A Fox's System
63 I’m not Special!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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63 I’m not Special!

The brightly lit hall spun in front of my eyes as I fell to the ground. He had let me fall just like that, out of surprise, shock or fear. Whatever it was, it sent me crashing onto the ground, where I was brutally stopped by rock-hard wood.


«It hurts!»


I rolled on the ground, desperately trying to fight the pain. It had been such a short drop, the guard had only held me at the height of his chest, but to my fox body, that equaled falling from the roof of a small house!

While I was still struggling with myself, I could already hear a wave of noise flooding the hall. Dozens of strangers stared at my now human body, at the tail and the ears, but also at those parts of my body that made me into a woman.

The king was the worst of them all. He had even stood up from his chair so he could have a better look at me, who had been tossed onto the ground right in front of his table.


"She really has turned into a girl!"

"Why isn't she wearing anything," a woman's voice asked.


«This bitch!»


I somehow managed to sit up so I could protect me from their stares, using both of my arms and hands.




A large, green screen appeared in front of me. It blocked away the king and his family, which was still busy trying to stare at what I had hidden just now.




Priestess's Robes, Vixen's Secrets MK2, Mira MK2


Prayer Bell, Figurine 'Shiro'


Being a Fox for Dummies, How to keep a Fox, Foxy Dancing

⇒Magic Tomes:

Fox Magic – Beginners Edition, Fox Magic – Intermediate Edition

⇒Consumables: Bar of Chocolate x2, Raw slice of tuna x3, Raw slice of salmon x1, Raw slice of beef x1, Raw slice of pork x2,

Undefined berries x17, Undefined fruits x3


Hot Chocolate』


I hurriedly selected the Priestess' Robes and pulled them out of the Itembox, not even giving the underwear listed directly next to it as much as a single glance. It would take me far too long to get them on, at least when being stared at by all these strangers.

After spreading out the dress, I hurriedly put it on an, after making sure that it hid everything it should, raised from the floor. The king was still staring at me, even more in disbelief as before.


"... greetings your Majesty."


Something in his expression changed as he mustered my body which was now hidden under a black and white fabric of the finest quality anyone could think of. He probably wasn't the least interested in the dress itself.


"Why didn't you show yourself like this from the beginning," he asked.


"Explain yourself."


How could I explain this? Does he want me to tell him that I was trying to trick my way out? So that I did not need to meet him or at least make him think of me as a waste of time? Naturally, something like that wasn't possible. I had to lie to him, right into his face. Sadly enough, I had become far too good at that by now...


"I was afraid, your Majesty..."

"Why would you be afraid? You are my guest, nobody will bring you harm."

"Strangers treat me like a slave," I explained, this time stating the painful truth rather than a lie, "they insult me, make fun of me and even threaten me. Some even tried to molest me! I was nearly killed at one time."

"Nothing of that will happen here."

"But how am I supposed to believe that?! There has only been one human who has been good to me, one that has always protected me. And you separated us!"

"Your lover?"

"I have no lover!"

"That's fortunate."


I couldn't help but stare at him in disbelief.


«Fortunate? Why would he think of this as fortunate? Does he think I will join his harem to become his plaything?!»


No, that couldn't be it. Nobody would be shameless enough to basically kidnap a stranger and force her to become his lover! This couldn't be the reason why he called me here. He was the sovereign of a whole country, the one guy who could make a whole kingdom rise and fall with his decisions alone!


"Your Majesty, may I ask what it is that you wish from me?"

"I wish to protect you."

"Your Majesty wants to protect me? There is no need to! I can protect myself just fine."

"You have no idea how precious you are."

"Precious? Just because I am a fox?"

"Who knows who might end up stealing you away, enslaving you and abusing you and your powers for their cause."

"Why would they do that? Only because I know a little magic? I know an elf that is far more powerful than me!"

He frowned. "A little magic? Foxes are said to carry the strongest nature magic of all races, capable of healing even the most grievous wounds! They can revive the dead and turn barren lands into oases of life!"

"I can lick wounds?"

"Are you trying to joke with us?"

"No, your Majesty, I would never dare to."

"You don't know healing spells?"

"I tried to learn magic from a magician, but I couldn't use any of them..."


My words cut off as I tried to come up with a fitting excuse. But in the end, there just wasn't a single good one. Well, there was one, but I wasn't sure where it would lead me. If I was lucky, he would just accept it and let me go, but if I wasn't, it would make things even harder. But I could only try.


"I can only use the magic the goddess gives me."

"The goddess? Which goddess are you talking about?"


«Got him!»


I immediately opened the Itembox again, selected the figurine Shiro had given me and presented her to the king.


"Her name is Shiro," I explained, "she gave me all of my magic."

"But- isn't that you?"



⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Madame Plush: You are still waiting for her to summon you?

Sir Fluffels: He may have blinded all of you with his looks, but I see through his disguise! He is a wild beast!

Madame Plush: Maybe she likes him that way...

Sir Fluffels: What nonsense are you saying?

Madame Plush: Couldn't it be that she is only waiting for him to realize her feelings and conquer her?

Sir Fluffels: Our queen is pure! She is a saint, the sole ray of light touching the ground on a rainy day!

Madame Plush: You can be so dense sometimes...

Sir Fluffels: Dense? My fur is in top condition!


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