A Fox's System
20 The Vixen is Back!?
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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20 The Vixen is Back!?

We didn't wait for the elf to overcome her shock. She was still petrified by the results of my test when Risa snatched away the piece of paper. She urged us to return to the counter so that she could finish doing her work.


«Elven bitch 0 - Riku 1»


「You are Rika, though.」

"I'm not!"

「They will never call you by a guy's name.」

"But I am a guy!"


Ofris suddenly stopped. He turned around, let himself sink on one of his knees and, accompanied by a weak smile, placed his hand on my head.


"It's ok, Rika. Nobody will touch you, you don't have to be afraid."


«You are touching me right now!»


「You were totally daughter-zoned by him, you know?」 The vixen noted with a snicker.

"I wasn't!"

"It is ok to be afraid," Ofris answered, thinking I had spoken to him, "and it is also good to cry sometimes."


A quite vivid picture of me being princess-carried by Ofris appeared in my mind. My face was wet from tears and I desperately tried to hide it from his pitying gaze. I totally had looked like a girl back then.


"I- I will never do that again!"

Ofris sighed. "That's ok, too."

"I rather have girls cry themselves to sleep at my chest, instead!"


Something in Ofris's expression changed.


"You shouldn't try to bully Sahria to much, otherwise it will be you who ends up crying."

「Yes! I can't let my Rika bully people!」 The vixen chipped in.

"Wait- that's not what I meant!"

"Just promise me you won't overdo it. You are far cuter when you laugh."


«WHAT?! Is he flirting with me?! He is totally flirting with me! That bastard!»


I had to try best to hold back the rude remarks that were rushing through my head. Ofris was a good guy, I knew that, and I shouldn't mess up my relationship with him: a friendship between men.


«Yes, a friendship between men. That's the best!»


「You aren't-」

"I don't care!"


A loud sigh came from Ofris, but he left it at that. Instead, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me in front of the counter so that Risa could finally do the paperwork we had come here for.


"An identification and an adventurer badge ..." Risa mumbled to herself, while already preparing the equipment.


This time, she didn't need one of those cursed stones. Instead, she took out two large books and two boxes filled with flat sticks of various colors that were about as long as a finger each.


I just had to ask: "What are those for?"

"Owning one of these will allow you to enter the town and live here," Ofris explained while pointing on the box that was filled mainly with red-brownish sticks. "The others are adventurer badges which allow you to work for the government, merchants and such."

"So I have to show them one of these so I can do quests?"

"Quests?" Ofris had to think for a second. "I guess you could call them like that."


«So it's like in those games!»


"Are the adventurers ranked by their achievements? Does each rank has an own color?"

"Ehm-" He hesitated before answering unwillingly: "No. They are ranked by their attributes and abilities."


«Don't tell me-»


"This should work!" Risa announced just at this moment.


A white colored stick had found its way into her hand.


«Beginners rank?»


"That won't work, Risa," Ofris intervened. "I want to help her do some work so she gets strong enough to stand on her own feet."

"They aren't beginners rank?"

"White is for adventurers who are injured or too ill for work. It is also for those who are too old to accept missions. They still retain badges so they get adventures benefits."


«Too ill and too old to work ... what do they think I am!?»


"I never was ill!" I protested. "I am perfectly healthy!"

"But a beginners badge ..."

"Don't worry, Risa," Ofris came to my help. "I won't let her get any missions by herself."

"Are you sure?"

"I will keep her safe and sound."


«Those guys ...»


"Stop talking like I were a little child!"

Risa hesitated. "A child would be stronger-"

"I don't care! Don't treat me like a little girl! I am a man, goddamn!"

"A man? I guess a white badge-"

"NOO! I am a girl, ok!? A healthy girl! Totally healthy!"

「Hehe~」 The vixens voice resounded in my head.


«This vixen!! I should teach her a lesson soon.»


Although Ofris did his best to convince Risa it took him several long minutes to finally get a result he felt satisfied with: as long as he would accompany me I would be allowed to own the beginners' badge. He would be the one to carry it around, though, so that there wouldn't be the slightest danger of me accepting missions without their consent. They totally didn't trust me.


«What is he?! My babysitter?»


「Isn't that a step back from being his daughter?」

"He isn't my daddy!"


When I realized both of them were staring at me, I felt my face getting hotter and hotter. Ofris placed his hand back on my head, slowly stroking it in an attempt to soothe me.


"Don't worry Rika, we will find your daddy."



⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Rika: Leave me alone!

???: Are you trying to masturRika: NO!!

???: You don't have to be ashamedRika: I'm not masturbating!

Ofris: Ehm... ok?

Rika: Wha- what are you doing here?!

Ofris: It is my house.

Rika: But-

Ofris: I- I will just leave you alone, ok? Take your time.

Rika: NOO!

???: Hehe~ (ᅌᴗᅌ )


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