Abuse of Magic
225 Chapter 222 The After Wedding Party
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Abuse of Magic
Author :Sdrawkcab
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225 Chapter 222 The After Wedding Party

Joseph glided over the dance floor, with Stella glued to his side. Their form was breathtaking as everyone watched. The golden outfits sparkled as the world tree allowed bits of light to trickle down to them.

All around them, filling the massive dance floor, chibi knee-high figures danced with them. One little dark chibi, kept trying to dance with the various rune manifestations, and kept getting passed off. Poor little NECROMANCY couldn't find a permanent dance partner, but seemed to be having fun never-the-less.
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Chuck seemed to notice Saisho and couldn't stop staring at her as Joseph and Stella seemed oblivious to everything around them. He was in a human sized form, still as a lizardman, and she was in her human form. When she noticed him staring at her, she gave him a smile and headed over to talk to him.

Selena had the full attention of the dwarves. No matter how much she drank, she just wouldn't get drunk. The fumes she gave off were alcoholic in nature and all of the dwarves couldn't seem to pull themselves away. They kept bringing her new drinks to try and she kept exclaiming over how tasty they were.

The elven king was deep in conversation with the elves from around the tree. Apparently, they didn't have a king and claimed to be an autonomous collective. The queen was very busy trying to keep the babies away from the dance floor, but the runic chibis stole them away and were having fun dancing with them.

Stu was busy keeping the buffet table stocked. For some reason the FOOD chibi kept coming over and tweaking the dishes. He was worried that they might have side-effects on some of them, but knew that they couldn't possibly be dangerous for Joseph's wedding. He really wouldn't go up against the rune anyway.

LIGHT and TECHNOLOGY had a disco ball going and at one point, started the electric slide.

Nidhogg had tasted some of the various wines that Joseph had out, and took over the microphone that appeared, and started crooning love songs. No one really paid attention to him, except when he got too close to the dance floor, and then GATE sent him home, to sleep it off.

Joseph's parents had taken over one little corner of the dance floor, and were taking turns dancing, based on the songs that were playing.

Stella's mother was over by the buffet table, looking a little lost, because she didn't know anyone. One of the elven guards, that the elven king had brought, started talking to her, and they were both seen later dancing on the dance floor.

PLANT was spotted sitting next to the world tree, with a drink, speaking softly. No one bothered him. Though blooms started to fall upon the crowd later that night.

Sound was in a DJ booth, making sure the music continued on all night.

ANIMAL had the sphinx passed out in a corner, after brushing her fur and scratching all the hard to reach spots.

Brandon and Sara, who had just gotten married themselves, were enjoying the opportunity to dance on the dance floor, and enjoying the delicious food.

LIFE dragged Theon, the head of the Necromancy college, over to NECROMANCY, to dance with her, and she blushed all the way to her little pointed ears. Theon didn't even mind her tiny little fangs.

Darek, the head of the elemental college, was spotted dancing with several of the chibis, throughout the night.

FIRE only had eyes for Selena, and soon had her stolen away from the dwarves to have all to himself on the dance floor. For some reason, his chibi grew to a proper size for that dance.

Nancy, from the making/breaking college, had to repetitively turn down the dwarves that trickled over to her. They were too drunk to understand that she wasn't interested in dwarves, despite their obvious superior qualities.

Tekaun was seen having an arm-wrestling match, at one point, with the dwarven king, though the results of the match were lost among the dwarven gambling that tried to get started. The dwarven queen quickly put a stop to it, and they all scattered.

The rest of the people who were attending were made up of the other heads of the colleges and their seconds. They intermingled with each other, dancing occasionally, and generally having a blast.


Clean up afterwards was simple, as Joseph merely snapped his fingers, for the dramatic effect, of course, then began the arduous task of teleporting everyone home. It wasn't really that difficult for him, but they all understood the sentiment. The dwarves were passed out on the floor, and he thought about curing the blood poisoning they were suffering from before sending them back, but the dwarven queen assured him that they would all be fine.

Stella made sure her sphinx made it home, and that all of the remaining food was stored safely in her purse, especially the cake.

The chibis of the rune's manifested forms disappeared as they all returned to their home realms, and soon, the clearing that had held all of the party members was clear of any sign they had ever been there.

Joseph bowed to the world tree, thanking her for the use of her realm for his wedding, but she seemed to be too tired after blooming to respond, which greatly amused him. He couldn't wait to see what kind of elves would start appearing in the next generation.

As he jumped back, he watched Stella laughing with Stu, his parents, her mother, and Selena, from a corner of the kitchen, as they all discussed what she planned to do with all of the leftover food from the party. This was the happiest that he had ever seen her. She didn't even seem to mind being with her mom, as she almost danced around the kitchen, telling them about the fun of surprising everyone with the fey wedding dance, and the fey trick of hiding her dress inside the armor.

The smile on his lips wilted a little as he knew the coming fights were going to be hard. Joe seemed to poke him in the ribs, and told him to stop trying to ruin the moment. Stella was smiling, and that was all they needed.


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