A Fox's System
37 A Goddess!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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37 A Goddess!

A married couple was sitting on the other side of the table. Both were in their thirties and openly flirting with each other. Sure, I had to admit that I was a little envious, especially thinking about how this could be Mira and me instead, but I would never have been this lovey-dovey in broad daylight!

Well. It wasn't exactly in the open, but in the tavern I had my little "accident" at, but it still made me feel uncomfortable!

The woman was quite beautiful despite her age. She had curly, blond hair and golden eyes, making her look like a saint. Her black robe seemed to have the sole purpose of denying people from thinking about her like that. The black hairband and necklace were doing the rest.

«Looks somehow weird ...»

They guy, on the contrary, couldn't possibly be any plainer. He had brown, short hair and eyes in the same color. His vest and shirt were brown and sand-beige. Together with his beard, he looked like a lumberjack that had escaped a b-movie.

«How can a guy like him get such a nice girl?»

「Are you envious? You can still seduce her, you know?」

«This vixen ...»

A middle-aged woman came to our table. She carried a tablet with four mugs, each of them filled with a seemingly hot alcohol. I knew the mist that raised from the liquid, it had haunted me ever since I had touched it the last time!

I could only watch in disbelief when the mugs were placed down. The two strangers got one each, another one was placed down in front of Ofris, the last one, however, found its way into my hands.

"This isn't a good idea ..."

"It is just prinja-juice," the barwoman replied with a smile. "Don't worry. Nobody will give you alcohol anymore."


A gentle hand was placed on my head. "It is a fruit," Ofris explained. "Children like it a lot."

"I'm not a child ..."

Hesitatingly, I placed my hands around the mug and lifted it towards my lips. Ofris was right. It only took a few drops for me to warm up to this weird juice. This wasn't apple, nor cherry, pear or any fruit I knew about. It was something wholly new, something that was sweet like strawberries but refreshing like peppermint at the same time.

A smile appeared on Ofris face. "I knew you would like it!" He said, before turning to the waitress. "Thank you, Prim."

"You are welcome. Please call me if you need something."

After taking another glance at my gleeful face, the waitress excused herself with a silent nod and made her way back towards the kitchen. Ofris gaze followed her, he only spoke up when he was sure she couldn't hear us anymore.

"I guess I should get you to know each other while we are waiting for her." He turned towards me. "This is Rika. She is the girl I told you about."

"So she is the fox?" The man asked.

"She is kinda cute, don't you think?" His wife added. "She is even purring like a cat!"


She was right. I purred. I couldn't even control it. Having my body warmed up by this sweet and fresh sensation, it was obvious I would feel comfortable, but I had never expected it would turn out like this! Why the hell would I purr? Foxes do not purr!

「We do! We are purrfect, after all!」

«How I wished that was true ...»

「It is true! Who else can use our awesome magic?」


The faint, vibrating sound stopped as a long sigh left my lips. The couple could only look at me questioningly, but I choose to not tell them. What could I even tell them? It was somehow good that Ofris knew about the goddess, but Risa was already too much, and I wouldn't make it four!

"My name is Rika."

"Nice to meet you, Rika," the woman greeted me. "I am Sophia." She pointed at the guy. "This is Jack. He is my husband."

"I guessed as much," I heard myself answer. "You seem pretty close."

"They have always been like that," Ofris explained with a forced laugh. "Since six years."

"Seven!" Sophia protested.

"You are right. How could I be so mistaken?" He sighed. "Anyway. Where is Miriam?"

"She probably lost herself in the library again. She should arrive sooner or later."

"Who is she?" I heard myself ask. "Does she belong to your group, too?"

"She is the daughter of an old friend who died on one of our journeys. We have supported her ever since then."

"So she is an orphaned girl."

"She is about your age."

"My age?"

It was at this moment the door was pushed open and a girl rushed into the tavern. Pale-blue hair was waving with each of her steps, and a beige adventurer's dress flattered her slender body. When she came over to our table, a shy smile appeared on her delicate lips. Her gaze turned towards me, and sky-blue eyes wandered over my face and the ears. I could feel my heart beat faster and ever faster.


«She is a goddess!»


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Shiro: Earth to Rika, earth to Rika!

Rika: She is perfect...

Shiro: But you are both girls!

Rika: I'm not a girl!

Shiro: Don't you wear a bra?

Rika: That doesn't count! I'm a man! A man amongst men!

Miriam: Ehm... what is this place?

Rika: A goddess has decended from the heavens!


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