. "So Carshian, where did Miss Anonymous tell you to bring us?"

"Here, at this cave. I have been waiting for her whole day. She didn't show up."

"So, your partner-in-crime double-crossed you?" Rheya snapped. "Such a cliché."

"Hey", called Riana's voice from the cave's entrance. "You brought even these?!"

Carshian rushed to see the sisters' belongings in the other delivery boxes in the back of the truck.

Rumini looked at Carshian. Judging from his expression, he hadn't brought those. So, that meant…

"I guess your informant doesn't intend to show up", Rheya said.

Many a things that they needed to survive in the cave was in the truck.

Somehow, some anonymous person had made sure of their safety. But Rumini knew what it meant for Carshian. After all he did, he was in no way closer to Kiadhra.

"Girls, we are going to stay here awhile", she said. "Rheya, build a fire with the logs he chopped. Sun is already down. We don't want any wild animal wandering here. Riana, only bring out the stuff that we need for the night. We will see what needs to be done tomorrow. Meanwhile, I and Carshian will go and hunt something for dinner."

"I will go hunting", said Rheya. "I need to get my mind off this dickhead."

With that, she sprinted off in the darkness.

"I guess I will build the fire, then", said Rumini.

The sisters turned to their work in silence.


WARNING: Lemons ahead.

Leaving Riana and Rheya to sleep, Rumini walked outside to where Carshian was sitting by the fire.

He looked up as she approached him.

The night was cold and the moon was calm in the sky up ahead.

She silently sat down next to him, locking her left arm with his right. "Hey", she greeted him, smiling.

"Hey", he smiled back. "You not sleepy?"

"Not so much", she replied. "Saw you sitting here all by yourself. Figured you needed me more than I needed sleep."

He looked back at the fire. "I just have a lot on my mind."

"I am sure everything will be OK", she assured him.

He tried to act reassured, his eyes betrayed him though.

"C'mon, get up", she told him. "Get up."

"What now?" he complained as she pulled him to his feet.

She pulled her jumper off and dropped it to the ground, letting the cool night air flirt with her thin dress and bare skin underneath. The warmth of the fire was a warm blanket.

She stood next to Carshian and placed his hands on her waist, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Now dance with me", she told him.

"But there is no music being played here", he argued.

She put a finger on his lips. "Shh. Just dance. The melody will find us."

And with that, she let herself loose, swaying in the air, dancing to the wind. Slowly, Carshian joined her.

All around, the night was silent. But silence is a melody in itself. They danced to the sweet melody of silence.

Within them, the rushing blood in the veins, the ragged breathing and the drumming of their hearts played a melody of their own.

They didn't realize that the warmth around and amidst them was not due to the fire anymore.

The soothing breeze sang and danced with the two.

They moved in unison, swayed effortlessly, letting their sub-consciousness guide them.

Rumini couldn't her tear eyes away from Carshian's as they established a sync, and their auras embraced each other.

Lost in each other, no one realized who made the first move. Only when their lips parted for air did they realize they had been kissing.

Only a moment later, their lips found each other's yet again. Rumini's hand moved in Carshian's soft curly hair as his right palm grabbed her hips and pushed her against him.

They sucked on each other's lips, letting their tongues flirt the other.

Rumini unbuttoned Carshian's shirt, pushing it off his shoulders, running her palm on his bare muscular chest.

Carshian bit her luscious lower lip gently, as his hand found her breast, earning a moan from her.

Her dress was velvet soft, her breasts even softer. Round, white and full, they defied gravity. As Carshian's finger kneaded them, her soft whimpers, echoing in her throat, lost themselves to his tongue, as she had lost herself to him.

He allowed her moaning, exploring downwards, working his magic on her sensitive neck. Rumini could give up anything for the effect he was having on her.

He fumbled for a moment with the strings of her dress, but succeeded eventually. As the dress fell to the ground, he took a moment to take in her beautiful naked features. Her tall frame and big firm breasts complimented her arousing hourglass figure.

Looking at his content eyes, Rumini smiled with pride as well as shyness.

He lowered her to the ground and lay on top of her, his muscular chest pressing against her soft breasts.

He lowered his head, kissing her all the way from her lips to her neck to her delicious mounds. He explored her nipples with his tongue, as his fingers found its way to the lips between her thighs.

He moved his fingers over them slightly, then parted them to expose her clitoris.

Her moaning became louder as her breathing escalated.

She gasped as he put a finger inside of her, discovering her soaking wet pussy.

His tongue playing with her nipples, her other breast being kneaded by his one hand and his consistent merciless finger-fucking brought her close to her first orgasm.

"Stop teasing, Carshian. I am really close!"

He put his two fingers inside her as his thumb massaged her clitoris. His other hand pinched her nipples, earning gasps and moans from her.

He covered her lips with his, as the first orgasm hit her. She thrust her hips upwards, taking all of his two fingers inside, her inner walls tightening around him. Her nails left marks on him as her orgasm shook her.

She lay unmoving for a few moments, catching her breath. She giggled, "You are a monster, handsome."

Carshian threw his jeans off, placing his member on top of her dripping entrance. "Oh, I will show you the real monster, my lady."

She placed some saliva on her palm and stroked his shaft up and down, massaging the head of his cock with her fingers. She felt some worries gnaw at her as she realized the size of his monster. The pleasure it promised overpowered them.

She rubbed the head of his cock against her clitoris, biting her lower lip, savoring the sensation. Aligning his member with her entrance, she gave him the nod.

He pushed.

Her insides took a moment to readjust accordingly to his head. She whined in his lips, her eyes going wide.

She took a few moments before nodding again. He pushed again, entering her halfway through. Another push, and he was completely inside her.

She whimpered as his thick rod filled her up. "Holy shit… you're huge!"

Despite the pain, she felt complete.

She nodded again, and he pulled out of her, then thrusted back in.

Then again. And again.

Then he continued thrusting into her without interruption. Her muscles also adjusted accordingly as the pain subsided, overpowered by the pleasure.

She wrapped her arms around his torso, "Harder, please."

Carshian smiled, "Gladly", and pounded her wet snatch, making her moan loudly. He covered her lips with his own, increasing the speed of his thrusts. "Shh… we can't wake the others."

She moaned in pleasure, as her walls tightened around him and his head rubbed against her G-spot, quickly pushing her towards another orgasm. "Damn it, Carshian! Don't stop, I'm cumming."

He was into her balls deep when her orgasm raked through her being, much fiercer in intensity than the previous one.

Giving her only a moment to relinquish, he continued his thrusts, pumping faster into her, as he felt his own orgasm approaching. Her tightness on his shaft and her juices reducing the friction, felt like bliss.

He had only a moment to warn her before he came crashing into her, his orgasm pulsating through him.

"Don't stop. Come for me, Carshian. F-Fuck yeah, ri-right there. I'm closee toooo…"

With a final thrust, he released his load into her, filling her to her brim.

The completeness she felt with him pushed her over the edge as a third orgasm hit her, with the intensity overpowering the previous two combined.

They lay there, unmoving, content.

"Wow. That was just…wow", Rumini said breathlessly. She chuckled, looking at his goofy expression.

The night remained silent as they made a mutual agreement in their eyes and went for each other again.


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