A Fox's System
19 I am the Last of my Kind?!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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19 I am the Last of my Kind?!

Upon hearing that I was a fox, Ofris immediately went silent. He stayed like that for a few seconds, trying to grasp what he had just heard. When his voice finally reached my ears again, it was shaken by astonishment.


"A- a fox!"

"So what?!" I protested. "There is nothing wrong with being a fox!"

"There isn't," Risa confirmed. "It's quite the contrary, actually."

"What are you talking about?"

"You don't know?"

"She lost her memory," Ofris explained weakly. "She doesn't remember anything that happened before we found her."

"I guess Sahria's magic won't be able to detect a memory loss." A mischievous smile appeared on her lips. "I bet she will be sorry about insulting her when she finds out."


«She will be sorry? That elven bitch!? I can't wait to see!»


"What is so special about being a fox?" I had to ask.


The hand that was still resting on my head began moving. He was petting me like I were a dog or a cat. Although it felt like I was loosing more and more of my masculinity with each second he continued, I let him be. It felt good - even though I would never tell him.


"They are all gone, Rika," he explained while still petting me. "Nobody has seen a fox in more than eighty years."

"Eighty years ..."

"If not even more," Risa added.

"Why are they gone?"

"The fox tribe was exterminated in the Eastern Morinar War."


«They are gone? All of them? Am I the only- that cursed vixen made me the only one of my kind!?»


"A war?!" It shot out of me. "Was it the demon king's army?!"

"A 'demon army'?" Risa looked at me questioningly. "There is no such thing. The demon tribes would never dare to attack the allied races."

"But who would do that to an entire race?"

"The beast kin."


«Beast kin? But isn't the fox tribe-»


"But the foxes are beast kin, too, aren't they? Why would they attack them?"

"The fox tribe always had close relationships to the elves," Risa explained, "that was already enough for them to be seen as threat when the war between the beast kin and elves broke out. Even though they were seen as traitors, the fox tribe had never joined a side until their last days."


«They just killed off all of them? Just because they were friendly to some- well, all elves I know are bitches. But doesn't that mean-»


"So the elves hate the beast kin because of the war?" I asked.

"Hate is too weak of a word to describe their relationship."

I felt a slight hope grow inside of me. "But they were close friends with the fox tribe?"


"So that elven bitch insulted me, a beast kin, because 'we' killed her little friends, not knowing I am one of them?"

"Rika," Ofris tried to grasp my attention, "you shouldn't-"

I had other plans. "Let's tell her!" I demanded. "Let's tell her right now!"



I didn't pay attention to him. How could I? That stupid elf made me cry myself to sleep in a guy's arms! It was her fault, too, that Ofris thought I loved him and just were to shy to admit it. That vixen might have stolen my dick, but that elven bitch had given her best to destroy the little bit of pride I had still left.


«I will never forgive her! Never!»


Before Ofris and Risa could even react, I had already stolen the piece of paper. I rushed around the counter and towards the examination room. Within a few seconds I had already reached the door. I barged into the room without thinking twice.


«Eh.. what?!»


I became petrified. The elf wasn't alone! A young, black-haired woman about my age was standing in front of her, bare-chested. I could already feel a fiery heat conquering my face.


"I- sorry!"


«I should have known! She is a healer! Of course she examines patients!»


Sahria didn't even seemed surprised. "You can stay, doggy!" She said with an unfazed voice. "I will take a look at your head next. It seems I really have overlooked something."


Only now she seemed to realize the expression on my face.


"Ah~?" She snickered. "So the little dog still has some kind of shame left? Didn't your owner play with you enough?"


The black-haired girl hastily put on her clothes. She wished Sahria a silent goodbye before hurrying outside. The healer waited until the door was closed, before once again attacking me.


"Soo," she addressed me. "What is it that you want from me, little doggy?"

"I'm not your doggy!"

"You are right. I would never choose to adopt such a dirty stray."

"You are dirty! Your whole family is dirty! I have never-" I hesitated.

"Never what?" A smile invaded her face. "Did nobody wish to jump the little bitch when she was in heat?"

"I'm a fox, you long-eared piece of shit!"


I didn't give her any chance to retaliate again. Before she realized it, I had already shoved the piece of paper right into her face, accompanied by a slap that had used all of my little strength. Sahria didn't seem the least affected by my attack.


«Her fucking stats! Seriously! That damn vixen! She could at least give me the strength to teach this elven bitch a lesson!»


「I can't.」 A faint voice answered.

"You can't- wait... you are back?!"

「I had to-」


The sound of a door being slammed open swallowed the vixen's answer away. It took less than a second for two strong arms to capture me and pull me back against a hard, warm chest. When I looked up, I found Ofris almost panicked face.


"What did she do to you?" He asked me worried. "Are you ok?"

"I am fine." A smile grew in my slightly teary face. "I showed her! I even slapped her face! Look how flabbergasted she is! I will never let her hurt me again!"

"Fo- fox kin ..." I heard Sahria's stammering voice.


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Rika: You are back!

???: *Yawn* (´ ᴗ` )

Rika: Drink some coffee and get to work!

???: It's too bitter!

Rika: Then drink some hot chocolate instead!

???: I wasn't talking about the coffee.

Rika: You weren't- wait ... You lazy bitch!

???: I'm a vixen. Remember?! (╹ っ ╹ )


???: I do.

Rika: Will you get to work now or will you not?

???: Don't wanna. (≖ ‸ ≖ )

Rika: ...


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