1 Carshian
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Author :Carshian
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1 Carshian

Carshian was a young lord once. But that phase of his life was long gone.

At present, he lived on his own in the woods, surviving somehow, with a goal set in his mind.

The days of being a young lord were carefree and peaceful. Under the lordship of Lord Shiadam, the house of Shiam was small, but prosperous, enjoying friendly relationship with other houses.

Carshian had met Lady Rumini on a friendly visit seven years ago. Rumini was the eldest daughter of Lord Alemax, then-head of the house of Lashami, younger only to the young lord Alesch, next head of the house. At ten years of age, Carshian had not cared about anything but fun and mischief. Needless to say, Carshian and Rumini had developed an immediate friendship.

But Carshian wasn't a young lord anymore. And for his goal, he was going to kidnap Rumini and her sisters.

3 am was a favourable time for stealth. The whole mansion, including majority of the guards, were sleeping. The clichéd idea of administering sleeping pills in the food had actually worked.

To top that, Carshian placed his chloroform dipped handkerchief on the nose of everyone he found on his way. His aim was to not kill a single person in the whole ordeal.

Carshian reached the bedchambers without much difficulty. Having a complete layout of the castle actually helps. In the central bedchamber, he saw Lord Alemax sprawled on his massive bed. On his side, his Lady slept a little more decently.

Carshian started with the chambers on the left. In the first chamber, Lord's brother lay with two of his wives. Looking at the shadows and armours in the next chamber, Carshian thought better than barging in. The next chamber was more decent, spacious and well-kept. A girl slept peacefully in the bed.

Was she one of Rumini's sisters?

Carshian inched closer for better look. He looked at the beautiful girl's face. Her features were attractive, but unlike Rumini, her complexion was wheatish instead of fairy white. He had seen the sisters before, and she wasn't one of them.

Then who was she?

Storing the question for later, he left the chamber as silently as possible, oblivious to the fact that the young girl and her serpent were watching him leave.

Carshian then turned to the set of chambers on the right.

The first one contained the young lord Alesch, and his little brother.

The next chamber contained the adopted sister of Rumini, Rheya. Even at 21 years of age, Rheya looked just like he remembered, small and lean. But he had heard the tales of her strength. One of the last surviving members of the house of Titans, Rheya was a force to be reckoned with.

In the next chamber, Carshian found Rumini and her sister Riana. Riana was just a kid when he had visited them, probably 6 or 7 years old. Being 15 now, she had completely transformed. Rumini's transformation was a story all to itself. Even at 17 years of age, Rumini was a famed archer in all of Tierra. She was tall and wiry, fair as ever.

"I am sorry, Rumini", he whispered.

He lifted Rheya on one shoulder, Riana on the other, and rushed them down the stairs to a delivery truck parked nearby. He brought Rumini down next.

Dressed as a delivery guy, he brought the delivery truck back to the parking lot, waiting for the daylight.

Everything had been thought and planned thoroughly.

He already had a pass stating he had been delivering goods at the Lashami Mansion. He would hit the road with the first ray of sunlight. He didn't know how it had been arranged, but somehow, Miss Anonymous had pulled it through.

Oh yeah, Miss Anonymous. Carshian had been receiving letters from someone who called herself Miss Anonymous. She had said she knew how to find Kiadhra, but needed Carshian to kidnap the three sisters in exchange of the information. Somehow, Miss Anonymous knew the mansion layouts, the timing of the security, somehow she had managed to administer sleeping pills in the food, and had even arranged for a delivery truck and pass for him.

Placing the sisters in the huge delivery boxes in the back of the truck, Carshian hoped no one would come in the parking lot at that hour. Once he hit the road, it would be easy to get lost in the storm of the vehicles, but there, in the parking lot, anyone could see that he was a boy. That would raise suspicions, and he didn't want the police involved already.

Carshian went through the map once again that marked his rendezvous with Miss Anonymous, as he waited for the red disc to appear on the eastern horizon. The map showed all of Tierra, his homeland—or more accurately, it was his homeland.

Tierra is a beautiful land, housing a population of around 500,000 women. Here, women do every job, from raising a child, to farming and working in factories. The police, the teachers, the traders, everyone is woman in this mesmerizing land. Men live outside the civilization, in the woods, hills and plateaus. They hunt, they mine, and trade their goods for livestock and other needs.

The population of men is hundred times less than women, resulting in them enjoying some special privileges. This also means that there aren't enough men to bed every woman. Thus, marriage is uncommon. With mutual agreement, anyone can bang anyone. Men need at least three women to claim them as their man, so they could get married and settle within the civilization as a family.

Carshian looked at the mansion once again. Every security guard and members in the mansion would be knocked out for better part of the day. Maybe, in the evening, they would wake with terrible headache, finding the sisters gone. He wondered what Lord Alemax would do.

Tierra is made up of various houses. A house is a collection of around 5,000-7,000 women, doing specific task, governed by one house lord. The oldest the house, the more powers it enjoys. Lord Alemax was the house lord of house Lashami, the house responsible for making jewelries from crude gold. Carshian was, in his days, young lord of house Shiam, the house responsible for cattle rearing and dairy products.

Hoping that everything would turn out as planned, leading him closer to Kiadhra, Carshian speeded the truck away towards the rendezvous point, the sisters fast asleep in the boxes in the back of the truck.

Hidden from his sight, Shemyna, the unknown girl he had found in one of the bed chambers, watched him disappear beyond the mansion gates.


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