Ancient One
29 History of the Multiverse.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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29 History of the Multiverse.

Eons ago the Primordial Universe or so as it would be called by the later Eons, was the home of the most powerful race to ever exist. They we're known as the Ancient Race. Ancient, because they were the only race to have existed since time immemorial. They we're feared by all and why not ? They had the power and strength to do anything. But they always stayed within their own realm which would be later called as the Primordial realm. The race's realm was a rare realm which contained the servant races and branches of the Ancients.

No one knew their history or about their origin. They had what everyone wanted, Knowledge. The Knowledge of the Ancients was inexhaustible, it was assumed that there was nothing which they didn't know about. Civilizations and Powers beyond the Ancient realm considered them as legends. But ultimately no matter how powerful one becomes, greed will forever be the reason for their demise. Such was also the fate of the Ancients.

Due to an internal strife, they were left exposed to external forces and their own realm spirit colluded with them along with a traitor, which ultimately led to their annihilation. The one traitor responsible for all their annihilation woke up from his greed and realised the realm spirit was the oje who manipulated him, but it was too late. Eventually he chose to self destruct along with the realm spirit. Which led to the formation of the Primordial Universe along with all its laws and powers. The realm spirit although destroyed preserved it's consciousness which governed the now known Multiverse. The loyal races and branches were annihilated by the consciousness and the less loyal ones scrambled for the treasures and knowledge of the Ancients. The god race was one of those disloyal races. They rallied the rebels and established the now known power system of the multiverse. The realm spirit shut out the area were it could exert it's dominance and banished the Ancients from entering the location with the power which it had over it's domain. The foreign races were not allowed to enter it's realm and the spirit went into hibernation to recover it's power. The Ancients were all destroyed apart from a single one who ventured out for an adventure. The last Ancient. When he returned he fought with the realm spirits consciousness and the outcome was they both were heavily injured. But still the Ancient managed to preserve an infant of the royal bloodline and hid it at the edge of the realm spirit's conscious domain. The last remaining ruler of the Ancient Race. Arya. But due to the influence of the spirit and its will the dwellers of the Multiverse where forever stuck in it.


Arya listened to all this in a calm manner. He didn't become angry or sad, as he knew this was all in the past. The Ancient looked at his calm expression and was grateful. He took a deep breath and asked a question to Arya.

"Say boy, do you know the reason behind your strength ? Do you not feel the difference between the laws ?"

Arya was shocked after hearing, as he was always puzzled by the difference in the power of laws he had grasped and the laws others used. But he thought of it as the difference in their comprehension ability and dismissed it, but now it seemed there was a secret behind it. He shook his head indicating he didn't know the answer.

"As you are the last remaining royal bloodline of the Ancient, it is understandable for you to have such strength which you have inherited from your blood. But the laws have always been fair to all. The power of laws comes from one's comprehension in the laws, but these laws have always been the power governing the Universe. So tell me, if the so called Multiverse of yours is governed by that bastard spirit, what kind of laws would one gain comprehension to."

Hearing his master's word, Arya came to a realization.

"So the laws this Multiverse has are fake?", asked Arya.

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"No not fake, let me explain it to you. As the governor of the realm the spirit is connected to the realms core and since it has now evolved to a spiritual level, it has gained the ability to connect to the power of laws. So the laws which the people in your Multiverse gain comprehension to are the laws which the spirit has gained comprehension to. In other words, the people in your Multiverse are connected to the realms core and have been cut from the Universe. The people living outside the realm called such cultivators as 'Fake Cultivators'. They borrow the power from the realm's core. During the peak of our race, even Fake Cultivators from our realm where powerful enough to challenge and fight against outer world cultivators, but now.........sigh. Anyways now coming to the power of the laws you have gained comprehension to. As a member of the royal bloodline of the Ancient your soul is directly connected to the Universe's Core. That implies that the laws you comprehend are of the purest nature and core laws of the Universe. Now do you get it......"

As Arya listened to his master's words, the layer of doubts and confusion in his mind dissolved rapidly and he felt as if his soul has opened up to a new layer.

Watching his disciple's expression, the Ancient was pleased, but his expression turned serious and heavy pressure engulfed the chamber.

Arya was brought back, due to the heavy pressure and he knew what was about to be revealed next was far more important.

"Now...", taking a deep breath the Ancient's eyes emitted a serious but firm gaze as he talked, "the reason for me sealing myself and the mission I am about to impart you. This two things carry a heavy burden not only for me but for our entire race. It has been the greatest taboo of the Universe. The reason of our existence and why our race has been the most powerful one since time immemorial."
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    《Ancient One》