Abuse of Magic
87 Chapter 87 Dominic Traitor to the Crown
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Abuse of Magic
Author :Sdrawkcab
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87 Chapter 87 Dominic Traitor to the Crown

"YOU MORONIC CHILD. DO YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH HARMING A MAGE? I'LL HAVE YOU HUNG FOR THIS!" Dominic's eyes were bugging out and his breath was ragged as he raged at him.

"I'm already more hung than you, thanks. Though, if I ever see another disgusting little floating eyeball, or ear, around me again, I'll do more than break their hands. And stop shouting inside. Don't they teach apprentices manners?"

Dominic's face turned so red, Joseph was waiting to see if he had an aneurism.


"Of course, I can see spells."

"How stupid are you? That's impossible!"

Waving his hand, "Fine, then it's impossible. Why are we talking about it then?"

"You had your bitch attack my mages!"

Joseph made a show of looking over at Stella, who clasped her hands in front of her and gave him puppy dog eyes.

"You are saying, a small, eight-year-old girl, defeated grown men, who were also mages? Even if that's true, I'm not sure I would want to admit it publicly."

Dominic began to trace AIR. It's probably his prized lightning. Joseph grabbed a handful of copper and silver coins in his pocket, and ran towards him. Timing the throw, he flung them at him a few moments before his rune completed. The coins in the air were hit by the lightning and it dispersed back and forth between them like shooting a chain link fence. None of the lightning reached him but the coins were melted by its power. Dominic got a face and chest full of molten silver and copper drops. His screaming filled the room as he fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

Joseph stood in front of him, watching him. He had been thinking about how to beat him ever since he heard about his lightning magic, long before he had mana predator. The smell of burnt hair and cooking meat filled the air.

"Stella knock the idiot out."

She slowly jogged over behind him and rabbit punched him. Joseph almost broke out in giggles, but his willpower was high enough to prevent it. The memory of her hopping around flashed before his eyes.

"Keep him gagged and bind his hands. I want locked gauntlets if possible, so he can't wiggle his fingers. All of the mages are to be kept away from him and he goes back to the castle on the next transport. Strip his robes, too. Shave his head and eyebrows to make sure you can pick all the slivers out. Commoner clothing is fine. I want him wearing a big sign that says TREASON. I will write the report to the king myself. Honestly, I had enough stuff to do I was trying to ignore the idiot. Round up the mages who were spying earlier. I'll hear their reports after dinner."

People rushed forward to do as he bid, no one wanted to make him upset. He left with his entourage following, and headed to his personal tent so he could write up the report.

King Oxalum,

I regret to inform you that Dominic is a traitor to the crown. He has repeatedly tried to interfere with and impede progress on the wall. He constantly flaunts the authority you have granted me in dealing with the northlands by knowingly ordering the mages to perform actions contrary to my orders and wishes. He frequently orders the mages to spy on and harass my people who are performing the tasks necessary to achieve your will. While I was negotiating with the northerners, he on at least 3 occasions attempt to instigate riot in your majesty's land and tonight has attempted to take my own life in public with lightning magic. I am fortunately unharmed, but he has suffered injury from his own spell. I am returning him to the capital for judgement for his treason against the crown. Several mages who were accomplices to his above listed actions were apprehended as well and will also be returned. I am sure the court mages can heal them if you find the graciousness to forgive them as I believe Dominic may have threatened them and their loved ones to further his schemes. Another mage, Derek, has decided to join me after the terrible treatment he received at the hands of Dominic. I only ask that you not let your justified anger at the insolence of this seditious mage cause you to demand the death sentence for all of them. It is possible that Dominic had personal reasons for his behavior. I am aware that he is the illegitimate son of Duke Cesilea's 4th son but I haven't yet found conclusive evidence of Duke Cesilea's involvement.

In better news, I have successfully ended the threat of barbarians to your kingdom for the duration of your life and hopefully forever. It will depend on your son's treatment of the northerners if they rebel. I am also expecting the winters to stay warmer much farther into the northlands, from now on, so the area of your kingdom, that can be farmed, has increased by hundreds of thousands of acres. Come spring you will likely need to send the royal cartographers to expand the map of your kingdom significantly as all of the former barbarian lands are now under your kingdom, and the northerners have been tasked with managing them for you.

-Joseph Aurum

Sitting back, he let Stella read over it. Daniel and Walter had been sitting patiently waiting as he wrote the letter.

"Walter, how are things going with your family? You hadn't returned before I left."

"I do apologize for that, Master Joseph," Walter said, "but my family was attempting to cause issues with our efforts and I had to put a stop to it."

"Do you care to expand on that?" asked joseph curiously.

"I would request permission to not say. It is a very personal family matter that I would very much like to keep within the family."

"Alright, as long as that issue doesn't bother us later…" Joseph said, hinting that he didn't like surprises.

"Do not worry, Master Joseph. This issue will not bother you. It has been dealt with completely."

"Thank you, Walter, I trust you."

Joseph fully expected it to come back and bite him in the butt, he just had to give it time to present itself.


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