A Fox's System
34 Confession
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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34 Confession

Ofris stared at me as if he had seen a ghost. His eyes were glued on my tail, which was long since puffed up by the goosebumps that had conquered my skin. He didn't say anything, he didn't even place down the bucket of water he had brought thinking the food had been too spicy for me.

Risa wasn't better off either. She had never heard about me being in contact with a goddess. Sure, she knew about the titles and most likely knew that they were a blessing of some sort, but that couldn't be compared to the voice I heard echoing in my head in the most random situations.

After a far to long silence, Ofris finally placed down the water and kneeled down on the floor in front of me. He reached out for my tail and started touching it all over as if he could not believe what he saw. A new wave of goosebumps ran over my back.


"What happened to you?" He asked with a voice that skill carried disbelief and shock.

"It was the vixen. She did that to me!"

"The goddess?"

"She gave me that quest!"

「Don't tell them!」


I didn't even think twice about listening to Shiro. Ofris already knew about her, I had told him when we were on our way to the forest, before we had met those pitiful goblinas.


"It was her who told me to say all of this! I never wanted to kiss you! I never wanted to lick you either!"


Something in me broke loose, as fresh tears appeared on my face. Within minutes, I confessed everything I had done, everything that had happened to me and everything that the vixen had told me. I told them about the quests, about the vixen's neverending trolling and about everything she, Risa and Sahria had done to me.

Ofris face changed its colors almost as often as the tone of my voice changed. He looked at me in pity when I cried and sobbed, looked restless and even furious when I told him about how Risa and the elf had attacked me and was utterly helpless when I shouted and cursed while revealing Shiro's crimes.

The vixen complained at me without stopping once. She cursed at me, screamed at me and tried me to stop, but I didn't give her a single moment of attention. It was only after one or two minutes, that she finally gave up and fell silent. She didn't try hindering my confession again.

I hadn't even finished my story when Ofris suddenly raised up. He sat down next to me, slung his arms around my shaking body and pulled me against his warm chest. This one action made even my last dams break.

In my old life I had never been really emotional, it had cried barely ever and aside from me getting angry sometimes, I didn't reveal anything that had been hidden deep inside of me. Being with Mira somehow changed this, but it wasn't even worth a comparison to what was going on in my heart since the vixen had forced me into this body.

My mood has become unstable and uncontrollable, even more so when I was with Ofris. He was treating me like a girl since the first moment he met me and I obviously hated that, but there was an unspeakable urge in me to drown myself in his care, too.

He was the only one here. Where should I go without him? Who would help me if not he? There was nobody in this godforsaken world, nobody I could trust or at least predict to a certain extent. The once beautiful and friendly Risa was now a bitch, and he racist, blackhearted Sahria would now likely lick my fingers and feet, should I ask her to do it.


"Was it that goddess who stole your memory?" Ofris asked when my sobs had become somewhat controllable.


I could only nod as his guess. What could I even tell him? He knew everything that had happened to me after I was tossed into this world, every single detail. There was only one secret left I could reveal for him, but would never choose to: the truth about who I had been before I got thrown into this hell.

Would Ofris still care about me if he started thinking about me as a guy? I already had told him several times, but all of those were in the heat of the moment, and he probably never believed it even for a second. It was like the possibility of me coming from another world and being originally a man was just too surreal for him to even think about.


"Did she made you dance and kiss me?" He asked with some hesitation.

"That was the alcohol you gave to me ..." I weakly answered.

"Thank god!" He released a long breath. "I almost thought it was her that forced you."

"I would never do something like that just for some stats and levels!"

"So what did she promise you this time?"

"Magic ..."

"But didn't Sahria planned to teach you?"

"I cannot use her magic," I confessed, "I cannot even feel mana ..."

"That's hardly surprising," Ofris answered with a gentle smile, "there are only two magicians in this town, after all. And only one of them was born here."

"The others cannot feel mana?"

"Not a single one of them."

"But you are strong!"

"That doesn't change anything. Nobody can use magic without being able to feel and control mana."

"Didn't you say you were just lacking the intelligence attribute?"

"There is a slight chance of you gaining the ability should you raise that attribute. I don't know a single adventurer who had that much luck, though."

"Aren't there magicians among the adventurers?"

"The capital has quite a few of them, but there aren't any magic academies in the countryside. There are just too few of us who would be able to visit them in the first place."

"I see ..."

"You are really special in that regard." He breathed in twice. "So what have you to do in order to get that magic?"

"She already gave it to me."

"What is it? Is it less dangerous than that foxfire?!"


Reluctantly I freed myself from Ofris's arms. After looking at his face for a last time, searching for approval and moral support, I leaned against the soft sofa and said the almost threatful word: 『Magic』


Dozens of lines of text appeared in front of my eyes.




⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Shiro: You really did it this time.

Rika: It is better that they know. Now you can't trick me anymore!

Shiro: Let's make you kiss Ofris on his lips for quests, then.

Rika: You wouldn't dare ...

Shiro: What should I do for a demigod's magic?

Rika: Demigod!?

Shiro: Oh Ofris~ ( ꈍ ་། ꈍ✿)



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