Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
7 Update Schedule!! The Contest For The Saturday And Sunday Spot!!!
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Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
Author :carloswatler76
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7 Update Schedule!! The Contest For The Saturday And Sunday Spot!!!


Okay so heres the deal with the update schedule.....I finally finished perfecting it!!

From now on from Monday to Friday I shall be updating three chapters on one novel per day of the week. Monday is one novel, Tuesday is another, etc etc....

Each day I'll write three chapters of one novel and since I have seven novels that makes eac for every day of the week.

However Saturday and Sunday are special days since I have enough time to write SIX chapters. So the big question you gotta asl yourself is do we decide who gets the two special spots?

The answer is simple, with powerstones!! The two topped ranked novels on my list gets the spot for a whopping six chapter update. However that doesn't mean the other five should slack off as the rest of powerstones will tell me the order of Monday- Friday

Me and my editor have been working on this update schedule ever since I decided to take on all these novels, and I refuse to drop any of them!!!! The contest will start tomorrow and end on Sunday, the winning two novels will have the honor of being given Saturday and Sunday so make sure to vote for your favorite novel....

This has been your author Carlos, take care all you guys and gals...and that coloful rainbow in between!!!! @@


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