A Fox's System
22 Nobody Told me anything about Goblins!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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22 Nobody Told me anything about Goblins!

Another sigh left Ofris lips. It had been about one hour since I had talked to the vixen and he still seemed unable to forget my words. At least it looked like he believed me that the goddess existed. There was no way he would behave like this if he didn't.

"I'm sorry ..."

"It's ok, Rika. Just be more careful from now on, ok? That goddess seems to be in the same situation you are in: you both lost your memories. It isn't surprising you two are agitated and easy to provoke."

"Yes ..." I forced myself to answer.

«Losing her memories is no excuse for her to do all of this to me! She killed me! She stole my dick and insulted me! She made all of those people think I were insane! She even made Ofris think that I love him! That vixen would never understand what she made me go through!»

"Stay close to me, now," Ofris suddenly commanded.

When I looked around I found nothing, neither goblins nor wolves, not even a ruin or cave of some sort. We were in the midst of the Forest with only birds revealing their presence.

Reluctantly, I moved closer to Ofris side. He stared at the distance, without giving me as much as a fleeting glance.

"Did you hear something?"

"We are close to where we found you."

"Why do you want to go there?"

"There could be something that helps you remember what happened to you."

"I- I see ..."

"You don't have to be afraid. I will protect you."


«You won't find anything, pal ...»

He was right. It didn't take us more than two minutes to reach the spot I had been transported to when the vixen send me to this world, the exact spot where he had seen me in that shameful display. When I looked up to Ofris, I even found a sign of shame. His cheeks had grown slightly red.

«He clearly remembers ...»


"It is no issue," I replied weakly, "I would have stared as much as you did ..."

"That may be true, but I could have stopped you. I was just ... petrified, I guess. Who would have thought I would see-"

I cut off his words: "I am trying to forget it!"

"Ehm- yes, sorry again, Rika."

«Apologizing doesn't work well when you call me Rika, you know?»

A shriek suddenly echoed through the forest. Within a heartbeat, Ofris was already standing at my side, a sword in one hand and the other in front of my face. He was trying to push me behind his back.

"Stay behind me!"

"What is that?!"

"A goblin raid!"


"They must have heard you."


"They wouldn't attack men."

"What? Why wouldn't they attack men? Are they weak?!"

Ofris didn't waste any time on answering me. The hand that was still waving in front of my face a second ago now pushed me behind his broad, armored body. I could barely see a thing.

"Stay behind me! They are here!"

Just as he had said it, a number of creatures rushed out of the forest and onto the street. They were smaller than me by a head but each of their brownish-green bodies was packed with muscles. The goblins had black hair covering their heads all the way down to their necks, and primitive weapons in both of their hands.

I saw axes made out of stones, ropes and sticks, speers built in a similar way and daggers, too. Two of the goblins even carried swords of metal like the one Ofris used. It was clear they had stolen them – we weren't the first humans they met.

«Damn! They know how to fight!»

"This won't be easy ..."

Ofris voice carried anxiety and tension, but also determination and a deep hatred. He clearly was prepared to fight them, but it was just too many of them. I had never really been in a fight, but now that I had counted them I knew it was impossible. Ofris alone couldn't even dream of facing 13 goblins and returning unscathed.

"Don't worry, Rika," He tried to calm me down, "I will protect you! Just stay behind me!"

"Bu- but."

"As long as I am here, they won't do anything to you!"

"They have weap-"

My voice broke away as I realized what he meant. They were here for me, all of the goblins. It just took a single glance to see it, as none of them wore more than a piece of fur that was loosely bound around their hips. Each of them showed a smaller or larger bulge.



⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Ofris: They look way too happy.

Rika: HAPPY?! They have boners!

Ofris: That is also a kind of happiness, don't you think?

Rika: I guess you are right about that...

Ofris: Yeah...

Rika: Shouldn't we... fight them?!

Ofris: I don't feel like dealing with 13 aroused men.



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