Abuse of Magic
168 Chapter 165 Fun Destruction
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Abuse of Magic
Author :Sdrawkcab
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168 Chapter 165 Fun Destruction

"Joseph, I'm bored with all of these meetings. Can't we go have some fun?"

"Stella," said Joseph with a laugh, "I need to do kingly things if I'm going to be a king. You can go do stuff, that you find… fun?"

"But I want to do things with you…NOT THAT WAY!" she growled as a look crossed over his face.

Selena walked up just then, and Joseph jumped to save himself.

"Selena! I figured out a way to cast a modified CAGED SUN, so you can learn it."

"I would love to learn that spell, little Joseph. FIRE will be so pleased!"

She clapped her hands, and Stella groaned. "More kingly stuff," she said, crossing her arms.

"No, you'll enjoy this. I promise," Joseph said as Selena joined them. "Jump to my shadow, and I'll take us somewhere we can play."

Stella looked at him for a moment, then nodded and stepped into his shadow, seeming to disappear.

"That's handy," said Selena, looking behind him.

"Your hand?" he said, holding out his hand.

"Little Joseph, mind your manners, FIRE will burn you if you step out of bound."

Joseph chuckled as he took her hand.


Stella stepped out of his shadow, as soon as they arrived on the peak of a mountain. Below them was a very familiar crater.

"Why are we back here?" asked Stella, curiously.

"Where are we?" asked Selena, uncomfortably.

"This is where the beast-kin came from. The realm that Joseph was sent to by the evil god Nurkong," explained Stella, looking at Joseph with a raised eyebrow.

"I have two spells that I'm going to teach you, and I would rather not hurt my realm, if things go wrong."

Both of them were too surprised by that, to comment. Stella looked more suspicious, honestly.

"This is the CAGED SUN I remade, just with FIRE. Though, you should know, you are the only one who could cast it with pure FIRE."

Joseph proceeded to draw the rune with mana, but prevented the rune from actually activating. He wasn't sure he could actually cast the spell, short of draining the mana from the generator. It would be interesting to see if Selena really could cast it.

"It's a good thing I have a big sister to remind me I still have a long way to go for mastery," he said, as she circled around, studying the rune.

It only took her three minutes to understand it.

"Ah, I see now. That makes sense."

She stepped back and began to draw the rune.

"Wait! Make sure you aim it over that way!" Joseph said quickly, and she turned at the last second.

Joseph watched, amazed, as FIRE helped her with the mana needs. The miniature sun burned fiercely, as if it had a personality of its own.

Selena jumped up and down like a little girl, thanking FIRE for helping. "Little Joseph! FIRE is so happy I was able to do this!"

Her caged sun wasn't even leaking radiation, in case it might hurt her.

"OK. Now I have another spell for you."

With that, she waved, and the sun faded into the world of flame, without the need of GATE to vent it, or anything. Stella only chuckled at Joseph's look of disbelief.

"That's the look your apprentices have when you demonstrate your spells," she said.

"I still obey the rules of magic, Stella. Sis Selena, is just ridiculous. I'm glad she's on our side!"

Stella laughed, shaking her head as Selena came up.

"Little Joseph, what other spell will you show me?"

"Actually, I just thought of something I want to try, too."

Turning to look at a nearby mountain Joseph began to draw a rune for her to see.


She had in it under thirty seconds.

"Ooh! I like being your new race. My memory and learning speed are so much faster now! I won't forget anything my lover tells me."

Joseph turned towards Stella, worried for FIRE for a moment, before he figured the guy(?) could probably handle himself.

"Watch this one, too!" he called to her as he started to draw yet another rune.


"I selected gasoline. I could do jet fuel, but it costs slightly more, and I wanted to make the spell over a large area. I thought about atomized coal particles, like in a powerplant generator, but decided against that, too. The glass spheres the craftsmen are making, are full of jet fuel though. You see that new purple rain cloud over there?"

"Yes?" said Selena, completely ignoring his line of reasoning. He didn't even realize he did that, sometimes.


"Use the spell I just taught you as strongly as you can."

Stella grabbed his hand, looking worried, but he already cast the dome to protect them from the shock wave, and Selena didn't wait.



The trees weren't just flattened by the burst, they were splintered. The snow on the mountain in the distance, triggered an avalanche. The snow on the mountain near them, was blown off completely.

"Please don't do that again," Stella said very seriously.

"Wow! Little Joseph, can we do that again? I think I've got the hang of it now. We can make it even bigger! Joseph, you should do that other spell now."

Stella turned from Joseph, to Selena, her look of worry was more horror this time.

"I think not. I'm just gonna write our names on that mountain over there," Joseph said, pointing at an untouched section of mountainside. Stella's look of horror was covered up by a mask of complete neutrality.




'I was looking at that enhanced time sense earlier, but I'm mostly waiting for the chance to redefine my race again,' Joseph said to the system, before focusing on his spell.

The beginning was very similar to CAGED SUN, but right before sustained fusion happened, a small hole opened in the side, to stream out the plasma. It was only about a thousandth of a millimeter in diameter, but with the force of a tiny sun behind it, that was enough.

Joseph carefully carved 'Joseph Loves Stella' into the mountain face, and then surrounded it with a heart. It was especially pretty with the edges glowing, in his opinion. Though, as he looked at it, he may have penetrated a bit too deeply. It probably needed to stay in the world destroying range for his own realm. Pity.

As Stella watched him carve the mountain, a pink blush started to travel across her cheeks. The faint freckles she had, disappeared. Soon, the red of her eyes seemed to be shining out of a face that was positively glowing.

"Must you shout it to the world?" she asked, softly.

Selena stared at it while muttering, "So cute!"

Then she turned and began to carve into her own mountain, 'FIRE - MY WORLD BURNS FOR YOU! <3'.

It was a bit much, in Joseph's opinion, but it made Stella stop complaining so much.

"Selena. Please remember to only use that spell in this world to prevent too much collateral damage, ok?"

"Yes, little Joseph," she called over her shoulder.

After about twenty more minutes, Joseph was starting to regret his decision. Joe kept snickering in his head, "You've gotten sis Selena really 'fired up'."

She was flushed and carving love letters in every mountain around, except the one he had marked first.

"Little Joseph, this is so wonderful! I can feel myself becoming more in tune with my lover!"

The area was growing warmer and warmer. All of the snow, on all of the mountains, had melted. Both of the fire-resistant tattoos had activated and Stella had pulled some food out of her purse to start cooking.

She seemed to have calmed down and was in a good mood, as she started humming. Joseph didn't miss her glances at the mountain he had carved. The cuteness was killing him, considering how serious she normally acted.

"Here, Joseph."

Stella handed him a thick and juicy wyvern steak, from one of the wyverns she had taken down with her gang earlier, with a mound of fantastically spiraled fries. The oil container caught on fire before she could put it back in her purse, so she left it to burn.

"Stella, this is so good," Joseph said, chewing his first bite slowly.

"Of course," she smirked, but her eyes flashed a deeper red, showing how happy she was.

Suddenly, Selena stopped and returned to them.

"Little Joseph, I think I have just reached the next level. We should go back so that I may meditate and dream with my lover now."

Joseph swallowed, before he could choke, and nodded.


Stella stepped back out of his shadow with their plates.

"I know you want to be king, but sometimes I like it when it's just us," she said with a sigh, handing him his plate.

"Thank you very much, little Joseph. I will be off now, so the two of you may continue your date. I would hate to interrupt."

They watched her almost skip off in silence.

"She's the only one who still talks to us like we are normal mortals. I'm not sure if I'm impressed, or upset, considering what she is," said Stella, completely ignoring the comment about them being on a date.

Joseph just nodded in agreement, and took another bite of his wyvern.


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