A Fox's System
43 Dancing Lesson
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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43 Dancing Lesson

It was already late in the afternoon, when we finally reached the destination Ofris had decided upon for my first real adventure. There was no dungeon awaiting us, nor a large cave or at least an abandoned, ancient city infested by monsters. Instead, he had led us to a large clearing the size of a football field.

There were no flowers awaiting us, no high grass, nor buildings or berry bushes. There was no small stream nor a pond. The entirety of the clearing looked as if it had been mown down with utmost care, with not a single leaf of grass growing higher than my ankles. Instead of all of this, there was a myriad of small, half transparent green balls that were happily jumping around – slimes.



"You can train fighting here," Ofris explained, "They are pretty though, but won't be able to hurt you if you pay attention. They are docile, too, and will not attack anyone, as long as they are not attacked first."

"So they are harmless?"

"Harmless enough to set up a camp here."

"Don't they eat flesh and dissolve corpses, turning them into a mess?!"


All color left Ofris's face. He stared at me shocked, unable to say a single word.


"Did I say anything wrong?!"

"They are plant-eaters! They eat grass and leaves!"

"They don't eat flesh?"

"Of course they don't! I would never have brought you here if they did!"

"And they do not dissolve armor, either?"

"Why would they? They cannot eat it."


A vivid image appeared before my inner eye. It showed slimes, doing what they were best at: being slimy and dissolving clothes, which, for whatever reason, never happened to their male comrades.


"What about clothing?" I heard myself ask.

"... I planned on you using magic from afar."



「But your magic got stronger. Shouldn't it be fine?」

«There is a thing called flag!»

「A white one? I can give it to you, you know?」

«You know exactly what I am talking about!»

「Maybe I do.」

«You do!»

「It will be fiine~」

«It won't.»

「Oh Rika~」



A green screen appeared in front of my eyes, instantly turning my worries into real threats. I felt pearls of sweat rolling down my back, as I read the description of the quest.


『Quest accepted: Flags and Slimes

Description: Kill slimes without the assistance of other party members. Slimes injured using traps will grant no bounty.

Bounty: Grants 50 Exp for each slime killed. This bounty is increased by 50 for each additional slime killed. Current bonus: 50 + 0.

Remaining Time: 23 hours, 59 minutes, 55 seconds.』


"She really wants to kill me ..."

"Who," he asked when he was close enough to whisper, "the goddess?"

"She gave me a quest..."

"A quest?"

"Or a task. She wants me to kill those slimes without getting any help."

"What is in it for you?"

"A bunch of experience points."

"What are experience points?"

"I will get stronger fast!"

"Isn't that exactly what we came here for?"

"But aren't those things dangerous?"

"They aren't. Trust me."

"Can you lent me your sword, then?"


He wordlessly grabbed for his sword and, still in its sheat, placed it in my two hands. It took only two or three seconds for him to claim it back, but those had been far more than enough for me to grasp my inability to use such kinds of weapons.


"Drawing a bow is even more taxing," he explained. "You should use your magic instead."

"But what about my mana? It will run out!"

"Won't it be fine as long as you rest as soon as you feel dizzy? Just use the spell that uses the lowest amount of mana."

"The lowest amount of mana ..."


I already knew the answer to that question. There was just one magic to use among the three magics that could actually damage more than the self-esteem of either me or its target. 『Kindle』 was a small flame that did only cost one point of mana, but it was more or less worthless if it wasn't used for lighting a candle, a stove or a chimney.

『Foxfire』 was my bread and butter magic. It was strong and could not only target one target but a whole group of it. The first time I, or rather Shiro, had used it, it did cost the 'lives' of nine goblins. The mana cost, however, was far too big to use it on such big numbers.


«『Fiery Ballet』 is the only option ...»

「Don't worry, it will look great!」

«That is exactly the issue!»

「Your dress is easy to move in~」

«I can't dance!»

「The slimes won't mind.」



"What is it?"

"Nothing. Just don't ask."


After sighing a few times and questioning every single life choice that had led to me being on this clearing, preparing to dance for an army of slimy monsters, I slowly walked towards the first group of them.


"Don't let yourself get hurt," Ofris warning came from behind, "you understand?"

"I can outrun them, right?"

"If you run, yes, easily."

"So there is no issue ..."

"We will set up the camp. Whatever you do, stay near us."

"I will ..."


I turned around to make sure Ofris was in a rather safe distance before I starting preparing for my so-called 'magic'.


『Fiery Ballet!』


Nothing happened. I felt my body getting slightly exhausted by the mana being sucked away, but there was still far more than enough of it left for dozens of foxfires.


«Spinning, wasn't it?» I turned on the spot. «...»

「You have to stand on the tips of your toes!」

I followed her command. «On the tips of my toes...»

「Use only one leg!」

«One leg ...»


I somehow managed to do half a spin. Cheered on by the gleeful Shiro and stared on by the faceless slimes, I could only try again and again until I finally managed to do a full spin. It was only now that a foxfire shot out, seemingly from out of nowhere.

The fire hadn't grown nor gathered energy, it had just appeared and crushed into the body of a slime that had chosen to idle around on the wrong place and time. An oozy green mass slowly spread on the ground, setting free the leaves of grass and tree the slime had eaten probably earlier the day. It looked as if a large animal had emptied its stomach right in front of me.



「You only needed one hit!」

«So they really are weak ...»


Seeing their comrade dissolving to nothing but lifeless goo, the two other slimes that were close to me weren't exactly happy. But instead of fleeing like they should do, they just came charging at me – in walking speed. I immediately started spinning again.


"Time for some grinding!"


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Shiro: ...

Rika: Take this!

Shiro: ... ...

Rika: DIE!

Shiro: To be honest...

Rika: What is it? DIEE! HAHAHAA!

Shiro: I thought this would look way more graceful.

Rika: I'm not your little princess, remember!

Shiro: ... I should change the magic, after all.

Rika: You want to change it?!

Shiro: It will do twice the damage if it looks beautiful, graceful or at least cute!

Rika: What?! And who is going to decide that?!

Shiro: It will summon three foxes.

Rika: Foxes...

Shiro: And they will have little signs!

Rika: Signs?

Shiro: So they can vote for you!

Rika: You are really bored, aren't you?

Shiro: How can I be bored! You play with me all the time~!



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