A Fox's System
45 Eating his Cooking
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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45 Eating his Cooking

My eyes were glued at the burning pile in front of me. At least twenty slimes had been in there, twenty souls that never wanted anything else but eat, sleep and mate. It was the last of these three big dreams that marked their end, as it needed only a single fireball to ignite them all.


«They burn like cinders ...»

「Maybe it is because they are so lazy?」

«How does being lazy turn you highly flammable?»

「They eat plants. Maybe they turn into gases or alcohol?」

«Are they breweries or something?»

「As long as it is good for your quest, who cares~?」

«You are kind of right about that...»


The feeling of dizziness attacked me once again.   «I should rest for now. I have barely any mana left, after all.»

「So go to Ofris! I am sure he is eager to see you right now~」

«I will make sure he will keep silent about it!»

「That's all ok to me~! Couples should have some secrets after all!」

«Stop hooking us up!»

「But I want you to be happy!」

«Just find me a girl, then ...»

「You don't want to be with Ofris?」


"He is a friend..."


It was a lie, I knew it. Ofris was long since more than just a 'pal' to me. Without him, I would be alone in this world, and most likely dead or enslaved by this time. Who know which rich guy would keep me busy in the nights if it wasn't for Ofris protecting me? I would probably never be free!

But what was he to me? My lover? Never. He was a man. I would never love a man! If I was forced to choose one, I would obviously go for him instead of anybody else, but not even the vixen would be able to tempt me to make this choice! He was my best friend. That's what he was!


«If only he wouldn't look at me like this...»


When I reached the camp, Ofris greeted me with an expression that revealed both worry and relief. It was obvious he had watched me all this time, waiting for the moment he would jump in and save me, while hoping it would never arrive.


"How do you feel?" He asked when I sat down next to him.

"I feel exhausted and sleepy," I confessed, "I overused my mana ..."

"And your leg?"

"My leg?"


My gaze wandered down my body. He was right. I had almost forgotten about the dress. One of my boots was gone, the other one damaged beyond repair, while the dress had lost quite a bit of fabric, making it look both worn out and slightly risque.


"Let us not talk about it ..."

"Be more cautious next time."

"It won't happen again. I already have a plan on how to deal with them."

Ofris looked at me, slightly restless. "Does it involve that 'magic'?"

"It- it works! What is wrong with it when it works!"

"I am a man too," he protested, using more volume than he probably wanted to, "even if I am like this!" His voice grew weaker and weaker. "You should be more careful ..."


«Don't make me remember!»


"I never wanted to show it to you! It is that vixen's fault!"

"It is still your body!"

"... sorry."

A sigh slipt his lips. "Just be more careful."


After advising me like this, Ofris went silent again. He picked up a bowl, filled it with a few ladles worth of soup and began cutting small pieces of meat into it. After about an additional minute of work, he reached me the finished meal. After all the workout I had been through today, it couldn't possibly look more delicious.


"Be careful. It is still hot."

"Thank you, Ofris..."

"There is no need to hold back. We got enough."


Feeling quite starved after all I have been through since this morning, I naturally didn't hold back the slightest. I did not eat just one or two, but three bowls of the soup, enjoying each spoon full more than the ones before.


«He is a better cook than I am ...»


The vixen did not leave this uncommented. She joked about me and Ofris becoming a weird couple once we were married and became parents, but I choose to ignore each and every single of her remarks. While she was still busy drowning herself into delusions, I had already snuggled myself in a blanket and laid down next to him. A little bit of rest was all I needed now.




⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Jack: I want to go back...

Sophia: You can still eat later!

Jack: But I'm hungry!

Sophia: What are you? A child?!

Miriam: Just give them a little bit time alone~

Jack: They didn't move for ages!

Sophia: Are they sleeping?

Jack: That's it! They are sleeping! They ate their full and got sleepy! And we are sitting here, waiting for nothing to happen!

Miriam: Love needs time!

Sophia: It does! It does!

Jack: Girls ...


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