A Fox's System
49 Turn Me Back!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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49 Turn Me Back!

Since hours ago I had been staring into the ever-changing fire, trying to find an answer to this new curse of mine. Ofris and the others had tried everything they could think of to cheer me up, but obviously failed miserably. How could I just forget that I was doomed to live as a fox now!?

It was one thing to be a foxgirl, foxkin or whatever they called it, but loosing even this semi-human body was too much for me to handle. What could I even do like this? I wouldn't even be able to fight back, should anybody attack me! They could just abduct me, or kill me, or do whatever they felt like!



「You have to see the positive side of it!」

«Positive side?! There is nothing positive about this!»

「Isn't it far easier to get closer to him if you are like this?」

«Who wants to get closer to him?!»

「He is petting your back right now, you know?」

«That has nothing to do with each other! He is just stroking my back!»

「And scratching you behind the ears, and the neck. He even has rubbed your belly~」

«Don't even mention it...»

「Why? It was cute!」

«Cute?! He touched my breast! Imagine what it would look like if I were in my old body! We would look like a molester!»

「Or a reeally good husband and lover~」


「You are the only one here who thinks like that.」



Shiro was right. Even though I desperately tried not to think about it, I knew what those guys were seeing. For Miriam, Ofris and I were in full lovey-dovey-mode, and that silly husband and wife couple wasn't exactly thinking about us as mere friends either. For them, we long since had been a thing, like Romeo and Juliette, a young love that crossed boundaries.

I wasn't buying it. Ofris was the best choice I had right now, but that did only count for men! I could still find a woman who didn't mind me having this body of mine, that is if I ever regained it and didn't stay a pet.


«... if only it would need more mana.»


If I still was able to speak, I would simply chant magic over and over again until I wasted all of it. I would just run back onto that plain and search for some remaining slimes to toss fire and death on. Or burn the grass itself, if there was nothing to be found. I certainly wouldn't think twice about doing it.


«Damn chanting... wait- wasn't there that foxy stuff?!»

「Foxy stuff?」 A far too stupid goddess asked. 「You couldn't be any foxier, you know?」

«Licking, Kissing... was it blinking? It was!»


The first two of them were not at all an option. Neither Ofris nor Miriam, Jack or Sophia was carrying an injury on their body. There wasn't even as much as a scratch. And kissing? Miriam had her husband to be and didn't seem to be of the 'I kiss my best friends' type, either. Sophia did seem to like me, but she would never share dozens of kisses with me.

I wouldn't kiss the men either as I didn't feel like suddenly becoming gay. This obviously left only one choice: blinking at them to activate the seduction spell Shiro had given me. But who should I aim it at? Miriam? She would hate me forever. It was the same for Jack and Sophia.

The only one who knew of this magic and was forgiving enough to never mention it again was Ofris. Seducing him was the sole choice I had.


«There is no other way.»


I didn't waste another second. Before Ofris had even realized what I planned on doing, I had already rolled on my back. His hand, that had been gently petting my back seconds ago, was now lying on my belly. He stared at me questioningly.


"What is it?" He asked. "Do you feel better now?"

「Sorry, Ofris...」

"What? I can't understand you. Are you hungry? I will prepare you something right now!"


«Don't make this even harder than it already is...»

「He is such a nice guy~」

«And you force me to hurt him...»

「Hurt him? Why would I do that? I want you to make him fall for you!」

«I hope you can wait.»

「You will do it?!」

«In a few hundred years.»

「But he won't live that long!」

«Yes, exactly.»

「Maybe we can make him?」

«What? We can?!»

「I can teach you a magic! Anything for my little Rika~」

«And there I was, thinking you were a decent god for once...»

「Oww~ that's so cute of you~」

«... screw this.»


"Is everything ok?" Ofris asked again.


This time, I didn't let myself be hindered by the vixen or my guilty conscience. I stared deep into Ofris dark green eyes and started blinking at them. At first only once, then again and yet again. When the first wave of mana was sucked out of my body, I started blinking even faster, trying to overcome the feeling of shame that stemmed from Ofris' slowly ever-changing expression.

At first, he looked confused, then he seemed to realize what I planned on doing, but it was already too late for him to fight back against my magic. His eyes already turned dreamy, his cheeks red.


「Yes! You got him!」

「Shut up!」 I yelped at her. 「You stay out of this!」


Again and yet again I used my magic. My body was feeling slightly colder already, as if all warmth was drained out of my body, and I felt weaker too. The most obvious sign of my mana being low was without question the dizziness that threatened to force me to the ground.

If it wasn't for Ofris gentle hands that still tried to hold me up, I would probably be lying on the dirt by now, seeing stars and gasping for air.


"So beautiful..."


"I love you, Rika."

「Wha... ha?!」


A gleeful laughter echoed in my mind as Ofris slowly lifted me up and towards his face. His eyes came closer and closer. When I finally realized he wasn't trying to get a better look at me, it was already too late. Two far bigger lips were pressed onto my own, gently and with a little hesitation, as if I was a fragile piece of porcelain.

He didn't leave it at just a single kiss. Again and again, he forced his lips onto my own, draining more and more mana with each of his attacks. When the cursed transformation magic finally wore off, I couldn't even celebrate my freedom anymore, as my vision had long since turned blurry. I fell into the darkness, unable to free myself from Ofris greedy lips.


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Sophia: Shouldn't we stop them?

Miriam: Why?! It is just starting to get exciting!

Sophia: That girl is still in her fox form.

Miriam: Maybe she likes it that way? A little bit of role play?

Sophia: But for Ofris to be ok with it...

Miriam: He really loves her~

Sophia: Oh... she turned back...

Miriam: He is going for round two!

Sophia: Should we... watch the other way?

Miriam: It is fine~ it is fiine~

Jack: These girls...


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