A Fox's System
46 It was Me All Along?!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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46 It was Me All Along?!

Ofris got more nervous with each minute he was sitting next to me. In his desperation, he had snatched a stick out of the fire to play with it and, when this didn't work out, had even started to carve symbols and animals into it using a dagger. All of this was accompanied by a faint red on his cheeks and the never-ending noise of jumping and 'uniting' in the background.

He was a gentleman, far more so than I had ever been. After all this time, he still hadn't risked a single glance at the orgies that happened right behind his back, on the grassland that couldn't have been any more peace only hours ago. He still knew what was happening, as the voices and sounds left little to the imagination.

I didn't use just one, but five illusions to lure in the slimes. Each of them was alluring them, using ever-changing means, and gathering dozens of them each. There still were some slimes in the underwood surrounding the clearing, which is why I was sitting here next to Ofris, waiting for all of them being lured in.

After I finished my second breakfast, I would get rid of the slimes, all of them at once, using the little mana I had left.


"It isn't right to do it this way!" Ofris protested, using the same words he had used several times before. "You are a girl! You shouldn't do such things!"

"Just because they look like me?"


"But they aren't! Who cares what happens to some random illusions?!"

"They aren't random! They look like you! They even have the same-" He went silent.

"They have the same what?!"

"No- nothing."


Even though I explained it like this, I couldn't help but feel ashamed when I thought about what all those Rikas where doing there. The slimes had no nether regions, nothing that would force a random god to censor it with even more rays of sunlight, but that didn't count for the illusions.

Luckily enough, they couldn't play with the Rikas for real, as their bouncy bodies went right through them, unable to ever touch them. Naturally, they still tried, over and over again. Possibly hundreds of them did.


"I guess I should get going for now."

"Yeah. Before the others return! We can't let them see you like that!"

"... you are right."


Ofris seeing those illusions was one thing, but I would sink into the ground in shame if Miriam, Sophia or, far worse, that Jack guy would see them. They would probably never again look at me without undressing me before their inner eyes!


«It is not my fault the illusions are like that!»

「It is,」 the vixen retorted.

«How so? I can't change what they do!»

「Of course you can't. It all happens in your subconsciousness!」


「You guessed those Slime-Rikas would work on them, so the illusion summoned-」

«I did that?!»

「Of course you did!」 She replied as if stating the obvious. 「What do you think Confuse would do? Magically read their mind and give birth to their lusty dreams?」

«YES! That's exactly what I thought!»

A mischievous laugh resounded in my mind. 「You silly girl~!」

«I'm not silly!»

「But why would it be an illusion magic if it reads minds? Wouldn't it be a mind magic, then?!」

«That- that's- but why naked slimegirls?! Foxgirls, even!»

「Dunno? Maybe that is what you thought you could do in order to lure them in, if only you had a slime body~」

«I- I would have done this?»

「Nah~」 She answered, clearly having the time of her life. 「You are waaay~ to innocent to do this! It is only part of you that wants to do this~」

«Parts of me ...»

「You are preetty~ pervy, aren't you?」


A vivid image appeared before my inner eye. It showed my illusion magic in its full glory, back then when I was using it for the first time. A nude me was slowly climbing onto Ofris, trying to conquer him with a dreamy gaze and her alluring body.

An almost painful wave of heat conquering my face. My cheeks were burning as I went beet-red, far more so than Ofris ever did. Seeing this obvious sign, he could only stare at me questioningly, which didn't exactly eased my feelings of shame.


"What is it?" He asked after what had felt like an eternity.

"No- nothing! I have to go!"


I didn't turn around again, not even for a single glance, even though Ofris eyes continued staring at me as if glued to my back. They followed me as I jumped over the grassland, towards the piles of wobbling goo.

It was only when I had burned the first batch of monsters, that I dared to turn around.



「He sure is~」



⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Jack: Can I look now?

Sophia: No!

Miriam: No, you can't!

Sophia: I didn't know slimes were that...

Miriam: Eager?

Sophia: Yes!

Miriam: I never knew there was so many of them.

Sophia: They normally do not move around that much.

Miriam: Do you think she will teach me the magic if I ask her?

Sophia: You want to learn that magic? What do you need that many slimes for?

Miriam: I wouldn't use it on slimes~

Sophia: You would- ah~ that lucky guy~



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