Abuse of Magic
70 Chapter 70 Prophecy Sucks
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Abuse of Magic
Author :Sdrawkcab
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70 Chapter 70 Prophecy Sucks

There were spirits wrapped around her body. A snake was around her waist, a bison around one leg and a wolf around the other, there was a lizard around where her right hand should have been, and Joseph could almost feel that the hand was regrowing. A hawk on one shoulder and a bear draped over her top. Once he could see them all, he realized she was completely covered.

"Do you see them, Stella?" he asked.

"Which one?" she asked dryly, still not impressed with his ogling.

He looked at her and sighed.

"You can see the spirit companions of the Great Shaman?" asked one of Chug's shamans.

Joseph nodded. "I've never seen spirits before. There's a bit of necromancy, and lots of animal magic. I don't know all of the runes yet to recognize them all. It's a different kind of magic than I do."

He turned to look at the shamans and realized they all had them. The spirits that clung to them, presented in different ways. There was a tuft of green here, a tail there, one even had ears.

The girl stopped to look at a floating spirit that flashed up next to her and she seemed to speak with it, before turning to him and placing her hand on her chest.

"Greetings, Child of Prophecy. I am Tekaun, Great Chieftain of the north."


'Do you want me to share you with her, too?'


"Umm, I'm Joseph. Nice to meet you? What prophecy are you talking about?"

"You are the one who will slay the Icy Death to the north. I do not believe it is time for you to slay a dragon or spread the waters to bring food to the people. You haven't cleansed the taint from the land of death, yet, right?"

Joseph opened his mouth in surprise as she turned to converse with another spirit that appeared next to her. He wondered what everyone around though she was doing, when she did that, since he was sure he and Stella were the only ones who could see the spirit she was talking to.

"Ah, no, it is still death to all who enter. The timing for the prophecies is not always easy to determine."

She smiled at him, and was left there confused. Was this how everyone around him felt when he started talking funny? They couldn't understand a word he was saying, but he expected them to?

"You have a way to save our people from the Icy Death, right?"

"Yes?" He had no clue if he could or not, but the look on her face made him sure he did not want to say no.

"Wonderful. The great beast of foul ice has been unsealed and it spreads ice and death as it moves. It especially loves the taste of frozen human flesh. Many of our people have sacrificed themselves to save their loved ones when it paused to eat them, allowing time for escape. I do not know who or what has allowed it to escape but it seeks to regain its lost strength. There are no elders left with the knowledge on how to kill it while it is in this weakened form, but I have faith you will accomplish this goal. Keep in mind, its cold will freeze the flesh of any who touch it, and no mortal blade can penetrate its flesh. Though I believe it hates heat because it will not advance until the area before it has completely frozen. It is said that the center of its storm of icy fog, is pitch black and it can only be dispelled by a magical fire."

Joseph swallowed and nodded mutely. How was he supposed to kill this thing? Did they forget he was only seven? He glanced over at the toddlers near his size and wished for a moment that he hadn't been gifted with the system. What kind of sadistic person could come up with this stuff???

"Then I send my blessings with you, Child of Prophecy. I very much hope you will win, or we will all die."

Chug looked at him. "I will sign your paper."

Joseph licked his lips and turned back to Tekaun. "How long do I have to prepare?"

"Oh, you only have a week, I believe."

"Wait, what?! I'm only seven! How am I supposed to take out some ancient evil ice thing?" Joseph couldn't believe this!

"Yes, you must overcome it. I understand your age, but prophecy does not care about that."

She takes his hand and looks into his eyes. "Do you know how you will do this thing?"

"No," he answered weakly.

"I believe in you, little one. Those of us forced into such grand roles have no other choice, no matter our ages when we are called to serve. Good luck, brave Child of Prophecy!" She patted him gently on the head, letting his hand drop, and turned to head into the shaman tent.

Everyone around him was looking back and forth between them as if they weren't sure what to do.

"Stella?" he asked hoarsely.

"Yes, Master Joseph?" She looked at him, cocking her head to the side.

"Will you come with me?" His eyes glinted at her, worry evident.

"Of course, Master Joseph." Her smile was reassuring and he grasped it with everything he had.

"Ok, good. At least with an eight-year-old girl, I'll have a fighting chance. I hear cooties can kill just about anything." He tried to give her a grin, but it was lacking any sincerity. He really just felt like he needed to throw up.

Stella sighed. "She believes you can do this. Nothing else that has been placed in your path has stopped you from succeeding."

Nodding to himself, he sighed. "Alright."

"You sigh a lot for one so young," Chug said.

Joseph just nodded, sighing again for effect.

"Stella, I need to gather a few things before we leave."

"Yes, Master Joseph."


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