A Fox's System
65 The Capital
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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65 The Capital

⊱————- Ofris' PoV ————-⊰


Thousands had swarmed into the capital. There were merchants trying to sell snacks such as meat sticks, filled buns or candied fruits, musicians and singers that tried to earn a few coins and merchants that sold souvenirs of all colors and shapes. And between all of them, men, women and children of all ages and races walked up and down the streets.

I saw a group of three elves, who tried to pass through the masses without bumping into anyone, adventurers who used threatening glares to get some more space and even the guards of nobles who simply pushed anybody blocking the way aside. There were no carriages to be found, other than those of a few merchants that had been lucky enough to arrive early.

All of this felt like a giant festival, one that should only be held for a king's wedding or a peace-treaty being signed after years of war. And yet it was all because of her, the girl who had wished for nothing but to live her life in peace and harmony.


«How did it end up as this mess?»


It had only been about a week since we had seen her and yet so much had happened without me knowing. While we were still on our way to the capital, walking day and night to catch up to the carriage that had long reached its destination, she had already faced numerous trials.

Of course, I couldn't know for sure what had happened. We could only guess based on what we had heard from the guards and merchants that were willing to enlighten us. But these few conversations had been far more than enough to ruin my day.

It was two days ago that the king had announced the arrival of a saint and yet that short time had somehow been enough for them to create all of this fuss. And in midst of it would be a Rika that was probably even more confused and anxious than me.

She would be presented to all of these strangers today, on a large town square in the center of the city.


«They are treating her like a statue...»


I could already see her before my inner eye. Her tail would be ruffled up to and restlessly wandering from one side to the other as if screaming at everybody laying their eyes on her.

Rika had never been good with strangers, as most of them had only seen her as a slave you could just bully without needing to fear any backslash. And I had been only one of them.


"Wait," Sahria's roughed voice reached me, "please wait!"


Somewhat reluctant I turned around to find Sahria standing there and supporting herself with the help of a nearby wall. She was exhausted, as she nearly always had been ever since we departed from Adorra. It was hardly surprising, thinking back at how anxious I had been. She had never rested longer than a few hours each day.

In the end, I was proven right. Rika wasn't exactly in danger, at least I had believed so, but that didn't mean she didn't need my help either. How could I believe she was fine? She didn't remember a thing about this world! Aside from what I had taught her, which wasn't even the basics, she knew nothing! And now they demanded of her to play a saint? It was impossible!

I waited for Sahria to catch her breath before continuing forward. The town square was nearby, right in front of the castle walls, thus giving the king's family that would surely be around to show her to the masses a little bit of security.

When we finally reached the castle walls, we were only one odd pair among thousands of strangers. There was no official announcement yet, nothing I could use to guess when it was time for her to be led out of the castle to wave her hand at all of these men and women. It could be the very next minutes, or deep in the night. Maybe they even decided otherwise and stayed inside.

I wouldn't wait that long. I would see her today, or at least I would try my everything to do it. That was the reason I had dragged Sahria here for. She had told me about a connection of hers we could use to at least get the chance of getting close to her.

It didn't necessarily mean we would meet anyone of the royal family, as we were neither wealthy enough nor influential, but it would maybe be enough to see Rika herself. And even if we didn't, we could at least send her a message.

Naturally, that alone wouldn't change anything. It wouldn't help me invading the castle nor would it help her convincing the king to just let her go. But she would know she wasn't alone. And that was hopefully enough to keep her hopes up while we tried to think of something better.


«I will be at your side soon! Just wait!»


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Rika: She is still sleeping. Such a lazy fox.

Rika: Has she ever done anything?

Rika: At least yawn!

Rika: Poke~ poke~

Rika: She is so soft...

Rika: *Yawn*

Rika: Maybe I should...

Rika: 『Transformation』

Rika: 「So soft~ this is the best~」

Laurin: She totally forgot I am here, didn't she?


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