A Fox's System
72 On the Road Again
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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72 On the Road Again

It finally was over, we had escaped from this hellhole they called their capital. Ofris still held me, as if trying to protect me from all of those lunatics who still searched for their saint, but we had escaped their grasps for sure. I could still hear their voices and shivered with each of their shouts, but they grew quieter with each second.

Ofris was nothing but a random adventurer to them, even though they had the weird idea that he might be married to the saint who was seen entering the inn with him. If they had by any chance realized that the saint they saw was a goddess instead and their saint was the little cute fox resting in her arms, they might have made an even greater fuss.

We were lucky, incredibly lucky. Ofris had told those fools that I was still inside the inn, taking a bath to prepare myself to greet them all. And they had bought it, just like that. Who knew how long they would wait there, blocking the road to meet the saint who had long escaped not only the inn itself but even the city.

Now we were sitting in a small, shaky cart that didn't belong to the royal family but was owned by an old, white-haired merchant instead. He was on his way back to Adorra after selling his goods in the capital and, with the help of a few of Ofris' hard-earned coins, had agreed to bring us along.

Naturally, a travel lasting several days wouldn't be comfortable if it meant being stuck between dozens of wooden boxes, scratchy sacks and tools that were stacked everywhere in the cart. Sitting was still possible, but sleeping? I was still fine, as I had to disguise myself with my fox form anyway, but Sahria and Ofris would be glued together like sardines in a can on top of them being forced to sleep on the stone-hard wood the cart offered them.

If Shiro was still around, this would have become an unbearable mess, but she was just gone. Without leaving a goodbye, making silly excuses or at least giving me a somewhat believeable explanation.

I knew she was safe and sound. She was surely observing me from somewhere, listening to not only my voice but also my thoughts, just like she had done before. But for whatever reason, she had decided to not answer, not even a single time. I had called out for her, trying to demand at least a reaction, but it was to no avail. There was only silence.

Aside from the green quest screen I had discovered upon waking up from a far too deep sleep, there had been no sign of her. And even this quest was too straightforward as if it wasn't her who had written it. There was no tricks, no trolling, no jokes, nothing.

『Quest accepted: Patience is the Charm.

Description: Reach level 100.

Rewards: Title: A Girl of Thousand Faces』

If I remembered correctly, I was level ninety-three right now, meaning I had still quite a way in front of me. But the benefits made it worth it. That one title was not only helping me hide, it also allowed me to live a normal life once again, though not my own.

It went without saying that I had burned every single word written in its far too long description into my memory.

『A Girl of Thousand Faces

Type: Title

Class: Permanent; Passive; Cannot be turned off

Effect: Increases proficiency with shapeshifting magic. The bearer of this title may freely choose what form to shapeshift into. Allows for all races, monsters and animals to be copied, as long as the bearer has met them before. Does not change combat capabilities. For creatures incapable of speech, imitating their natural call thrice will break the spell. Disguises status and titles while being shapeshifted. Title disguises itself from being read by others.

Description: Trick, decieve, tempt and play』

It was too good to be true. As long as I didn't suddenly have the bright idea to turn myself into a snail or a worm, I was safe from being trapped ever again.

I would get the chance to not only escape the prince and all of those lunatics searching for me, but also escape those stupid detection stones! It would allow me to hide right in front of their eyes without them ever noticing a thing! I could even make fun of all their fruitless attempts of finding me!

There was no choice. I had to get those level-ups, no matter who or what I had to defeat in order to get them. The slime quest was long gone so it would take much, much longer, but that didn't mean it was out of reach. Ofris had made it much further. And he didn't have Shiro to help him out!

«Let's hunt some goblins!»


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Todi: Feel that too?

Adlo: Cold?

Todi: Cold it is, but not cold!

Bado: It is wind?

Todi: No wind! No cold! Feels like somebody wants to grab Todi.

Adlo: Grab Todi?

Todi: Grab and swing him like a club! And burn Todi's stick!

Bado: Not the stick! Anything but stick!

Adlo: Adlo needs stick! Never give it! Why burn?! That's scary!

Todi: Humans evil!

Adlo: Humans the worst!

Bado: But wives the best.

Adlo: Wives are nice!

Todi: Wives scary too! Wives will burn stick! Todi no need wives!

Adlo: Todi sick?

Bado: Todi ate shroom! Todi bad dreams! Wives no scary!

Adlo: Wives never scary!

Todi: Todi runs! Todi hide in cave! Cave is safe! Cave no wives!

Adlo: Todi?

Bado: Todi weird today.


~~ Meanwhile ~~


Rika: Seven levels. This is going to take a while...


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