A Fox's System
25 That Stupid Goddess has too Much Time!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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25 That Stupid Goddess has too Much Time!

A dozen pairs of eyes were weighing down on us. I had thought it couldn't get any worse when they had led me around with a leash the day before, but being carried in the arms of a guy was attracting even more attention than that.


I sighed. "It was only yesterday, that they treated me like a slave."

"I was one of them," Ofris answered guiltily.

"It's not your fault. I would probably have done the same."

"Getting you to safety was our main objective back then," Ofris explained his behavior. "We didn't know you were a fox."

"Compared to the leash, I don't think being treated like a princess is much better, either ..."

"How so?"

"All this attention ..."

"Isn't it good that way?" Ofris asked puzzled. "Now all of them will know you aren't a slave."

"Or they think you used me so much that I can't walk anymore."

The color of Ofris's face changed immediately. "Used you ..."

"Isn't that what slaves are for?"

"Mo- most of them, yeah."


I had not seen a single slave yet. Maybe there were human slaves too, or it was just too few of them, but nothing I had seen on the streets or in the town indicated that there were actually slaves living in this town.


Of course you probably wouldn't ever see a slave that was used solely for kitchen work, housework or pleasure walking in the outside all alone. There could be dozens of them working in the bigger houses of the town, without me even realizing it.


My mood had dropped by a large chunk. "It is good that it was you who found me ..."

"Don't worry so much. Aren't you much stronger now?" Ofris tried to encourage me. "With your growth, there soon will nobody left who could force you to do something you do not want to."

"I hope you are right."

"Maybe you will get some," he hesitated, "let's say 'less unique magic' soon."

"I think I know other magic spells. I just never got to test them."

"You know other spells?" Ofris asked surprised. "Why did you use fire then!? Those goblins-"

"I am willing to repent ..."

"So. What is it, that you are able to do with your magic?"



A green screen appeared in front of my eyes. My eyes widened when I saw the large number of spells I could choose from, but they turned darker when I found the descriptions that explained their effects.


『Magic and Skills:

~~~Beginners Magic (Fox-Edition)

⇒Foxfire: Summons x small balls of fire to attack one or multiple opponents.

Mana cost: 15 + 5 for each additional fireball summoned.

⇒Charm: Allures a member of the opposite sex. If successful lowers the target's defensive capabilities and temporarily increases the attraction to the caster. Can be cast multiple times for a stacking effect. Chance to affect the target's memory. Voiceless activation: Blink fast thrice. Mana cost: 30.

⇒Foxy Care: Decreases effects of exhaustion and general debuffs. Increases natural mana and health regeneration for 1 hour. Can be cast multiple times for a stacking effect.

Voiceless activation: Kiss Target.

Cannot be cast using a chant. Mana cost: 5.

⇒Foxy Lick: Lick target for a small healing effect. Decreases the likelihood of infection. Slows bleeding.

Channeling Spell: Effect increases with cast duration.

Cannot be cast using a chant.

Mana cost: 1/second.



A Series of alluring dances. You may choose from:

⇒Foxtrott     ⇒Vixen's Waltz

⇒Vixen's Pole ⇒Foxy Belly Dance

⇒Foxmenco     ⇒Foxy Tango.


~~~Battle Dance:

⇒Fiery Ballet: While gracefully jumping and dancing around the battlefield, summon an increasing number of Foxfires.

Summons 1 homing Foxfire for each spinning circle, up to 5. Cap resets when alternated with non-spinning dance moves.

Mana cost: 10. Consumes an additional 3 mana for each Foxfire summoned.』


I wordlessly closed the window.


"Let's... let's just not talk about magic anymore, ok?"

"What's it so sudden?" Ofris asked surprised. "Is everything ok?"

"Aren't there any magic tomes I could read?"

"Magic tomes? I don't know about that. The best choice would be to search for a magician to teach you."

"Didn't that Risa girl say there were only two magicians in this town?"

"One knows only healing magic, the other one," he hesitated, "well ..."

"I will beat her into submission!"

A sigh left Ofris lips. "Just don't overdo it, ok? I don't want to see you cry again."


When I looked up to Ofris, I found an honest feeling of concern hidden in his expression. He showed me a weak smile, before moving his gaze towards the men guarding the gate. I waited until I was sure he would look down again, then I lightly pressed my lips against his cold chest armor. Nothing happened, aside from a small warmth spreading into my cheeks.


«I should have guessed as much ...»


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Rika: *whispers* Is he asleep?

Rika: Ofris?

Rika: *lick* *lick*

???: You have to lick the wound, you know?

Rika: It is at his back. I can't reach it!

Rika: Maybe ...

???: That's my Rika! (⁄ ⁄◕⁄ω⁄◕⁄ ⁄ )

Rika: Say- say nothing now!


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