A devil may cry fanfic
167 V and Nero side quests
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A devil may cry fanfic
Author :Luna320
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167 V and Nero side quests

"...are you positive this was a good call leaving them alone together like that?"

"Pffft you think to much man listen I see em playing button mashing games a lot that shit just screams friendzone... and besides I needed someone smart to help me out this time and well...no offense but your the only one here that has decent impulse control and sound judgement besides Vergil"

"Shouldn't you refer to him as father or maybe even dad?"

"... I go back and forth it's just hard to get use to...so here's the game plan you do the dispose of shit while I beat up a Asain politician"

"But what about the scientists?"

"...oh Uhhhh fuck they in the same spot?"

"...no did you read the file we received from Morrison?"

" I skimmed it"

* v gives Nero a really man look*

"it's what Dante did I do it the sparda way"

*V sighs*

"Here's the new plan you take the two I'll take the one then we meet at the lab so I can double check that everything is disposed of properly"

"... I got kidnapped and assaulted by a scientist once humor me with a coin flip"

"I'm almost positive that's a excuse because you don't feel confident you won't fuck up"

"...listen man it's as close as I'm gonna get to time travel I don't wanna be the reason two years from now a bunch of people die from a virus"

"...Nero your burning papers and beating some grown men up and putting some tubs in a little box so your aunt or father can throw em into a different dimension so we don't have to deal with it"

"Wouldn't that be just as bad? Tell ya c what how about I dispose of the items my way"

"Like what consume the virus and pray this shit doesn't affect demo-"

*nero floors the van and v smacked his head against the windshield*

It's amazing that he didn't bite his tongue off when he got cut off by neros bullshit

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    《A devil may cry fanfic》