A Fox's System
32 Elves are Creepy!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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32 Elves are Creepy!

A fiery heat had conquered my face. Now that the bathroom was lit up by the bright glowing chandelier, the red on my cheeks was probably more than easy to see, the elf sitting next to me, however, wasn't even mentioning it. I could consider myself lucky.

Hot water embraced her body up to her shoulders, but it was crystal clear and didn't hide a thing. Sahria's silver hair and her emerald eyes would have been enough to drive me crazy, but she had the body of a goddess, too. It was only that wicked personality of hers that made me deny any part of myself that was seeing her as a woman.

Even now that my magic somehow has worn off, the elf stuck to her creepy friendliness. She didn't loose her memory, nor did she toss a single insult at me. There wasn't even complains about my body, instead she seemed fascinated by it, as it seemed to be my flesh or blood that enabled me to use that fox magic.

Sahria's intention was obvious. She wanted to examine my body, even more than she already had done, to find out what it was that enabled me to use magic without chanting a spell.

Obviously, I had told her that I had to use the name of the magic, like 『Foxfire』 or 『Fiery Ballet』 but after being urged by her to try it out, I was able to use 『Foxfire』 even by only thinking of using it.

The more I thought about having this kind of ability, the less I liked it, as it needed little more than making me angry to possibly end up hurting innocent people.

『Fiery Ballet』 had a safety mechanism of some sort, as I had to spin around in order to invoke fireballs, but the same couldn't be said about 『Foxfire』. I could easily have turned the elf sitting next to me into a piece of charcoal without even wishing for it. Her magic was far better to have.


"What kind of magic will you teach me?" I asked while trying my best to keep my gaze above the water line.

「You still remember you are a girl, too?」


«Ignore her. Ignore her! Just ignore her!»


「It is totally fine to take a good look. Girls do it all the time.」

"They don't!"

"What?" Sahria looked at me confused.

"Ehm- nothing! The magic, tell me about the magic!"

"I still don't know how much you know about magic."

"But I already told you before which spells I can use."

"Do you even control your mana to use them?"

"Control my mana?"

"Like concentrating your mana in your hand," she explained, "before you change it into it into elemental power."

"I just say the name?"


Sahria let out a sigh before raising her hand out of the water. She closed her emerald eyes and began concentrating. After about a second, a small, pale blue cloud gathered above her hand. It started to spin around to form a ball, much like my 『Foxfire』 did, but this ball just glowed slightly, it didn't do anything else. There was no fire, no wind, no water.


"This is mana," Sahria explained after opening her eyes, "in its raw form. To use it for darkness magic, I would have to include the darkness attribute in a chant, it is the same for all other attributes."

"Why would I be able to do it without chanting, then?"

"That's what I want to know."

"So you have no idea?"

"We have to start at the most basic of the basics to find the difference. What is the weakest magic you can use? The one that uses the lowest amount of mana?"

"That- it is 『Foxy Lick』. That one uses only one point of mana."

"A single point? Is it really that weak?"

"Ehm..." I hesitated before answering her: "If it is only a single lick, yes."

"That lick is the magic that heals wounds, isn't it?"

"Yes ..."


«I don't like where this is going ...»


My fears came true almost instantly: "It is easy to test, then," the elf decided.

"What do you mean?"

Without giving me a single word to prepare for it, Sahria suddenly began chanting a magic spell: "Suriki of the skys, Suriki of storm and thunder, please hear my words and become the blade that strikes down my foes!"


A boomerang shaped spell of pale white color appeared above Sahria's hand. It was far smaller than her hand, but it within mere seconds it was already spinning so fast that it almost looked like it was a disc instead. When the magic was complete, Sahria reached out her finger for it. The disc cut into it deeply.


"What are you doing?!" I screamed at her, both shocked and angry.


Sahria didn't even find anything wrong in her behavior. She looked at me slightly confused, before moving her gaze towards her own, wounded finger.


"It doesn't work without an wound, right?"

"I am not going to lick your finger!"

"Don't you want to learn new magic?"

"I can learn it without licking your fingers! Do I look like a pet to you?!"

"To be honest-"

I cut her off immediately: "Don't be honest!"

"But I can't use healing magic myself," she revealed with a sad expression on her face. "What am I going to do if it leaves a scar?"

"You can't use healing magic?! I thought you were crazy about all kinds of magic?!"

"I never learned them."



She let her finger hover right before my mouth. Everything inside of me screamed to just bite her and run away, but that would ruin even the slightest chance of me ever getting stronger. I needed her magic, and I needed it as soon as possible!

Like through the eyes of a stranger, I saw myself reach out for the finger. I pulled it in front of my mouth and slowly began licking it.

Once again this new body of mine betrayed me. The metallic flavor was far stronger than I remembered it, it almost made me want to puke, but a tingling feeling on my tongue made me continue.

I felt the magic work, and saw it in front of my eyes. The bleeding stopped within seconds, just like the wound began to close again. When it was halfway healed, the tingling feeling suddenly stopped, and I was invaded by a far to familar dizziness.

Sahria's alluring body slowly turned into a blurry cloud of grey and white, the colors of her hair and skin. Her green eyes were staring at me without blinking once.


"You have exhausted your mana again?" She asked, clearly disappointed.

"I feel sick..."


The elf releases a long sigh, before beginning to chant another magic. "Helia of the sun and the moon, Helia of light and darkness, please light up my soul and heal my wounds!"


«A healing spell? She tricked me ...»


I couldn't even toss an insult at her before I fell into the darkness again.


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Shiro: The patient has fainted again! Doctor!

Sahria: Bring me the thermometer, the magnifying lense and the endoscope!

Shiro: The endoscope?!

Sahria: And latex gloves!

Shiro: Why would you need-

Sahria: Hurry up! Every second counts now!

Shiro: It is that bad?! I thought she only fainted!

Sahria: We have to finish the examination before she wakes up!

Shiro: How is that-

Sahria: Why are you still standing here? GET MOVING!

Shiro: Yes, doctor! I'm on my way!

Sahria: The lube! Don't forget to bring the lube!


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