A Fox's System
24 Magic is Awesome!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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24 Magic is Awesome!

Despite searching for minutes, Ofris found nothing that could tell him where I had come from or what I could have fled from. Each time he turned around to me, I could only face him with a guilty expression, but he didn't let himself be distracted by anything I did. Again and again, he disappeared in the underwood to return even more frustrated minutes later.


"It is ok!" I tried to stop him. "It doesn't matter if I forgot about my past!"

"Did you maybe flee from those goblins we meet before?"

"I would remember that."

Ofris stared at me silently for a second, before asking another question: "Maybe you wished to forget it."


His face had turned depressed. Somehow I felt hurt seeing him like this, especially now, after he had not only risked his life for me but also had wasted half a day to search for a past that had never existed, to begin with. Still, something felt off.


"What are you talking about," I hesitatingly asked.

"Rika," he began, "did they maybe ..."

"Did they- what?"

He asked in an almost inaudible voice: "Did they maybe touch you?"


«What?! THE FUCK!? Did he really- did he just?!»


Something inside of me burst open: "NOBODY TOUCHED ME!" I shouted at him. "I'M A VIRGIN, YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

Ofris released a long breath. "Thank god ..."

"What?! I would never allow some filthy goblin to touch me!"

"I- I think you made that clear well enough."


He finally gave up. One last time, his eyes wandered over the ground, right where he had found me, then he came closer and placed his hand on my head.


"Let's leave it at that."


«Dude! Could you please decide if you rather want to date me or adopt me as your daughter?! Do you have a split personality or what?!»


"What is it?" He suddenly asked.

"No- nothing. What are we going to do now?"

"I was originally planning to hunt some wolves and return to the town hall to test how it affects your levels."

I could only look at him questioningly. "I am level 11 now."

"How do you know?"

"The green screens told me, obviously."


Ofris expression couldn't do a better job at revealing his cluelessness. He even knit his eyebrows before questioning me again.


"Green screens?"


I began describing the screens using both of my arms: "They are this big and green. There is a white text written on them that tells me all kind of stuff. Those goblins raised my level to 11."

"I never heard of anything like that?"

"So..." I thought for a second. "Maybe it's that vixen who did that?"

"No idea. What does it say?"

I didn't hesitate in voicing the command. "Status."


A wall of text appeared in front of my eyes. It was far more extensive than the Status-Screen I remembered.


«They have risen a lot!»



Name: Rika

Gender: Female

Race: Demi-Human; Sub-Race: Fox

Class: Magician

Level: 11 - 63% EXP

Titles: A Good Girl, Loved Child, Maiden in Love



HP: 85/87

MP: 68/100

Strength: 31

Vitality: 31

Spirit: 35

Intelligence: 56

Dexterity: 42

Physical Attack: 52 (+0)

Magical Attack: 74 (+0)

Physical Defense: 52 (+0)

Magical Defense: 49 (+0)



⇒Mira MK2 - Permanent Item; Effect: Absorbs menstrual flow.

⇒Vixen's Secrets - Item-Set 2/2: Effects: Self-Cleaning; Self-Repairing; Increases Courage when facing the opposite gender. Increases all attributes by 100% when all set-pieces are worn, up to a maximum of 5.





I began repeating what I could find written on the screen: "Class: Magician ... Level 11 ..." Now I discovered the attribute change, especially the most important one: "It's 56 intelligence now! 56, you hear?! That's awesome! I should thank those green perverts!"

"Green perverts ..."

"I'm clever now!"


Ofris waved his hand in front of my face as if he believed he wouldn't get my attention otherwise.





"FUCK HER!" I cursed. "I will deal with her next!"

"You know-"

"I hope she knows some water magic~"

Ofris's face went pale. "You aren't thinking about using that Magic on her?" He asked, almost panicky.

"Do you think elves shave?"

"Whe- what?!"


A screaming elven bitch appeared before my inner eye. I saw her running around through the town hall, panicking as her 'special place' burned with the strength of a dozen STDs. A wide grin appeared on my lips.


"Rika? You are kinda looking scary right now, you know?"

"Oh, Sorry! Wolves, you said? Let's hunt some wolves, then!"

"Ye- yeah," his anxious sounding voice answered, "wolves ..."


Ofris almost fled from the scene. He began searching for wolves, for bears and for goblins, for anything that he could put on the receiving end of my magic.

It was only when I ended up lying flat on the ground, exhausted and without a single point of my mana remaining, that he picked me up and carried me back to town. My long-awaited revenge had turned into just another princess carry.


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Rika: Burn!!

Ofris: *sweats*

Rika: That will teach them! Look at them run!

Ofris: I- I see them!

Rika: They will never dare to attack me!

Ofris: No- nobody will! *shiver*

Rika: Hey?! Are you avoiding me?!

Ofris: No- noo! I do not! You are cute! Nobody would want to avoid you!

Rika: ?

Ofris: You are clever and strong! You are the best woman there is! Totally! That elven bitch should eat dirt- yeah, dirt!

Rika: Are you sure you are ok?


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