A Fox's System
44 Mucous Me
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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44 Mucous Me

The smile on my lips had long faded away. Even with 『Fiery Ballet』, this army of mucous pests was far too overwhelming in numbers to be defeatable on the long run. If things continued like they did, I would sooner or later end up like trading my dress with a half-transparent slime.

It most likely wouldn't take long, as all that spinning around naturally came not only at the cost of mana consumption but also dizziness. The worst side effect, however, was my inability to aim the magic. It searched its own targets.

Given the fact that slimes that were close to each other somehow felt like protecting or getting revenge for their comrades, each spin came with the risk of luring in more and more slimes, while those closer to me didn't get attacked for another few spins. 『Fiery Ballete』 was a powerful spell, that is if you want to get aggro from every single enemy in an area.

As long as I spun around fast enough, they still couldn't reach me, but that meant I couldn't take any breaks either. Each moment spent resting meant they would close in again and, far worse, meant that the magic was canceled and I have to start it again, consuming several kills worth of mana in the process.

When I turned around to face Ofris, I found him sitting next to the campfire he and the others had built while I was busy playing this useless game. He was the one they had decided on to watch over their meal, some kind of soup and roasted meat.

They couldn't have made a worse choice. Ofris gaze was glued to me, he didn't seem to trust my ability to fight those slimes at all! I somewhat liked him paying so much attention to me, even though I would never dare to tell him, but if it continued like this, there would only be burnt crisps to eat!

Something heavy hit my leg, punishing me for not paying attention myself. I jumped back to avoid the next attack, but the slimes didn't let me off that easily. Not just one or two, but five of them were ganking on me this time. They were slowly closing in, accompanied by the fizzing sound of dissolving fabric and leather.


«I hope my mana will hold out a little longer!»

「It will be fine~」


『Fiery Ballet!』


I spun around, one time, another time, a third and a fourth one. When I spun around the fifth time, the last slime changed into a messy puke-like mass – or at least it should have. Instead, I saw two foxfires flying towards slimes standing further away, each standing within groups of their comrades.

Fifteen or more of them turned around from me. I could have bet they were staring at me, but who could tell without them having a face? It was only when they started jumping towards me, first slowly, then with increasing pace, that I realized I messed this one up big time.




Driven by panic, I jumped back and began spinning, five times, before repeating the moves another time. The slimes fell, one by one, but yet again I saw 『Foxfires』 go astray. My enemies increased in number again and again.


「You should run,」 Shiro suggested, barely being able to hold back her laughter.

"Screw you! Screw you and your stupid magic!"

「It isn't stupid! It does exactly as it is meant to!」

"Who needs a magic that attacks random targets?!"

「Blind monks?」



A slight dizziness attacked me. I knew this symptom all too well, as it marked the end of my battle powers.




The green screen didn't hide this fact, it showed my weakness in cold numbers, as it has done since the first time I used this command.



Name: Rika

Gender: Female

Race: Demi-Human; Sub-Race: Fox

Class: Priestess

Level: 22 - 38% EXP

Titles: A Good Girl, Loved Child, Maiden in Love, Shiro's Child



HP: 216/242

MP: 32/444

Strength: 76

Vitality: 83

Spirit: 120

Intelligence: 162

Dexterity: 155

Physical Attack: 154 (+0)

Magical Attack: 222 (+0)

Physical Defense: 161 (+0)

Magical Defense: 164 (+0)



⇒Vixen's Secrets - Item-Set 2/2: Effects: Self-Cleaning; Self-Repairing; Increases Courage when facing the opposite gender. Increases all attributes by 100% when all set-pieces are worn, up to a maximum of 5.





"Priestess?! Wait a second... thirty-two mana? Fiery Ballet costs thirteen mana for just one Foxfire! And three more for each additional one!"


I wasn't good at math, and never had been, but even I could easily see that this wouldn't be enough to get rid of the slimes who were attacking me.


«What to do...»

「They look at you like crazy bunnies would look at a human-sized carrot.」

«What's with that weird comparison?! Wait- this is it!»

「What is it? You got a carrot? I guess they are vegetarians, after all, but do you really think it will work?」

«Just be silent ...»




A giant feast of salat, carrots and countless vegetables appeared in front of me, at least in my dreams it should have. Instead, I now stared at myself, a naked, far more transparent and green version of myself. 'Her' two emerald-green eyes were staring at me questioningly.

This 'me' was beautiful, at least for slimegirl standards, but I didn't feel attracted at her, not the slightest. Who would be attracted to themselves?! I wasn't a narcist!

The slimy Rika didn't care about my trouble. She turned towards her kin, kneeled down and spread her arms, as if to embrace them all at once. Naturally, they accepted her generous offer without thinking twice. Dozens of slimes came jumping over, each of them eager to create a family of mucous miniature Rikas. I could only watch them unite into a filthy pile of bodies and goo.


«Don't tell me...»


When I turned around, I found my immediate fear turned into harsh reality. Ofris was staring at me, or rather the me that was busy mating with the slimes. His eyes were glued to her skinny jelly-like body, her ample bust and the tail, which was spreading droplets of slime whenever it waved around in extasy.



「Isn't nature beautiful?!」

"... Fo- 『Foxfire!』"


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Shiro: Stop it, Rika! You can't do this!

Rika: I can and I will!

Shiro: But they look so happy!


Shiro: But Ofris-



Shiro: Noooo~!


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