A Fox's System
23 The Vixen has Used MY Magic?!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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23 The Vixen has Used MY Magic?!

When the goblins began to attack, I couldn't even react to them. Their fast and ruthless attacks alone would have been enough to leave me petrified, I was, however, far more astonished by the movements Ofris showed me. He wasn't exactly the youngest guy, as indicated by the few strands of grey in his hair, but he still moved at least twice as fast as any of those goblins. Within a few minutes, he had already struck down four of his opponents.


«He really is strong.»


The monsters seemed to realize that they wouldn't be able to defeat Ofris this way. Commanded by a shriek released by one of them they surrounded him, all but two who instead had searched for a much easier target.


«But- no-!»


"Stay away!" I shouted at them.

"Damn it!"


Just when Ofris spun around to fend off the two goblins trying to get ahold of me, the remaining ones attacked all at once. I could only watch him trying his utmost in defending both of us at once.

It was only a matter of time before the first attacks reached his armor, his clothes, and even his flesh. A pained scream rang in my ears, one that didn't stem from any of the goblins.


"OFRIS!" I shouted in panic.


«Fuck this! Fuck all of this! They will kill him!»


「Your magic!」 The vixen's voice screamed in my ear.

"My- magic-"


"But I don't know-"

The goddess couldn't wait for any longer. Without giving me a single explanation or some kind of warning, she yelled the name of a magic.




Without my doing, balls of fire began forming around me. There were nine of them, one for each of the remaining goblins. The fireballs began spinning, faster and ever faster, before they shot out in all directions.

The fires were small, ridiculously small even when compared to all the fancy magic spells you could see in games or anime, but each of them ruthlessly hit their target, which was the bulges in the pelts the goblins wore.

A series of screams ringed in my ears. The goblins were panicking, then screaming in pain, before they panicked even more. Within the time it took to take a breath the goblins were already running around chaotically, desperately trying to extinguish the fires that were slowly burning away their most precious treasures.

They hit themselves and rolled on the ground, they even tore away the furs only to realize that the fire had long reached their skin. I felt a cold shiver running over my body.


«I'm sorry! I'm sorry, guys! I didn't want this!»


「They tried to lay their dirty fingers on my Rika!」

"Ri- Rika," Ofris shaking voice reached my ears. "Do me a favor, will you?"

"A favor ..."

"When I do something to make you angry, anything, please tell me, ok? Just tell me, please."

"I didn't do this! It wasn't me!" I protested in panic. "I would never do something like that to a guys crown jewels! It hurts just looking at them!"

"It- it does."


"Let's just put them out of their misery."

I could only answer in weakly: "Yes ..."


Ofris didn't even need to worry about counterattacks as all of the goblins' attention was focused on saving what had remained of their nether regions. They didn't even realize they had to fight until it had been too late.


«I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, guys!»


The sounds of death resonated throughout the forest as a faint white mist began to surround me. Almost every time Ofris swung his sword it connected with flesh and as it did so, the mist grew even denser, until eventually, I was barely able to see anything else. Several green screens appeared in front of me, toppling over each other as if they were fighting over my attention.


『Level Up!

Level 7: 22% EXP

+10 HP

+12 MP

+3 Strength

+5 Vitality

+4 Spirit

+5 Intelligence

+4 Dexterity』


Just another goblin died. «I'm sorry!»


『Level Up!

Level 8: 5% EXP

+11 HP

+10 MP ...』


『Level Up!

Level 9: 54% ...』


『Level Up!

Level 10: ...』


Only one of them remained. He looked at Ofris with tears in its eyes. It was the first time I ever saw a goblin look like a sad puppy, but Ofris didn't even look at the face of his opponent. With one harsh attack, he ended the life of this last goblin.


『Level Up! ...』


I felt like crying when I thought about how those guys had died just now. Yes, they would most likely had their way with me had they survived, but it still felt a burning pain where my own member once was.


«Nobody should die like this ...»


Ofris was finally done. "That was the last of them ..." He commented in a voice that still carried pity.

"Ofris ..."

"It- it is ok. I just think I won't sleep for a while."


Ofris looked into my eyes. I could only avoid his gaze, unable to find even the weakest answer I could give him.


"When did you learn that magic?" He asked after a long silence.

"I didn't learn it," I explained reluctantly, "it was that vixen who did it."

"So you don't know how to do it? That's ... relieving."

"I think I could do it," I guessed.


"I would just have to repeat her chant, right?"

"Her chant?"



Ofris moved as fast as lightning. I hadn't even finished speaking the word when his hand had reached my lips. He sealed my mouth and began apologizing in a panicked voice.


"I'm sorry I haven't protected you back then! I shouldn't have kissed you either! I'm sorry, you hear!? I will never hurt you again! So please!"




"Ok, Rika. I will move my hand away from your mouth now, ok? You won't try to cast any magic, ok?!"



Hesitatingly, he released me.


"I- I would never hurt you! Especially not down there! It would hurt me, too!"

"Ehm ..."




Ofris face turned redder with each second. It was only when he avoided his gaze, that I realized what I had just said.


«Wait- he doesn't- he doesn't think I want to save his junk because I want to- FUCK!!»




⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Ofris: I wish I knew the name of that goddess.

Rika: Why? She didn't do anything for you!

Ofris: I want to pray to her.

Rika: Pray to her!? She is a witch! You should insult her, not pray at her!

Ofris: But- the safety of my balls ...

Rika: What?!

???: Don't worry! I would never hurt your balls!

Ofris: The goddess has heard me!

???: Rika would never forgive me for hurting her boyfriend's member.

(◕ ﬦ ◕ )

Ofris: Ye- yeah... I can see that...

Rika: WHAT!?


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