Abuse of Magic
219 Chapter 216 A Mountain Flies Before Planning the Wedding
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Abuse of Magic
Author :Sdrawkcab
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219 Chapter 216 A Mountain Flies Before Planning the Wedding


"Everyone. Today we will make history. Through the constant effort of several colleges, TECHNOLOGY, EARTH, FIRE, ENCHANTMENT, WATER, and PROTECTION especially, we are about to finish the most amazing palace this realm has ever seen. This miracle is due to the unfailing efforts of hundreds of Wizards, and will remain as a testament to the might of our people. Every college has come to me, to tell me that they couldn't have done this without my guidance. Of course, you couldn't have done this without me. I taught you true magic. I blessed you with magery, and an abundance of mana to perform your experiments. This is what you have done with it, and it is amazing!

"As your king, it is my duty to try and provide the best environment for you to succeed. As your teacher, it is my joy to see your growth. As both your king and your teacher, I could not be prouder of you. Now, enough with the speeches. Let's raise the capital!"

With a final nod from Brago, showing everyone was ready, Joseph turned to Selena. "Begin."

The PROTECTION, ENCHANTMENT, and TECHNOLOGY departments had already prepared the vessel. A sphere, exactly 50 units in diameter, floated above the castle. The LIGHT college enchanted it to reflect 99.99% of the visible light back inside of itself, and all the EM radiation outside the visible spectrum, so it currently appeared black.

Selena set off the hydrogen mixture inside, and a faint glow began, before brightening intensely. The heat was transferred through superconductive thermal cables, into liquid salt baths enchanted to stay liquid, before vaporizing water into steam and turning powerful turbines.

The MOVEMENT department made sure every tube and bearing were enhanced with FRICTIONLESS. While it wasn't nearly as efficient as the generators using water pressure through permanent gates in the deep ocean for spinning turbines before depositing the water back on top of the ocean, the visual impact was much higher. Without any sounds, thanks to the SOUND college, the mountain from the other realm, with Joseph's palace, slowly lifted off the ground.

In the palace itself, massive conduits of enchanted silver could connect Joseph directly to the reactor. The TRUE SUN generator produced almost a thousand times more mana than his first CAGED SUN generator had. Joseph floated up to his balcony on the palace.

"My people, rejoice this day, for the miracle that has been made possible. May our allies never betray us, and may our enemies behold our might and despair!"

A cheer erupted from over 3 million Wizar, one dragon living construct, and one lesser dragon.


The corrupted mana was pushed back to the horizon. The palace itself now functioned like the dragons, forcing corrupted mana back. All that was left, was the giant hole the mountain fit into when he brought it to this realm.


Joseph filled the hole with water, to make a lake.


Algae, reeds, lily pads, and a variety of other water plants began to dot the lake.

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Joseph allowed the runes, ANIMAL and GATE, to bring whatever they wanted. It was pretty interesting to use ANALYZE CREATURE on the results. There were fairy fish with glowing tails, and sun and moon fish, that always seemed to swim clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively. The sun fish were males, and the moon fish were females, with both glowing a soft delightful light that seemed to encourage a balance in everyone who watched them in their spiral dance.

A hatchling roc-fish jumped out of the water, turning into a bird briefly, before plunging back under the waves and turning back into a fish again. It was already almost twenty feet long as a baby, so Joseph knew he was going to have to hurry and get the oceans ready for it soon.


"Mom, dad?" Joseph began, that evening as they celebrated their first supper in the newly floating palace.

"Yes, Joseph?" asked his mother, cutting her meat into tiny pieces to practice picking them up with the chopsticks Joseph had given her a couple days ago.

"Stella and I are getting married in 3 days. It's going to be a small wedding with no more than 100 people. That is still probably stretching Stella's limit. Here is the list of the people invited. I'm going to go invite several in person and play with my little siblings a bit if you want to come. I'm sure the elves won't mind. The elven god still owes me a favor and I saved their race, their forest, and I'm reasonably certain now that the big spirit of the forest I resurrected last time was actually an avatar of the elven god. I should be allowed a couple of extra people." He lifted his spoon from his delicious chicken soup, that he had made with a variety of vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips, and turnips, while he watched them pause in shock.

They were staring at him, not moving as they tried to process his words. He had intentionally thrown enough at them, to keep them from responding too quickly. They turned and looked at each other, before turning back. Finally, his mom muttered, "Uh…Joseph? Three days?"

"Yes, mom?" Dipping his bread into the soup, he held his head over the bowl to keep any of the precious broth from dripping on the table. It was so good, he thought about sharing some with Selena.





He sent a bowl to Selena, with a note explaining what all was in it. The dishes would disappear by the next day, so he didn't want her to worry about needing to wash or return them.

"We only have 3 days to plan a wedding?" his mom asked, again.

"No, Stella wants to do a more traditional fey wedding. Normally, it would be before the world tree, so we are hopping to the other realm's world tree really quick for the ceremony before we finish up here. Should last about 2 hours, she said. You guys can keep eating you know. You stopped."

"JOSEPH!" his mom cried.

William was looking at him as if he didn't know where to start.

"Relax. We have this taken care of. The hardest part is Stella talking to her mom about coming to the wedding."

Both his parents grimaced at that thought. "At least tell me the colors. I'm sure someone can make a dress in three days here."

"Stella said she was taking care of her own dress, though," Joseph said, confused.

"Not for Stella! For me!" she declared, throwing her hands into the air.

"Oh!" Joseph laughed. "Red and gold."

Maybe that was why Stella chose not to come eat with them, he mused as he saw the look on her face.

She stared at him in horror. "Red for a wedding?"


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