A Fox's System
40 Good Night Stories
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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40 Good Night Stories



Ofris surprised voice woke me up from my shallow sleep. For a split second, I felt like opening my eyes and confirm what it was that had surprised him, but the awkward situation I was in made me forget about such plans immediately.

I still remembered that I had been in a gloomy mood, but I had no idea how I ended up like this, in Ofris's embrace and leaning against his muscular chest as I slept with his heartbeat faintly echoing in my ears.


«He held me like this the whole night?!»


The fire was long burned down, I could no longer hear it crackling. There were only birds to be heard, insects and even more birds. I must have slept many hours like this.


"Where did it come from?" I heard him ask.


His question was almost inaudible, I would never have heard it if it wasn't for those fox ears of mine being far too close to his lips.


«He is talking to himself?»


Ofris didn't say anything else. Instead, he freed one of his arms that were gently embracing my smaller body and grabbed for something that laid on the ground.


"It looks expensive."


I could hear him opening a book and eagerly browsing through its contents. Some pages took him longer than a minute, others he skipped completely, most of them, however, forced a reaction out of him. Some contents made him get restless, others almost made him burst out in laughter and some of them even increased his heart rate.


"So she likes that spot the best ..." He turned the page. "What about her tail?"


«What the fuck is he reading about?!»


"It arouses her?!" His astonished voice ringed in my ear.


I almost jumped up in surprise, but somehow managed to stay put. There still was a little movement, but it seemed as if Ofris hadn't noticed it, as he resumed reading within a few breaths worth of time.


"Erogenous zones- what?! Who wrote this?"


«He reads porn?! He total reads porn! I will turn you into a goblina if you get a boner now!»

「But Rika! That would only mean that he is happy to be with you!」

«I don't want to know about him being that happy!»

「Don't you like him?」

«Not in this way! He is a friend! Just a friend!»

「Why do you pretend to sleep, then?」

«How can I just wake up while he reads porn!? Just thinking about it makes me want to bury myself and never be seen again!»


"Chapter 3," Ofris voice suddenly read out loud. "Mating. Mating?!"

«Mating?! What kind of sick fetishes does he have?!»


I didn't dare to ask. How could I, when he was so busy reading his 'good night stories' that he didn't even realize I was awake?


"When mating with a human man, ... what?!"


«What the fuck is wrong with you?! Dude!»


"Rika's children will have her ears and tail, but may have the father's eye and hair color ..."


«Rika?! What?!»

「What about it?」

«Why does he drag me into this?»

「Why wouldn't he? That book is about you in the first place.」

«What?! What did you write? Tell me!»

「It is that manual I promised you: 'How to keep a fox'」 She explained. 「I translated one for him!」

«What did you write about me?!»

「Your favorite food, favorite color, how to potty train you, your most sensitive spots, pregnancy ...]


I felt a cold shiver run over my skin as she continued listing the contents without a single care in the world. She gone on and on.


「I even made sure he won't be too rough to you when you-」


Ofris voice cut her off before she could finish: "... make sure she relaxes before-"

I was wide awake. "NOOO!" I slapped the book out of his hands. "DON'T READ IT! NOO!"


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Rika: Why?! Just tell me why!

Shiro: Preparation is everything.

Rika: Don't you go and explain to him how to take my first time!

Ofris: You are a virgin?!


Ofris: Okay~

Rika: Now back to you, vixen!

Shiro: Dududuu~

Rika: What are you drawing?

Shiro: Your children!

Rika: I won't have any children!

Shiro: But Rika!

Rika: Give that to me!

Rika: ...

Rika: They are cute ...


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